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Welcome. I’m Heather.

I’m an Intuitive Soul Specialist, assisting others in healing themselves through Reiki, Akashic Records, Spiritual Messages and Card Readings.

I’m happy and grateful you have found me. I have always known I was meant to help others, yet it has only been over the past 15-20 years that the “how” came to be. I was born with natural healing and intuitive abilities, and have used these since I was born, yet didn’t fully understand it when I was young. I have grown, learned and gained a lot of wisdom, while healing and ascending, over those past 15-20 years.

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My soul purpose, life passion and divine mission is to guide and assist you in your soul healing journey through my services, inspirations, posts and blog. I have been blessed with multi-dimensional insights and multi-leveled understandings of life here on earth and in Spirit, concurrently working together allowing me to give you a high level of energy and messages.

About Energy Work

We are all energy, and everything around us is energy. We are affected by the energy around us, as well as the energy within us, plus the energy we have carried over from past lives and our ancestors. Therefore, working with energy alone, or with a another person, can help you in so many different ways. 

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What Others are Saying


You opened my 3 eyes, my heart, and my soul to a new paradigm

You opened my 3 eyes, my heart, and my soul to a new paradigm of thought and perspective in an awakened world. You’ve been open and willing to share your wisdom, insight, the fresh way you see life, the kindness, beauty and truth of your beautiful soul. Little did I know this incredible Soul I had met would be my guide to becoming the Love I AM. Your very BEing is LOVE and whether you realize or not, you showed me how to become that  LOVE. I can’t begin to say enough thank-you’s for BEing the perfect guide on my quest.

Gary Hinebaugh, Arizona

To this day everyone who knows me can see the change

I was taking yoga classes with Heather as the teacher and during one of those classes something profound and life changing happened to me. I had been fighting some personal demons and I was losing the battle until that day……at the end of the class through her words, her voice and her calm presence I was able to let go. I let it all go in a in a cloud of black smoke that came from my core. To this day everyone who knows me can see the change. I am happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life, happy in my soul and Heather will always be my saving Angel! She literally changed my life! She has genuine beautiful, loving soul and she absolutely loves helping others find their path of happiness!


Heather is my go-to person for doing Akashic Record work

I have worked with Heather for years at our monthly Reiki clinics. It is amazing how she is able to see the actual energy and also see and hear any angels or spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over who may be coming to help heal the client. Animal guides or totems may come in to the session as well, and it is definitely helpful to be able to receive their messages and guidance in addition to the Reiki energy. Heather is my go-to person for doing Akashic Record work as she can accurately get information from my records for use in my own spiritual development. Heather has many gifts and is constantly working to learn and develop more, yet she is humble and nonjudgmental. Her desire to help others is true and dear to her heart, and the first thing you will notice when you meet her. One can feel perfectly comfortable and confident when working with Heather in any of the healing modalities she offers.

Tammy Manzo, Reiki Master

She facilitates transformative energy healings

Heather is an incredibly effective healer. She facilitates transformative energy healings in a way that is both gentle and powerful. During my session with her she brought in healing energies that targeted several trauma related blockages. As I continue to work with the healing energies that came in through Heather’s work with me, I see clear and distinct change in the blockages she addressed. I would recommend Heather to anyone who is seeking a compassionate and effective healer.

Sloan, Texas, USA

I had an amazing experience

I am so grateful to Heather for her powerful yet gentle approach and abundance of healing skills. I didn’t have a pressing matter when I approached her for a session. I felt called to experience her magic. I love investing in my health and well-being so I jumped in with both feet. I had an amazing experience. Heather took me into a deep state of relaxation throughout my session. I felt so much love, received great advice and numerous healing gifts. I highly recommend reaching out to Heather if you are looking for a true and trusted healing friend.

Ellie Savoy, Millbrook, NY

Heather walked me patiently and deftly through my first Akashic Record reading. Her intuitive powers are clearly well developed both wide and deep. She is a pleasure to work with. I felt like I had a friend for life by the end of our session together.

Elizabeth Kipp, Lawrence, KS, USA

Her gentle but effective energy treatments really and truly helped and expedited my body’s recovery time

I am so grateful to personally know and trust someone locally that I can go to for Natural Healing. I first went to Heather for a Reiki treatment after a hard fall off a horse and my insides were so bruised and shaken. Her gentle but effective energy treatments really and truly helped and expedited my body’s recovery time. I have since gone for various reasons, sinus, joint, whenever I felt like I needed healing from within and on the outside. I also discovered through one of Heather’s treatments that my grandmother whom I never met, was present which was a real blessing to me and I have since been talking to her in my prayers. I will continue to go to Heather for Reiki treatments and feel good about referring her to anyone.

Celia, Ohio, USA

I was absolutely amazed by the energy level and healing power of Reiki

I was extremely skeptical when I heard about the powers of Reiki and thought there is no way this could possibly work! Then, when I flipped my 4-wheeler and hurt my shoulder I first went to the doctor. The doctor said it would heal; no breaks just bruised, but time will heal it. Well, after 3 weeks it was not getting any better so I thought “what the heck I will give Reiki a try.” I was absolutely amazed by the energy level and healing power of Reiki. After one treatment my shoulder was recognizably better and after just 3 or 4 treatments my range of motion was back to 100% and the pain was gone! In addition to the relief from the pain, Reiki has a way of re-energizing your body and soul. I would highly recommend Reiki for any type of muscle healing you may need, as well as for relaxation and general uplifting of your spirit to increase your sense of wellbeing.

Terri, Ohio, USA

I greatly appreciated your time, your skills and the knowledge you shared with me

I participated in an Akashic Record Reading with Heather recently and found it to be extremely helpful and beneficial. Sometimes we all just need validation in relation to what we may be experiencing as we are indeed living in very interesting times where much is shifting, changing and more and more conscious awareness is occurring for ever so many. Our logic often doubts what we intuitively just “know” or we may be experiencing so much internally we just need to organize our thoughts in such a way that rather than them churning and muddying the waters we can still them and gain clarity. For me my session with Heather brought both validation of what I intuitively knew and confirmed also for me the course of action I had been thinking about taking was the right one for me to take. There were a few twists, turns and surprises in the reading, which also assisted me enormously. Thank you so much Heather, I greatly appreciated your time, your skills and the knowledge you shared with me, all of which enabled me to just get on with it, with ease. Namaste.

Maree, Victoria, Australia

I remember tears of joy just rolling down my face as this healing continued

I contacted Heather Lang in early 2014 after I had a very severe accident with multiple injuries. Traditional medicine was not healing me and I was desperate for help. After discussing my physical and mental status with her I felt she really understood what it would take to heal my body, mind and soul. ~My first reiki session with Heather was nothing short of amazing. I went into it very open minded but not knowing what to expect. Within just a few minutes I could actually feel the healing happening in the areas of my body that were so traumatized. I remember tears of joy just rolling down my face as this healing continued. It was like I knew I finally had divine intervention. During this session my vibration level was very low and Heather was able to raise it and also describe to me in detail after the session what was happening with each of my chakras. I felt so much better after just one session. My energy was amazing and pain reduced. We made a plan for my wellness. Since that first session I continue to utilize Heather. She has a very loving approach, great listener, patient, caring and always on the mark with whatever life experiences you may need help with to move forward. She is truly gifted and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will be truly be blessed by her gifts.

Darlene, NH, USA