Through challenging and beautiful life lessons, I’ve grown, healed and discovered my true life’s purpose, which is to help others heal themselves, guiding them to find their true life purpose. As my journey of healing and transformation continues, I have been guided to share through the written word on my Facebook page and blog site, teach yoga, become a Reiki Master and intuitive guide. I also enjoy doing Tarot Card readings for clients. I AM an intuitive lightworker, and my former lives as many different types of healers along with many types of spiritual entities bring knowledge and wisdom to me, assisting in my gifts.

Today’s SSA ~ Be honorable. Have integrity.

Honor encompasses being truthful, with respect. It is also about being proud of yourself, yet with humility.

Integrity is having high morals and ethics, and being this way even when you are alone.

Exuding honor and integrity is also about accepting others as they are in this moment, with kindness and love. It is not judging them for their opinions, actions, words or beliefs. It is recognizing we all have our own paths, and while they are different, we can still find our similarities by being honorable and having integrity.

We can rise above the 3D world and emanate the Divine Love & Light of the 5D, knowing all of this, and doing your own energy work to continue being a Divine Soul experiencing this human life you chose.

Let’s all be honorable with integrity in all interactions with everyone at all times, and with ourselves. ??? ~ Heather

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