Through challenging and beautiful life lessons, I’ve grown, healed and discovered my true life’s purpose, which is to help others heal themselves, guiding them to find their true life purpose. As my journey of healing and transformation continues, I have been guided to share through the written word on my Facebook page and blog site, teach yoga, become a Reiki Master and intuitive guide. I also enjoy doing Tarot Card readings for clients. I AM an intuitive lightworker, and my former lives as many different types of healers along with many types of spiritual entities bring knowledge and wisdom to me, assisting in my gifts.

Helps release stress, worry & anxiety to instill peace and balance.

We have all had a very unusual experience over these past 4+ months with uncertainty, instability and fear. One of the wonderful reasons for receiving Reiki sessions is that it can help you release those feelings of stress, worry and anxiety. It can help you understand why you are feeling them, and in understanding, we can change our thoughts, words and actions, releasing the old, and allowing the new. 

When we can release these feelings causing us distress, we can feel calmer, more peaceful and balanced in our lives. I have used Reiki to help me during these past 4+ months, but have also used it for years to help me change my thoughts, actions and words to keep me in a more peaceful state of mind, helping me to lead with my heart and soul. I would love to do the same for you. Please contact me to schedule an appointment so I can help you, help yourself to “Become Soulfully Empowered™”. 

Peace! ??? ~ Heather