Through challenging and beautiful life lessons, I’ve grown, healed and discovered my true life’s purpose, which is to help others heal themselves, guiding them to find their true life purpose. As my journey of healing and transformation continues, I have been guided to share through the written word on my Facebook page and blog site, teach yoga, become a Reiki Master and intuitive guide. I also enjoy doing Tarot Card readings for clients. I AM an intuitive lightworker, and my former lives as many different types of healers along with many types of spiritual entities bring knowledge and wisdom to me, assisting in my gifts.

Today’s Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Baby Grasshopper

Over the weekend, while I was sitting outside enjoying some coffee on a chilly morning, the tiniest little lime green creature jumped onto my forearm. I was wearing a dark charcoal sweatshirt. I figured it was a tiny baby grasshopper, and when I looked it up, I was correct. It was so tiny, had I not had on a dark sweatshirt, I never would have seen it. It jumped awhile on my arm and then my stomach, and then onto the ground, where it stayed for quite some time. Finally it, it crawled and hopped into the grass. 

A baby anything always speaks of the new to me. Birth and a new cycle coming. We do have a change in seasons this weekend, along with a very intense solar eclipse! Grasshopper has a lot of wonderful meanings. Last September, I wrote about a large grasshopper on my car asi drove to work. He looked right at me, and rode on the lower portion of the windshield of my car. Something I had never seen, let alone seeing a real live grasshopper. Now, this year, a baby one jumps on me over this past weekend. Wow. 

Grasshoppers are considered lucky, heralding abundance, wealth, longevity and happiness. They can also be a sign of fertility and creation. They symbolize patience, intuition, forward thinking, courage and being resourceful. Quite a lot of wonderful messages from Grasshopper. During these times of the most immense change we have seen in our lives and the world at large, Grasshopper came to provide us so many blessings! I believe I am, and many are, at the beginning of a wonderful new cycle, and while transformation and change can be challenging, the way to a brand new, better way, is always through the challenge with releasing and healing any and all old energies we no longer need to carry with us forward. The grasshopper makes great strides and only jumps forward. Time to let the past go and what we THINK our lives should look like, and have patience, while we use our blessings to more forward into the brand new life. And, if you are willing and able, move into the new 5D energy where Divine Love, Peace and Harmony exist for all within the universal and our own Divine Light. 

Jump forward into the new and I’ll see you there! ??? ~ Heather

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