Today’s SSA, May 26, 2020

Just keep smiling and loving.

I find when I’m feeling down, and I have lately with being alone for the past 9+ weeks, that I feel my feelings, let them go and return to joy. I just keep smiling. I use nature to help uplift me, too. Nature makes me smile. The simple act of smiling can give you that little boost you may need when you are feeling down. 

It is so important to also keep loving everyone. Everyone is going through something, so when we send love to everyone, we can understand they too have people to love, as we have all loved someone, or have families we love, or chosen families/friends we do love, as does everyone else. Knowing we all have love and feel love brings us together as one human family, coming together to be love for each other. And, it is so important that we all recognize we are all One. 

Talking to others, sending a note and using nature can also bring a you into a joyful smile. Doing things you love to do can bring a smile to your face. And, when we feel that joy, and send that joy out, it is also a way of loving ourselves and sending that love to others. 

So, let’s all smile and love! 😄🙏🌟💖 ~ Heather

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Mandala Energy 3

This one is all about empowerment through your creativity and passions. Reds, oranges and yellows, infused with healing energies to help cleanse, clear, balance and open your root chakra (reds), your sacral chakra (oranges) and your solar plexus chakra (yellows). 

Our root chakra is our stability, security, safety and basic needs. The color red is also about passions. What are you passionate about? Our sacral chakra is creativity, sensuality and birth. Orange is a joyful, friendly color, too. What do you like to create? What would you like to start (or birth) in your life? And, our solar plexus chakra is our self-confidence, self-worth, self-respect and self-empowerment. What areas can you work on? 

This mandala blends these all together to help you empower yourself, increase your creative passions and help you birth something new to feel stability and balance in your life. I know I can use some more stability and balance in my life, even though I’m not working full time! But what I have been doing, since I haven’t done as many posts lately is create this mandala, go for more walks, do more healing on myself, plus had several clients over the past several days. And my passion has always been helping others and I do it through my different ways. During this time of discovery and healing, I’ve discovered more fears to cleanse and release around my feeling of safety and am doing more in these all these areas. 

The more we discover, cleanse, release and let go of the old, the more our passions are fueled to increase our desires through creativity, leading to more empowerment. My tagline is ,after all, “Become Soulfully Empowered.” 

Let’s all heal and “Become Soulfully Empowered”! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Goldfinch

Earlier this week I went to see my chiropractor. When I came to the road on which he has his business, a goldfinch landed right in front of my car on the road!! I was a bit shocked, and hoped it wouldn’t get hurt (it didn’t), as the road’s speed limit is 50 miles per hour. I did however, notice it was a little goldfinch. Interestingly, this is the second one I saw within a week, as when I went for a walk a few days prior, a goldfinch flew right by me. It had taken off as I reached the area it was sitting. 

The message of Goldfinch tells us to follow our creative paths, celebrate for the sheer joy of it and to awaken to the unseen. Where can we be more creative in our current life situation to manifest our dreams? What can we celebrate, even if it is a small? And, what are we not seeing that we need to bring into clarity to possibly change our perspective? That’s a lot of lessons and blessings from Goldfinch! 

I have been creating more, especially with writing, but started coloring more mandalas. I have loved coloring since I was a little kid. I also love helping people, which has led me into more of the energy work, like Reiki. So, I combined the coloring and the energy and have been posting some of the energy infused mandalas. And, stay tuned…I have another one coming up soon! Also, I have been told on more than one occasion, from my intuition and two friends that I need to consider drawing my own images/mandalas to color. My dream is to help others awaken, heal themselves and use their innate gifts in their lives. I have also been given a few other suggestions, and these have changed my perception on HOW I can live my dream. 

Let’s all be creative & live our dream! 🌟~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, May 11, 2020

Remember to be Love.

Many are enduring this crazy and hectic time, but in the end the only thing we have to remember is to:


Just treat yourself with Love. Treat others with Love. Treat everyone, absolutely everyone, with Love. 

Be Loving and kind. Be Loving and compassionate. Be Loving and generous. Be Loving and understanding. Be Loving and respectful. Be Loving and helpful. Be Loving and empathetic. 

We are ALL Unconditional Love, and have the ability to use it and show it in everything we do, and to everyone around us. 

BE Unconditional Love. 🙏💖 ~ Heather

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Awakening the Collective Consciousness

I wrote this article for The Wellness Universe, which appeared on May 7, 2020:

I have been hearing that we are living in an Apocalypse, in reference to “the end of times,” like “Armageddon.” I don’t believe we are in “Armageddon.” But I do believe we are having a global “Apocalypse.” Do you know the original meaning of “Apocalypse?”

“Apocalypse (ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning “revelation,” “an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.” (Source: Wikipedia.)

I do see an unveiling of things, I do see an unfolding, and more people having and sharing revelations. Many opinions exist, yet the fact remains that we have more time on our hands to really start looking and “be-ing,” versus “do-ing.” Remember, we are “human beings,” after all.

Please see link for the rest of the article and enjoy! Namaste! ~ Heather

Awakening the Collective Consciousness

Mandala Energy 2

So, I colored this mandala earlier this week, with different pencils, which I likely won’t use again, as I couldn’t get it to be as solid. 

I was surprised at the colors which came to play for the energy for this one, as I what I originally picked out completely changed as I started. 

We have violet again for transformation, but also to open up the third eye chakra. We have the sapphire blue to help open up our throat chakras. And, we have this soft rose gold and silver for higher chakras and dimensions to shift our energy vibrations upwards even more. The heart chakra is also stimulating in the energy of this mandala, as the rose gold and silver are coming from the center of the mandala as well, radiating outwards. I kept being told the energy was flowing to open the windows of the soul. 

Together, I was told, that they are to help us connect to our higher chakras, and bring this energy into the third eye, flowing into the heart chakra connecting into our soul, and then letting it flow out of our throat chakra, allowing us to speak the truth of our Divine self. It is to help us with recognizing Truth while bringing us together in Unity. 

Enjoy these healing energies and vibrations! 🙏🌟💖 ~ Heather

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Cords & Connection

Last summer, a technician was at my place as my DVR died. While installing a new one, he asked if he could revise the web of cords I had for all the devices.  I told him sure.  He said it was a mess and the more (extension) cords you had hooked up into each other, the further the signal was from the source (electrical outlet), which could cause issues for the devices (tv, stereo, etc) to be working at their optimum.  That got me to thinking about wifi, because the further away a wifi only device is from the source (the router), the weaker the signal becomes.  So, if we have multiple cords connecting to source, and that source is fueling the wifi device, the signal becomes even weaker. So, we need to remove cords, which aren’t serving a purpose to get closer to source.

On a walk this week, I started thinking about this again. (Inspiration – or perhaps intuition! –  hits me at the oddest times! LOL!) We can look at all those extension cords plugged together to get to the outlet, as our energetic cords, which are blockages in our energetic bodies, keeping us from connecting more strongly and fully into our soul energy (wifi device/router), which is our source energy. And, The Source is Spirit, (God, the Universe, etc), which we connect to from our soul, as our souls are of Spirit, (the outlet). So, we need to remove cords/blockages and come closer to Source to connect to our Soul.

I am an energy worker (Reiki, Akashic Records, etc) and have noticed the more sessions I am a part of, whether I’m giving or receiving them, the more blockages that are removed.  This is true no matter the type of energy work, as it is all energy work.  And, the more blockages that are removed, the stronger energetic connection I have found I experience to my soul or higher self, and thus Source.  The stronger the connection, the easier it becomes to “receive” messages of all kinds. The easier it is to tune into Nature, Source and Higher Vibrational Spiritual entities & guides/guardians. 

Also, the more blockages that I have removed, the better my understanding of how past lives have affected me in this one, allowing me to tune into an even clearer signal or message. This also helps change our thinking patterns, removing old beliefs, paradigms and thought patterns (more cords/blockages). This opens us up to different ways of thinking. We can see other viewpoints and challenge more of our own. These new thoughts and beliefs can attract more of what we want in life, versus the same lesson(s) over and over again, which get more difficult each time. We have small lessons and we have large lessons.  Those blocks stem from both this life and past lives.  They stem from our ancestral lives in all those lives. So, removing the layers of blockages truly lets us understand our own lives better, and why we are here by learning our soul lessons from a better connection.

For the first few weeks of me being laid off in 2020 (this is my third time without a job in this life time), I didn’t freak out about money knowing I would be okay in all areas of life.  These are lessons I have been working on for years by removing multiple blockages from past lives. However, then I started researching, because I’m a life path 7 and am always searching for knowledge.  So, I was reading and watching everything that caught my attention and I wanted answers, but I wanted to understand more. I started to learn more from others about the situation we are in and why; and on and on.  This started getting me scared, and took me to fear and stress mode. I had been thinking differently than the masses, which was a key understanding for me. I was afraid of being different and that I might be carted away.

I was scared to share the information I was learning.  When I realized I had a huge fear of being “removed” by authorities for going against the establishment.  Of being shunned, of being attacked and so on. So, I went to my friend and we worked on removing those blockages from past lives where I was “removed” for doing exactly what I was afraid to do in this lifetime. So, what happened?  The fear started slipping away. I started sharing more. I wasn’t afraid any longer that sharing my opinions would cause me harm.  I cleared a bunch of cords, which were keeping me from connecting more strongly into the messages I was feeling from my Spirit through my soul and my personal Truth. Did people lash back?  Yes, but another lesson I had learned from all my energy work was that I didn’t have to be offended, and we can all respect each other’s opinion.  Interestingly, I ended up finding more people who share my opinions and are also speaking out and hoping to educate people. Talk about liberation!  I also received more clients when I started sharing more of myself. Connection!

Let’s disentangle those cords to connect more fully!

Namaste! ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, May 4, 2020

Nature is resilient, and so are you.

Mother Nature has shown us how resilient She can be during this current global situation. While many people have been at home, She has thrived.  She will always survive, but she has thrived.  Cleaner and clearer water and air being reported. We see reports of dolphins returning to the Canals of Italy; sea turtles returning to nest on empty public beaches; the clearing skies above industrialized cities; more wild animals being seen; the coming together of family and friend time (although virtual) increasing; and a litany of other benefits.  Remove the bulk of the pollution, and look what happens!

(This in no way distracts from the issues of increased home violence issues, or abuse, or poverty…it has in some instances increased the awareness of it, as more people are speaking out and working towards helping with these issues, as it has helped strengthen our communities through compassion and understanding.)

Now, remember, you are Human Nature, and you are also resilient. Where in your personal life can you remove pollution to help yourself become cleaner and clearer? Perhaps turning towards more organic foods or non-toxic cleaning products (home & body). Perhaps removing pollution from your energetic bodies through Reiki, yoga or other modality. Perhaps realizing now is the time you wish to heal old emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual wounds. This is a wonderful time to find a new way of living and being, as you are resilient, you are Human Nature and you are a soul living as a Human Being. 

I have found myself doing even more energetic work with and for myself and others. It’s helped me get through this time even more powerfully without a “job” by helping me to connect more fully into my soul and recognize even more deeply that we are ALL part of the Divine endless supply of energy, abundance and love, while becoming healthier mind, body and soul.

Let’s ALL cleanse and clear! 💖 ~ Heather

Today’s SSA, May 2, 2020

It’s time to bloom. 

Have you been wanting to try something new? Are you being led to do something you have always wanted to try? Do feel like you need to create something? Have you been considering doing something different? Or perhaps you finally have the time to learn something else or do what you always wish you had the time to do. Now is the time to do it, now is the time for you to bloom. It’s time to bloom something new! 

“Bloom where you are planted.” (Unknown source.) Well, we have been planted at home. So, what can you do that’s new? What have you been planning on doing? What can you do to help yourself or someone else? 

I finally updated my website, which I may have mentioned, but I’ve wanted to do it for over 8 years! A kind friend helped me get started (thank you Sheila Franzen), and then it was up to me. I’m still figuring some things out, but I do like what I have so far! (Check it out and let me know ~ I’ve also introduced a couple new packages, and I’m still offering services for love donations at this time, as I’d love to help you!

I’ve always wanted to expand my clients, and I have time to do it, with more time to talk to people, create posts and so on. I’m working on my blooming business! (Yes, for those who get the double entendre!). I’m very excited in that I have had quite a number of new clients over the past week or so, plus some new ones coming up next week for both Reiki and Akashic Records. Plus, considering a few other things to add in when the timing is right, as we all now there is Divine Timing and Divine Order. 

Bloom something up! 🌸💖🌟~ Heather

Sun-LIGHT Blessings 2

Today’s Sun-LIGHT Blessings. 

On one of my walks earlier this week, I saw a blue bird. It’s been so long since I saw one, I didn’t even know what it was. LOL! The wings were vibrant blue…almost like they were enhanced. Light pale golden belly, and a little bit of warm, soft red on the breast. I looked it up, and was like “wow, a blue bird”! I was really delighted at this spirit animal come to show me messages. 

Bluebird comes to remind us to find the joy in all areas of life. It exudes confidence and strength, yet is quite modest in that it tends to be a gentle bird. Yet, it can also be quite strong when it feels it’s being threatened, so can be a message of courage. Bluebird can herald new beginnings, too. It can be a message of harmony & security. 

The blue relates to the throat chakra, and can tell us to have more courage to speak, or to use our voice in an honest, authentic way. It can take courage to speak up for what you believe in with harmony. The golden color reminds me of our solar plexus chakra, which is our power center and self-confidence. The red is the root chakra, which is safety and security. 

So many wonderful blessings from the Bluebird were received and messages heard. New beginnings, joy and safety, indeed.

Find you joy! 💖 ~ Heather

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