Today’s SSA ~ Aug. 11, 2020

Today’s SSA! 
Make changes to bring your soul joy.

It is very important to start asking yourself what brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? What can you do more of, or create to bring and strengthen the joy within you? 

I have always enjoyed helping people, especially in ways that made them feel better. Whether dietary information I had learned along my journey, dream interpretation, symbolism, numerology, exercise, inspiration, breathing exercises, yoga, and more! Many people have said to me over the years “you really make me feel better”, or “I always feel so much calmer around you”. This brings me joy to offer these types feelings and help to others! 

When I was offered to learn Reiki, I thought “why not”? I had not heard much about it, but what I learned made me happy. There is so much Reiki can do to help others, and of course, we know that brings me joy! (Learn all about Reiki on my website: on the Reiki tab.) 

Learning Reiki boosted my joy, intuition and, of course, my energy levels. When I receive Reiki, my energy levels rise, but when I give it, they also rise, as do the clients’ energy levels. Talk about joy! I had a new client last week, who didn’t know me, never had Reiki, but had wanted to do it. He took a chance on me, after he read about me in a newsletter. HIs words after the season “WOW! I feel amazing!”. Yay!!! Happy, joy dance! 

Allow me to help you through Reiki or another service I offer, and together, let’s boost your Joy and re-discover what you can do to cultivate inner Joy!

Let’s all boost our energy levels and be Joyful! 🙏💖🌟😁 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Butterfly

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Butterfly 💛

While on a walk this week, as I was going around the pond, a large yellow and black butterfly flew off a branch and proceeded to fly before me, stop on branch, take off again, and repeated this process about three times. The black was on the tips of the wings, with mostly yellow on the rest of the wings. 

We all know Butterfly is the most recognized symbol of transformation. So I wonder what new changes will come to me in the next 3 months (this is what my intuition is telling me) from the way it took off and landed three times. Also, I may have three stages of change coming up, or three different changes. I was thinking about where I am “today”, building my business, on the last month of my apartment lease, and needing to supplement the income I am receiving, since being laid off in March. I trust and believe all will reveal itself, and that the Universe, Spirit and all my guides and guardians will bring me what I need, while I continue to build my client list. 

Butterfly also is about joy, lightness and dancing. They bring color to our lives. These beautiful colors can remind us beauty exists all around. I know it’s been a time of less Joy for many, and myself, yet I continue to work on it. Butterfly wants us to lighten up and enjoy ourselves…so dance, dance, dance! Movement of the body feeds the soul, which helps our heart. 

Butterfly tells us to look at opportunities as they present themselves. And, can teach us that transformation can be sweet, joyful and beautiful. 

Let’s all live with the lightness of joy now and during all transformations! 🙏💛🌟

Namaste! ~ Heather

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Voices of the Light ~ I Corinthians

Today’s Voices of the Light from I Corinthians. 

It is so important in these times to remember we are Love, and to shine Love upon All. Remember Hope, and carry it with you always, all ways. And, have Faith in yourself, your higher power and in those around you. Together, we are the Light.

Blessings! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Turkey Vulture

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Turkey Vultures

I see these birds all the time. And, it is important to note what you are thinking about when any animal catches your eye. With this one the other day, I was thinking of my business and ways to attract more clients. 

This amazing creature brings us many blessings and messages. While, not an “attractive” bird, it is magical to watch it soar with such grace, gliding around on the winds with its large wings. This can be a message that others will start to see you for what you DO, and not what you look like. This interestingly is a good message for me and a blessing as I build up my clientele. 

The Turkey Vulture is also a sign that you may start seeing auras and colors around people. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile with my physical eyes. I “know” the colors when I focus on asking my intuition, but being able to actually see them would be such a blessing. 

Another interesting message comes from the birds ability to soar with the thermals of the earth, along with the winds, and this can be construed as levitation. Who wouldn’t love to be able to levitate?! They are also incredibly patient, and I believe many of us, myself included, could use that blessing. 😉

They have excellent sight and smell from far above. This allows them to communicate with each other through sight, when they have smelled their food. Their food is generally the left overs from another animals kill, so that is what they are smelling. They “remove” and “recycle” the remains of dead animals. So it tells us to rise above and culture your ability to know when something “doesn’t smell right”. And, what (or who) do you need to remove and recycle out of your life? 

Let’s all soar, cultivate our intuition and release the old. 
🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Akashic Records Wisdom

Today’s Akashic Records Wisdom! 

Readings/Healings helps us remove the old energies we have been carrying around for thousands of years from our past, all past lives and all of our ancestors. Understanding our past lives helps us to release the cords, bonds, contracts and connections which may be holding us back in this lifetime. More information on my Akashic Records tab.

Love & Light! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, July 29, 2020

Today’s SSA: Amp up your frequency.

Let’s all rise our vibration and amp up our frequency! Everything is energy, and when we are feeling “drained, low, sad, upset, stressed, etc”, our energy levels are down. The more we focus on amping up our energy, the better equipped we are to handle the times when we may dip into a lower vibration. 

It’s important to remember, we will have our ups and downs, and our emotions are there for a reason, helping us to understand ourselves. I know from the past, I would let my emotions get the better of me. I’m sure you have felt this, too. I also know that the more often I work on raising my vibration and my frequency, the better I am able to handle those emotions, understand them and work through them, moving back to a higher state of vibration. Notice when you are feeling down, ask your heart & body what it needs and why, then simply be aware of any feelings and thoughts that arise, and then act on them with ways to release them and amp up your frequency.

Many ways exist to amp up your frequency. Better and quality sleep, food, activity, fun, laughter, meditation, exercise, being outdoors, and more. Working with your energy consciously, being mindful of your thoughts, emotions and actions, ad understanding yourself will help you. I have also used energy workers, like other Reiki masters and energy healers, among my own energy gifts (Reiki, Akashic Records). Helping myself and others is why I started with yoga, learning healthier habits & Reiki, strengthening my intuition and more. It has helped me immensely, especially through these very trying last 4+ months.

The more each of us raise and amp up our vibrations and frequencies, the more those around us will also feel and absorb some of them, rising us all up, since we are energy, and we exchange energy all the time. 

Let’s amp ourselves up! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Mandala Energy 6

Joyful yellows and peaceful blues…sunshine and water, with a little butterfly in the middle. I colored this one last weekend, but knew I would be posting it today. Yesterday, a butterfly flew right past me. It’s time to fly with those beautiful new wings you created! 

And, yesterday was the start of a new galactic year, according to the Mayan calendar…so happy new year! May we all transition to a higher level of vibration, frequency and consciousness. 

It’s time to cultivate that inner Divine Joy with inner Divine Peace. Yellow is joy and self-confidence. It is using your self-confidence with LIGHT-ness of being. It’s sunshine and warmth. Get out into nature and soak up the energy of the sun. 

Blues are throat chakra, and also a beautiful peaceful energy, like calm waves in the ocean or lake, the ripples in a stream, or the soft currents in a river. It’s time to use your throat chakra in a peaceful, calming way to help lift other up. While out in nature, find the peaceful pace of the trees, and if you can be near water, let the calming aspects flow through you. One of the blues also reminds me of ascension blue, which helps us raise our vibration and frequency. 

Work with the energies of this mandala to help bring you more tranquility, serenity and peace and increase your joy, happiness and light-heartedness while you soar.

Let’s us all radiate Divine Joy & Divine Peace to ALL. 
🙏💙🌟 ~ Heather

Today’s Reason for Reiki

Helps release stress, worry & anxiety to instill peace and balance.

We have all had a very unusual experience over these past 4+ months with uncertainty, instability and fear. One of the wonderful reasons for receiving Reiki sessions is that it can help you release those feelings of stress, worry and anxiety. It can help you understand why you are feeling them, and in understanding, we can change our thoughts, words and actions, releasing the old, and allowing the new. 

When we can release these feelings causing us distress, we can feel calmer, more peaceful and balanced in our lives. I have used Reiki to help me during these past 4+ months, but have also used it for years to help me change my thoughts, actions and words to keep me in a more peaceful state of mind, helping me to lead with my heart and soul. I would love to do the same for you. Please contact me to schedule an appointment so I can help you, help yourself to “Become Soulfully Empowered™”. 

Peace! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

Sun-LIGHT Blessing ~ Hawk

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Hawk

Hawk is a powerful messenger. When you see a hawk, a message is coming, so pay attention. Earlier this year, I saw many hawks, and at that time it felt like some profound, life changing message was coming. Well, what happened? I was laid off due to this global situation. I was isolated from everyone. It was one of the biggest blessings I could have expected, although it didn’t feel like it at the time. 

I was able to put my time and energy into myself, my life purpose, my spiritual gifts and more. This time has allowed me to discover more about myself, make more connections, and attract more clients. I was blessed and continue to be blessed by this powerful messenger. 

This past weekend, I saw two Hawks again for the first time since early this year. I have been given some powerful messages this week from Spirit via two sessions from friends to help my healing process and my business. Hawk helps us with our vision, expanding our field of vision, while leading us to our life purpose, and helping you understand higher levels of psychic gifts. 

These past four months have definitely been eye-opening to me in many aspects, and I now understand even more clearly what I am here to do. It’s what I have been doing through Reiki, Akashic Records and more creativity in all I do, to a larger audience with more clients. I have been blessed with more clients even in just the past month through recommendations, for which I am very thankful. 

Hawk is fearless, and asks you to have courage, bringing you strength to life your life purpose. And, this was another message I received from one of my sessions this week. 

If Hawk comes to you, pay attention to an upcoming message leading you to bigger, more creative life purpose, blessing you with courage. Spirit needs you and Hawk connects you to Spirit. 

Follow your Spirit messages! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

Mandala Energy 5

Mandala Energy 5

Worked on coloring this one (and another to be posted at a later date) over the past 4 days. Purples and silver. A brilliant purple flower blossoming from within. The dark purple was actually called “indigo”, and therefore, the third eye chakra. We also have two other purples and all three together are St. Germaine energy for transmutation and transformation. We are going through quite a transforming time, so this energy is very much needed. 

And, the silver is a high vibrational energy that came through. Some associate it with the moon energy (new moon today!), which is emotions, feelings intuition and feminine energies. And, the new moon is in Cancer, which is emotions and intuition, but also family and home. Some associate silver with the sun energy, which is masculine energies. The thought occurred to me as I colored this while channeling the energies, that we could look at the silver as both feminine and masculine energies at this time for balancing those Divine energies within each of us. And, the same could be said for the “gold/yellow” energy, which some say is the sun/masculine, but some say is the feminine now. Perhaps this “switch” is again the balancing of the two.

When you meditate on this mandala, ask for the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies to be balanced within you, while also intending for anything that is not in balance or for your highest good, to be released and transmuted away, allowing our authenticity to blossom. This entire year is about going within and releasing whatever may be holding you back from your Truth and your Soul Purpose to more fully “Become Soulfully Empowered™”.

Let us all do our inner work! 🙏💜🌚🌟 ~ Heather