I am Heather Corinne Lang, and I am an Intuitive Soul Specialist.

I am a Reiki Energy Master & Teacher, Vibrational Energy Provider, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Akashic Record & Tarot/Oracle Card Reader.

Born with natural healing and psychic abilities, I offer Reiki & Vibrational Energy Sessions,  Intuitive Guidance, Akashic Record and Tarot/Oracle Card Readings. I bring wisdom into this world from many previous lifetimes as a variety of healers including a priestess, a shaman and a medicine woman, along with healing information from my ancestral lineage. I channel messages from and work closest with the healing energies from many Divine Spiritual Entities, including but not limited to, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides & Guardians, Star People, ArchAngels, Spirit Animals and Mother Earth.

I share my insights, experiences and wisdom to help you to heal yourself, develop your Divine gifts, connect to your soul, discover your true life purpose and guide you to “Become Soulfully Empowered™”.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you’ll enjoy what you find here and follow this blog for all my latest posts, plus allow me to help you heal, awaken, transform & “Become Soulfully Empowered™”.

Namaste with Love & Light,


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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Heather… is there a specific time for the 8-8-8 tomorrow.. 8am or 8pm?


    In joy,
    Patricia Marshall

    1. Hello Patricia!
      No, there is no true specific time, although using the power of the 8’s, you may want to do 8am or 8pm, or start at a time which adds up to 8, such as 4:04pm.
      The energies started before this Gateway, and on the other side of the world, started yesterday, as it was 8/8/8 yesterday for them. They also continue through-out the month, so enjoy and do a little something each day!

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