Shift Happens

Seeing the way the trees where I live here in Ohio have been changing, I thought how interesting that the trees are at all different stages of shifting to winter. Some trees are partially changed, and some hadn’t changed at all and others had already lost their leaves. It’s allowed what seems a like a longer autumn, and a much more colorful one, in my opinion, as I love this season!

The trees are allowing the shift to happen at the pace that’s meant for them. The leaves are changing when it’s their time to do so. It’s all in Divine timing. They are letting go of what they do not need for the next new season. They are not attempting to force the change, but allowing it to happen, accepting that the new again will happen in perfect timing. 

The trees are teaching us a lesson. Some of us shift now, and some of us shift later. Some shift more quickly and some more slowly. Some days the shifting seems to be at a complete standstill, while other days it goes really quickly. It’s shown us we do not have to force change, but surrender to it, accepting it as part of our personal perfect Divine timing, releasing when we need to do so, and allowing the new to grow and blossom.

I have done a lot of shift work with healing and ascension, and I continue to do it as I find more aspects to release.  For instance, one day recently, I was thinking about a statement I’ve made when someone asks about a “touchy subject”.  I have said “people don’t want to hear what I have to say”. I meant it in a funny way, as people have always asked my opinion on many different topics, but I realized saying it caused some self-empowerment issues. It felt like self-worth issues in my throat chakra. I worked with my Reiki energy to release, clear and cleanse myself of any and all times I had said it, and replaced it with “People do want to hear what I have to say.”   This was my Divine timing, as it popped into my head, so I accepted it, flowed with it and released it. I was ready to let it go. Sometimes simply changing these little ways we speak, think and act can do wonders, but we have to pay attention and be aware of them, then change them. 

Let’s all shift like the trees working with our personal Divine Timing! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather
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Journey Inward

Akashic Records Wisdom ~ “The most important journey is the one inward.”

The most important journey is the one towards your soul. Each day we are given options to more closer or further away from our true purpose, authenticity & soul mission. It is important to follow the paths and make the choices which best allow you to transverse deeper inward.

As we follow our paths and connect to ourselves on our soul level, we awaken to our passions and purpose and are able to determine which of the endless possibilities resonate with our true soul mission. These options come in a variety of different aspects from our actions & reactions to every situation, person and experience in our lives.

Diving into the Akashic Records and asking about your past lives can also help you move more towards your soul. Understanding your past lives, and what you did in them can help you find your soul purpose. Perhaps you were an herbalist, an alchemist, a scientist or an artist. What speaks to your soul may be what you have already done.

Be mindful how you are interacting in the world to ensure it is with positivity and intention for the manifestation of your life purpose, cultivating more wisdom, light & love within and around you.Let’s all go on our inward soul journey! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Cardinal

Last week, in the morning, I glanced out the window while in the kitchen, mulling over what I was to do that day and saw two cardinals. They both appeared less vibrant, and I thought “are those two females?” Before I saw them, I was thinking “what could I create, what work on my business, and what else for myself?”

Cardinals are year round, with the males being more vibrant, however, the females also join in with whistling. I understand that the males do “tone” down their colors when they are nesting, and the male cares for the female and the babies while in the nest. So, whether I saw two females, or one of each nesting, seems important.

Cardinal asks us to know our own self-importance. We are all here for a purpose in this very transformative time, and all healers, light-workers, peace keepers and so on, are very much needed! You are important in that you chose to be here! Cardinal says to renew our vitality and get ready for our mission. If already on our mission, it will become “greater”, if not, it’s time to begin. Because the female sings, we are also being asked to listen to our inner voice! Connect with your soul and understand your passions, which can lead to your purpose.

With the male taking on the female coloring during the nesting time, it stuck me as also a sign of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine balance. The male cardinal doesn’t think about it, he just does it. He doesn’t judge male or female as “better”, they both exist in balance. And, we must all follow this very sage advice, and release all judgement and labels, to find the balance. This is a theme, and it continues to play out reminding us of this very important aspect of our current energies and the upcoming Age of Aquarius, which many actually believe will begin on 12/21/2020.

Let’s all take the Cardinal’s message! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Hold Hope

We always have Hope!

Hope for the best outcome of whatever you are working on manifesting. The feeling of hope enhances our trust, belief and faith in our dreams. State your intentions as if you already have what you want, or how you wish to feel, or how you wish to live your life, leaving space for something even better than you can imagine. Visualize it as if it’s already happening. This is our creativity working for us. It’s day dreaming, in a way.

Holding onto hold brings us into a state of optimism and positivity. And, when we are in this state, there is no room for stress, worry, anxiety, fear or any other low energy thoughts. Hope helps us live in Love, Joy and Peace, and it brings a harmonious feeling to everything we do.

Let’s all daydream with Hope for our dreams to manifest! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Reason for Reiki

Today’s Reason for Reiki: Can help you find acceptance.

The acceptance of the way things are now can be key to flowing with life in an easier manner. Acceptance does not mean you like what is happening, it simply allows you to perceive it in a different manner. Acceptance helps us understand ourselves better, as we can look at our words, thoughts, actions/reactions, and find the underlying cause of why we may not like what is currently happening.

This is also our emotions talking to us, and could be an emotional wound that needs tending. Acceptance doesn’t mean you do not wish for change, it is allowing you the capacity to figure out what needs to change. Most of the time, it is us that needs to change. We can change how we think, what we say and how we act/react to any and all situations and people. After careful and caring consideration of ourselves and others, we can choose whether to allow something to upset our balance, centeredness, peace and/or stability. Feelings are good for they are speaking to us to help us understand ourselves to release what no longer serves us in our lives.

With Mercury joining the planetary retrograde party, more unconscious feelings can come out that may cause un-ease and give us more time to learn acceptance. This may cause turbulence around you or within you. We do not have to live in turbulence. Acceptance allows us to change our perception and live more in Love of ALL. And, this helps us maintain our inner peace, joy & love.

Let’s all learn acceptance! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA

Today’s SSA ~ Remember it’s all about Love for ALL.

We all need to remember, life is about Love. It’s about Love for ALL. The “ALL” includes everyone. Everyone is all the people that cut you off in traffic, the ones who may glare at you for some unknown reason, the ones who may bully you, the ones who may call you names, the ones who anger you, the ones who disappoint you, the ones who have hurt you and so on. These ones may be ones you don’t have love for, yet, we to cultivate Unconditional Love for ALL, we need to look at them also as human beings of Light, from God/Allah/Spirit or whatever name you give the Highest Divine Being. They may have had a difficult life, and haven’t yet learned Unconditional Love. They may not like themselves, and project it outwards. They may not have healed from the past. They may be carrying around burdens they don’t realize aren’t theirs to carry. They may have just ended a relationship or someone broke up with them, and they are hurting.

We do not have to like these people. We do not need to interact with them. We, also, do not need to allow their behavior to affect our actions, words, thoughts. We do not need to allow them to upset our emotional or mental stability. We can send them Love from afar, in the hopes that they feel it. If they do, they do. If they do not, they do not. They are not our responsibility. We are our responsibility. And, we need to Love ALL.

Cultivate more compassion. Be kind, no matter what. Be caring and helpful. Smile. Show unconditional Love. This is what brings us Unity. To erase the divisiveness, we must understand that we don’t know what others have dealt with in their lives, and their actions have nothing to do with us. Heal yourself, show others Love, and recognize we are ALL ONE. When you are aware and accept we are ALL ONE, then the Unconditional Love you send to others, you are also sending to yourself.

Be and exude Unconditional Love to ALL. 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings

Embolden and empower yourself through stillness.

Praying Mantis remains very still, waiting with great patience for it’s next meal. It is completely motionless in it’s hunt, blending into it’s surroundings, until the time it acts.

The world “mantis” comes from a Greek word meaning “Prophet”. And, we have the “Praying” which in terms of this creature, both looks like it is “praying” but it is also waiting for it’s “prey”.

Praying Mantis can teach us stillness, and in that stillness, we go within, as we still our mind chatter. Or, for some of us, we simply watch the thoughts as they come and go, not attaching to them, until we get to a point where the thoughts are simply not in our awareness, which takes practice. Our stillness is in prayer, meditation, focused intentions, or even sleep & dreams. When we “pray” we ask, when we “meditate” we listen.

When we can connect with our inner self, our sacred heart or Divine Core, we can hear the messages from our soul, higher self or Spirit. We can hear our own inner “prophet”, become our own “seer”, and increase our intuition and psychic gifts. Thus, we follow our own inner guidance, without “outside noise”. Then, we can act, on it, which is our “prey”. We all “hunt” or seek out what our true purpose is, yet when we go within, we can find it.

This powerful way brings us a boldness and confidence that we are our own best wise one. Yes, it’s okay to check with others, to seek other’s wisdom and knowledge through their experience to see if it resonates with you. And, how do you know if it resonates with you? It feels like Truth, and when in your stillness, it feels “right”, then you are “hearing” or “knowing” the message and guidance from your higher Divine self/Soul/Spirit. We are ALL ONE, even though we are ONE of the WHOLE.

Interestingly, the day I saw the Praying Mantis, I had just come back from my “power walk” (basically fast walking for exercise). During my walks, I tend to do my mediations, intentions and general healing for myself and others. Sometimes I get distracted by nature, or others on their walks saying hello, or stopping to pet a dog. I do go back to what I was doing, yet my strongest message is to meditate and so the healing and intentions work in stillness. I know I need to practice more stillness. Thank you Praying Manyis for this message!

Let’s all embolden and empower ourselves through stillness! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Ladybug

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Ladybug 🐞

On my walk yesterday, I glanced down to ensure I wasn’t stepping into little crevices or holes on the path, and saw a ladybug on my right knee. At the time I was doing my walking meditation, including sending healing to the world, manifestation and creative visualization techniques. So, this little creature was quite the blessing!

Ladybug brings us messages of luck, protection and our wishes being granted! Her appearance tells us of new happiness and this is often in association of material gains. While we are spiritual beings, Spirit knows we do need certain material things to assist us while we are learning and ascending on our healing journeys. This I am quite tickled by, considering my current financial situation, and I have put my faith, trust and total belief in myself and Spirit, that I will always be supported, cared for and assisted along the was, even if there are bumps (or crevices) in the path.

Ladybug also lets us know our higher goals can be more easily attained (I do include “easily, effortlessly and endlessly” in my manifestation/visualization statements), while worries melt away. And, when we work on our wishes, dreams and desires, we must remember to aim very high, as we are creative & abundant manifesting beings! The number of spots on the Ladybug signifies the number of wishes granted, and this one had at least 9! And, that is awesome! It’s time for some new opportunities to see.

On the flip side, Ladybug warns us not to push too hard, or attempt to force our dreams & desires to happen. We must allow them to flow to us in Divine Order and Timing. We are not to limit our dreams, nor allow others to control us or dissuade us from those dreams. As, they are going to happen!

Let’s all dream big, and with trust, manifest them! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather Allow me to help you!

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Turtle

On my walks over the past couple of weeks, the turtles in the pond are almost always sunning themselves on a rock near the water’s edge. Usually there are two of them, except for yesterday, there were three. Two is the symbol of the Divine Feminine, and it’s also relationships, balance and cooperative. The three is creativity, birth and mysticism. Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth, longevity and new opportunities.

They can help with clairvoyance and clairaudience, which is fascinating. We all have intuition and psychic gifts, and some are stronger than others. My strongest is claircognizance, yet, these other two are becoming stronger for me.

Turtle can ask us whether we need to slow down or are we going to slow? I just heard yesterday that it seems more people are wanting to slow down, and many of us have been “forced” into a slower lifestyle over the past 6 months, while some have been “forced” into doing more. We all need to balance that out in our lives. Some days I am busier than other days, and I was definitely super busy more than 6 months ago!

Turtle tells us to think carefully about things before doing them. Therefore, we need to “go into our shell” and to reappear when you are ready to express and manifest your ideas.

We are also reminded that there is an abundance for all, and Mother Earth will always provide for our needs. Mother Earth has been here a long time, and so have turtles, so they can support our dreams in the long run.

Let’s all follow Turtle’s advice! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Butterfly Wisdom

Butterfly wisdom.

Butterfly Spirit has been helping me lately, letting me know, because I feel like I’m being turned inside-out, it’s similar to the metamorphosis of her. It feels like everything within is being “eaten” away, to allow the most Divine within to radiate over my entire Being. Transmuatation and Transformation. It’s my healing, spiritual and ascension work, and I’m delighted to be assisted and supported by Butterfly. 🙏💙

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