Through challenging and beautiful life lessons, I’ve grown, healed and discovered my true life’s purpose, which is to help others heal themselves, guiding them to find their true life purpose. As my journey of healing and transformation continues, I have been guided to share through the written word on my Facebook page and blog site, teach yoga, become a Reiki Master and intuitive guide. I also enjoy doing Tarot Card readings for clients. I AM an intuitive lightworker, and my former lives as many different types of healers along with many types of spiritual entities bring knowledge and wisdom to me, assisting in my gifts.


Your gifts were given to you to live your purpose.

Have you discovered your purpose yet? What do you consider your gifts? Your strengths? To discover your strengths, gifts, talents and unique voice, pay attention to what comes naturally to you. Listen to what type of compliments your receive from others. Ask trusted friends, family or mentors what they see as your gifts. These gifts were given to you to help you live your purpose. Whether you create a career around your talents, or work a job you love while sharing your gifts, you are still fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

I was told many times that I had a natural way of helping others feel better, calmer and more balanced. I learned later when I became a Reiki Master that it was one of my gifts. I didn’t have to “try” to remove imbalanced energies from others, as it just “happened”. I didn’t know I was naturally intuitive, as I believed it was “just thoughts”, until someone pointed it out to me. My natural calming nature and my intuition are part of my gifts to help others help & heal themselves with my guidance and assistance. I simply intensified them by learning energy work. I just “knew” how energy worked, which did make it easier for me to learn yoga, read Akashic Records and more. However, everyone has the ability to learn about and use their intuition, Divine gifts and energy, for we are not our human self, we are our soul self.  And, our souls are pure Divine energy. We are part of Source, the Universal Divine One, and at the same time we are also the Divine. Tapping into this Divine energy at your core level allows you to discover, develop and share your Divine gifts. 

I choose to use my gifts daily, and not only with Reiki, Akashic Records Readings, Life Coaching and yoga.  I have chosen to share about the wonderful world of essential oils. I started using essential oils about a year and a half ago, and love them. They are like little drops of miracles to help us become healthier and stay healthy. Helping others become healthy and stay healthy is my passion. My current favorites are Lavender (helps to relax you), Frankincense (helps with clarity) and Lemongrass (helps to uplift you). There are so many to choose from, and I am always using several each day.  If you are interested in learning more about them, please contact me at and we can schedule a time to chat. 

I also work a full time job in a restaurant as a server, which I’ve been doing for about a year now. I share my gifts there in a different way then when I have clients, yet, I’m still living my purpose, as I connect with other souls I agreed to assist in this lifetime. My co-workers seem to enjoy having me there, as I work towards always bringing a spirit of calmness and balance to each person. It fills me with joy to help others, and I actually enjoy going to work! Imagine that! All of this, plus healing, transforming and awakening myself more this past year has helped me live my purpose and “Become Soulfully Empowered™”. Being soulfully empowered is living from your soul, living in Love and recognizing we are All part of the Divine, with our unique authenticity to learn our lessons, heal, awaken and transform. I love living my purpose, and if you are ready, I’d be honored to assist you.

Namaste! <3 ~ Heather

(SIDE NOTE: My very busy year with healing myself and having clients, working at the restaurant, building my businesses AND volunteering for The Wellness Universe has caused me to unfortunately not be able to post or create blogs as often as I would like, however, I love living my purpose this way, too, and am working on writing a book…which is another item I am focusing on which is keeping me busy!!! Look for the book in 2018!!)