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Hope brings Peace

Hope Brings Peace. Slide1

Expectations cause anxiety, stress, anger and fear, where Hope brings peace, kindness and Love. Hope is a positive vibration, lifting us up, while calming us down. It is not thinking others need to act, speak or think in a certain way. Expectations limit us to fully understanding life, not allowing us to fully accept or Love ourselves, let alone anyone else. Expectations say there is only one right way, where Hope says there are many ways. It leaves us space to learn and grow at our own pace in our way, letting others do the same.

Hope is supportive, where expectation is restrictive, closing us off the endless possibilities which exist. Hope allows us to be open, to the infinite experiences life has to offer us. Hope is not about one certain outcome, it is about being open to any and all outcomes, having the faith it is the best for ourselves or another.  It is knowing what you do like, yet being accepting that something even better can be delivered to you by the Universe.

Hope helps with our relationships, as we are not assuming someone will act, react, think or believe the same we do, teaching us acceptance of diversity and more. It allows differences of opinions, beliefs and thoughts, perhaps using them to better yourself in some way.  It is releasing any stubborn tendencies, and embracing others unconditionally. It is knowing there is no right or wrong way of being, believing all is for the highest good. It is being aware of all situations and experiences to create and manifest in the best way possible. It is hoping someone can find their way to create more Love and joy in their lives.

Cultivating and Strengthening Hope, and releasing expectations enables compromise, cooperation, consideration and collaboration. It brings a sense of compassion as it allows deeper understanding of self and thus, others. Hope is about acceptance of what is, even if you don’t like it or it is not necessarily what you believe.

Hope entails the ability to know we can heal from any past issues, pains or hurts, because something so much better is waiting for us to have space in our life. Hope releases judgement of ourselves or definitions we may have of ourselves because of our past. Hope gives us the sense of joy in all ways, always.  Hope helps us remain calm and peaceful, acting in kindness and love towards ourselves and others. It strengthens compassion for those who are having difficulties, including ourselves.

Releasing expectations eliminates future disappointments, bringing in the fresh energy of Hope.  When used properly, Hope helps us to see all possibilities, reveal our truths and authenticity, while experiencing the best life for us.

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Winds of Change

The winds of life can change your course.



As we move through life, a wave of energy can come in and change our course. We may be too inwardly focused, not paying attention to those around us, not recognizing what’s changing or any myriad of possibilities. We can be moving along towards what we thought was best or what we thought was going to happen, and any number of possibilities. While we are busy, we can get smacked with a life changing event to gain our attention, since our focus was elsewhere. When this happens, it is time to release, heal and recognize you have just been given a fresh start, new beginning or opening just for you. Divine timing can be working with the Divine, and at times, it can also be a total blindside, which wasn’t expected. These seemingly “out of the blue” happenings are the energy working in your favor. It is your Divine counsel, soul and the Universe helping to redirect you in the direction you have been traveling by working on yourself, transforming and healing past issues. Or it could be because you aren’t doing any work on yourself.  It is the Divine supporting and guiding you, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. It is actually helping you, by clearing out certain aspects of your life, because something even better needs to come into your life. This can be relationships, jobs, homes and more. Just know that when a wave of energy comes in to change your course, do not use resistance, simply relax and be in the flow, trusting it’s in your highest good. At these times, we need to go within and discover & accept what is happening to and within us, while working on ourselves.

When we go against the flow or direction our souls are directing us, we experience tension & resistance bringing on anxiety, worry, stress and more. We are fighting the natural course of energies in our lives. We are at a complete standstill, because the more we push to keep our lives the same, the more the energy pushes us the other way.  When we feel this resistance, the best thing we can do is stop and become more aware of why we are having these feelings.  We can investigate them, without judging ourselves, to understand them.  We can ask ourselves a multitude of questions to help us with the answers for our best interests.  We can use other tools such as intuitive guidance or life coaches, Tarot/Oracle cards, astrology, Reiki or other energy exchanges, Akashic Record readings and more.  We can work through what has been keeping us stuck in our lives to release it and heal from it, thus awakening a new aspect and transforming our whole Being, healing wounds and completing ourselves.  These are what challenges and the winds of change are assisting us to do.  We are meant to flow with our soul’s mission, purpose and Divine gifts.  We have already intended to live this life, from balancing or releasing Karma, soul contracts, past life vows & oaths and more.  When we take the necessary steps to do all of these things, beautiful blessings are bestowed upon us. Miracles happen. Our dreams, wishes and desires start to manifest. We recognize the blockages in life are ourselves and what we continue to carry as baggage from the past or our past lives, which is causing disruption in our current lives. All these indicators and messages is your internal Divine guidance system leading you to the bounty awaiting you.  And, this bounty, this abundance, will be even greater than you can imagine. And be grateful for these challenges, large or small, because the Divine wants you to live your best life, wants you to thrive and wants you to find your bliss… and Divine knows best.

If you would like assistance and are ready to do the work in your life’s challenges, I’d be honored to help you, help yourself.


If you wish to follow my blog, you will be included in the next monthly group Reiki energy session, given on the 1st of the following month. You only need to intend to be included to receive the energy when you are ready. The energy will then flow to you, helping you in any way you currently need for your soul mission.

I’m an honored member of The Wellness Universe! We are working towards bringing more Love, Light, Wellness & Positive Change to ALL. If you would like to co-create with us, visit the site for more information ~






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Strength & Balance in Relationships

Relationships require strength & balance.

Our most intimate relationships require strength, as for those we deeply love, can and will go through ups and downs, causing the relationship to also do the same. It takes strength of the heart, mind & soul, to understand your partner may be struggling with nothing to do with you. This strength is your inner power to accept and show compassion & love while the energies between you may feel different for awhile. It is the recognition and belief everything & everyone changes, yet when true love prevails, the change is for the best. It is commitment, cooperation and compromise in many aspects during this difficult period of time. It is your awareness the other person requires your strength, support & love to work through their current challenges, whether in small gestures or larger ones. A hug, squeezing of the hand or even perhaps a listening ear. It is being the pillar of strength for the other, letting them know you are simply there, in all ways, always. It is being their cheerleader, letting them know you are there and they can and will get through it. This strength comes from the beautiful, intense heart & soul love you share in wanting what is best for the other, yet allowing them to battle their own struggles. It is recognizing life presents these challenges for increasing inner strength through healing and transforming from past hurts, angers, betrayals, deep sadness, and other difficult emotions. And, it is not only for the one going through it, but the one standing by. This strength stems from our own complete understanding and faith in the relationship. It is feelings of loyalty, love & unity in the relationship. In this way, it presents a balance when both feel the same way. When one partner goes through major, or minor, difficulties, exhibiting this strength is what helps to balance the relationship. Because more changes will come, and at times they will also be for you, and your partner will exhibit their strength for you.

I know relationships which have struggled through cancer, financial issues, infidelity and more.  The ones I’m thinking about are stronger than ever.  While one partner struggled or battled, the other showed unconditional support and love.  I know relationships which have been challenged financially, and they both kept battling towards helping each other to persevere. Whatever the case, both partners do feel the pain and must recognize the other needs love, support and understanding.  However, in many circumstances, it is one partner who is having the main issue, and the other, although hurting for the other, is the one who takes the role of support, compassion and deep understanding.  These relationships I witnessed have the most beautiful symmetry in strength and balance. They work together out of complete respect, honor and whole-hearted love, mind, body & soul. It doesn’t mean there weren’t difficulties in the relationships, as we are all human and have internal issues which pop up under pressure, but they worked through them with faith, trust and belief for the best possible outcome for the person struggling and the relationship.  One of these beautiful love stories comes from one of my sister’s.  Her and her husband have had their ups and downs over the past 20 years, yet when one very challenging health issue afflicted my sister, they combined their energies in strength and balance and my sister is healthy again, as is their relationship.

Living in close proximity to anyone will cause disruptions as we mirror each other, providing reflections of traits we do not like with ourselves, and intimate relationships can be the most challenging of all reflections.  Dealing with the intense emotions during a “normal” time in relationships is difficult enough, yet when the relationship is undergoing one of such incredible intensity due to dis-ease, imbalance or severe pressure from whatever the cause, is when Strength must shine through in all it’s grace and glory.

I also know relationships in which they separated.  The reasons are numerous, yet it was what was needed.  This strength and how one person shows it may be different and not be necessarily what we think is best, but it is what they believe is best. It is not always understandable at the time and it may not ever present any reasoning at all. It could be the couple doesn’t resonate at the same vibration, and therefore, one person is not able to provide the partner with the strength needed.  In this case, the relationship will change in other ways. And, this is Divine timing in it’s most purest form, although could also be it’s most difficult, as Divine timing isn’t necessarily always easy. However, I do know Divine intervention is always what is best, whatever the future may bring. Again, not easy, but holding the faith that better times will come is the key.

Each relationship will be challenged, in multiple ways over time.  It is called Life.  And Life is here to present us with these challenges in relationships and in other ways. These challenges are of course to bring us lessons for awareness, awakening and transformation. Therefore, if you truly love another, and they truly love you, it takes work, strength and balance by both of you to persevere. It takes spiritual faith, trust & belief with understanding, compassion and support for each other and the relationship.  Whether you stay together; separate for a time and come back together better because of the situation…or not.  How do I know?  It’s called over 4 decades of personal Life experience.


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Serendipity & Coincidence

Serendipity and Coincidence is the Universe and you co-creating your life. Slide1

As our minds wonder and wander about who we truly are and what we truly need to be doing in our lives, the Universe brings us messages. The wondering and wandering is thought energy we are sending out into the Universe (Spirit, God, The Source, Higher Power, or whatever you choose to believe and call it.), and the Universal energy is responding back to you. This thought energy can also be prayer or wishing or dreaming about our desired life.

The run-ins with old friends or people which feel like a total coincidence, is the Universe creating opportunities for us based on what we are working on and working towards from our energy. Or we may receive job offers if we are thinking we need to change our job in some way.  It is important to be both specific about what you do wish to create in your life, while being very open to possibilities which may actually be better for you.  Simply being aware of each situation or person and what it offers brings you even more of them.  Choosing wisely, with discernment, while using our intuition, will help us decide whether the opportunity aligns with our wishes, prayers and desires. All these opportunities are also little nudges to help us learn, heal and grow.

Serendipity is another way messages are sent to us, answering prayers, guiding us to our dreams and helping provide us the information we need. This is part of how we co-create with others and the Universe. Everything is pure energy, and whatever we send out, comes back to us.  Therefore, it is important to send out positive thoughts, prayers & wishes. It is also important to be detailed, yet open to something even better the Universe is sending to you.  For instance, if you want a new job, create the entire scenario in your mind of what you would like in this new job from helpful, kind co-workers to the times you work to the places you work and so on. Being vague will bring you many opportunities, but many of those may not include everything you would truly desire.

This co-creation can be taken further into manifestation. In manifestation we are conscious of the energies around us, and work with them in a myriad of ways. Astrology, Feng Shui, Reiki, Tarot, crystals, ceremony and more are tools and ways to work with the energy in co-creation and manifestation. It’s all about what works best for each of us, and resonates highly within us. Using the energies and the tools, such as Reiki Energy or Astrology, can help lead us in the proper direction of our soul journey, providing us insight into the gifts & talents we are meant to use, give & share.

Therefore, in life, look for all the coincidences and serendipity occurrences, then observe your reactions, thoughts, and feelings.  This will help you understand whether you need to learn something or follow it  to another place, space or person for even more understanding, awakening and transforming.  Using these clues, messages and nudges can help you both make wise decisions and traverse the best path for you while the Universe works on sending you the best of everything you desire in your life.


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Give Wellness for the Holidays

To help unite and balance this world in love, wellness, abundance and harmony, let’s support small & local business this holiday season, and through-out the year.


Unity begins by helping and supporting each other in any and all ways, always.  Balancing is exchanging energies in many forms, and in the way which suits your circumstances the best.  For instance, I am currently exchanging Reiki sessions with a dear friend who is also a Reiki master. This helps create balance and harmony in our exchanges, as well as, sending this energy into the world.  Helping to balance out the scales of abundance to all of society, brings more abundance and prosperity opportunities to more people.  By giving gifts from small and/or local businesses, you are bringing scales into balance.  When you give, you receive, as giving and receiving is part of the Universal & Spiritual Laws of abundance, manifestation and more.  Working with the energy of the laws helps you and those around you even more, as energy increases, strengthens and expands as we move & flow with it, versus against it.

I’m part of a beautiful community of loving & giving souls, helping to co-create positive change and wellness in the world. The Wellness Universe members have come together to share & offer these holiday specials to you.  All of us small business owners would appreciate your consideration and spirit of giving wellness now and for all the years to come.  Please check out the link below to view all the wonderful gift specials we are offering.

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Sending you Light filled with health & wellness, abundance & prosperity and peace, love & joy in all facets of your life.



If you wish to follow my blog, you will be included in the next monthly group Reiki energy session, given on the 1st of the following month. You only need to intend to be included to receive the energy when you are ready. The energy will then flow to you, helping you in any way you currently need for your soul mission.

I’m an honored member of The Wellness Universe! We are working towards bringing more Love, Light, Wellness & Positive Change to ALL. If you would like to co-create with us, visit the site for more information ~

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Spiral of Life

The spiral of life circles us around to what we need.Slide1
We are here for our soul mission, to live as a human being, doing what we need to do to allow our soul to wholly evolve. Within life, to fully thrive, we must live and follow our soul mission & purpose through our passions, along with learning our soul lessons. Like the spiral, which all of life follows, our life spins and circles outward creating layers. These layers are either creating more resistance and stress or they are creating a deeper level of meaning in each lesson.

If we are not learning our lessons or living our soul mission, resistance and stress can build with each pass, as our life spirals outward. The lesson becomes more and more important, which causes increased stress on our being & soul.  This increased stress can turn into life imbalances, dis-ease, injuries and other physical manifestations.  Any physical manifestation can help us understand the lesson we need to learn, as meaning exists in all of life when we take the time to listen, hear and act upon the messages’ meanings for ourselves. Spirit will nudge us the first time to get in alignment with our soul lesson, and if not learned, we will get a push, then a shove and so on.  These lessons can continue for multiple lifetimes, and in one of them, we may have a physical issue we were born with, stemming from past lessons not learned.

For instance with me, my spine is slightly mis-aligned, bringing in neck & shoulder discomfort, hip discomfort, as well as, discomfort between my shoulder blades.  Chiropractic definitely helps, and it has for over 20 years.  When I first was made very aware of the lesson I needed, I woke up to my neck feeling as if it cracked when I tried to get out of bed and it caused great pain.  This led me to my first chiropractor.  Many adjustments later, I do feel better and use yoga, massage and Reiki to help myself with the physical issues.  However, working with yoga, Reiki and Akashic Records, I have been able to determine the root cause of the issue.  I kept spiraling around the lesson, not learning it in my former lives. One lesson is about speaking my truth with my spiritual gifts, and have learned to understand I will not be persecuted in this lifetime for these gifts, the way I had been in former lives.  This message comes from the neck, or throat charka. The hips are about creativity, feminine power and passions and using these inherent gifts for my soul mission in helping others. Therefore, I now use my creativity to deliver my truths in a much more balanced way with both feminine and masculine energies. In-between the shoulder blades is where the heart chakra resides, which is all about Love of self and of others and for me, it was all about expressing my emotions, versus burying them.  I buried them to “be polite” and “please others”, but this was not loving myself by not being kind to myself.  Expressing emotions can be done compassionately and lovingly, again part of the throat chakra lesson. I continue to work on all of these lessons, as they now deepen with other situations as they are presented to me.

Making the effort to learn the lessons as our life circles outward, provides us the opportunity with each pass to create a deeper meaning or more profound lesson.  This allows more lessons & healing to enter, creating further transformation & awakening, advancing our soul’s evolution in this lifetime.  The lesson may come up again, telling us to go deeper and find another hidden message, a deeper truth or to strengthen the one we’ve been working on and learning. While I learned the lessons of my spinal mis-alignments, I have found deeper and more profound meanings and messages which present other aspects of these lessons with many other people in my life. Each spiral brings me another opportunity to more fully evolve into a well-balanced soul during this particular lifetime and can do the same for all of us.

If you would like individual guidance during your life spiral, I would be honored to help you.

Namaste! Espavo! Love & Light!


If you wish to follow my blog, you will be included in the next monthly group Reiki energy session, given on the 1st of the following month. You only need to intend to be included to receive the energy when you are ready. The energy will then flow to you, helping you in any way you currently need for your soul mission.

I’m an honored member of The Wellness Universe!  We are working towards bringing more Love, Light, Wellness & Positive Change to ALL. If you would like to co-create with us, visit the site for more information ~

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New Moon Gateway in Scorpio 11:11

I’m honored to be featured in this blog with video by Mitchell Osborn!

We have an exceptionally powerful gateway on November 11, 2015, with the added energies of a new moon. This day brings an incredible opportunity for new beginnings and to amplify our intuition and release fears to reveal and live in our authentic soul mission, further helping many others do the same, living as One in Unity.  Read more and watch the video by following the link below!

Namaste! ~ Heather

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Embrace Change

Embrace your changes with a de-LIGHT-full attitude. Slide1

Change is meant to help us transform our being into a stronger, better & wiser version of ourselves. It’s meant to assist our awakening & evolving into an even more beautiful expression of our selves & our souls. Therefore, change needs to be accepted with de-LIGHT, joy and love, believing and trusting in our journey. It may not always be easy, but change is a Divine purpose, to help heal us from the past or past lives, and move us into a more beautiful expression of our truth and authenticity.

Metamorphosis in the Human fashion can be a challenge, yet we are meant to embrace it and learn the lessons with joy, moving into new heights. The nature of the butterfly already inherently knows how to change from the caterpillar. We as humans also instinctually know how to change as the wisdom already exists within us. We need to choose to look within, become aware and accept what needs to change, so we can transform an aspect we no longer require or wish to have as a trait.  Many characteristics we have been born with are meant for our survival, yet also as a lesson for growth.  We may have come into this world with a certain personality trait, fear or aspects, or acquired one during this lifetime, which is not necessarily attractive, yet, is there to help us understand our lives, and life in general, while allowing us to modify or release it. These traits, fears and aspects are all part of the inherent wisdom within us which is part 0f our soul mission for awakening and transformation. We are meant to learn about this characteristic, to recognize and accept it within ourselves and others, realizing it on a deeper level to feel, deal and heal.  Acceptance leads to adjustment, understanding, healing and releasing, allowing us to become an even better version of ourselves. Choosing to change,  we can transform ourselves each time we recognize an aspect of this trait may be surfacing again, leading us into deeper transformation, where this trait no longer appears in reaction to a situation. Since, we have chosen to completely release it, it leads us into a different reaction, one which may need review for transformation, or one which suits us much better for the rest of our lives.

For instance, if we are quick to judge, we may find it causes relationship problems. Judgement can lead to misunderstandings on both sides of a conversation.  Misunderstandings can escalate causing disruption and dissension in our lives. However, if we look at why we are judging someone, we can recognize, accept and understand the reasoning behind it.  If we have judged someone as being too overbearing, perhaps the underlying reason is we ourselves are fearful of exerting our own inner truths, or maybe we haven’t created sufficient boundaries where we feel strong enough to compassionately deal with certain people. This can lead to discovering why we do not feel strong enough.  Maybe we don’t feel strong enough because an adult in our lives would not allow us to speak up.  This certainly caused a disruption in life. This one situation may have caused us to judge others for speaking their truth, where we felt we were not allowed to do so. Looking deeper and deeper into any trait will help us get to the root cause, leading to the understanding. The understanding leads us to being able to feel the feelings we buried, which then allows the healing and releasing.  And, then we can cultivate strength and courage in speaking our inner truth without feeling we aren’t allowed to speak up.

It can be a struggle to let go of certain ideas, beliefs and opinions we have either been born with or have learned through life. It is difficult to look within and determine the root causes because they can bring up old feelings which do not necessarily feel very good. Yet, these life struggles help cultivate our strength & courage, our inner power, to guide us to healing and transforming into fulfilling lives, happily recognizing & accepting the shining Soul Light within. Thus, we can live more fully into our soul missions.

During our human lifetimes we shift into new phases of life, which is in essence change. We are born and change as we grow, learning along the way to communicate, care for ourselves and understand life. As we grow older, the learning, understanding and growing  does not stop. In adulthood, growth is deeper awareness and understanding of ourselves. It’s becoming more open to tackle what needs to be healed, helping us evolve into the fullest expression of our unique human manifestation of the Divine. Each of us is unique and perfect in the stages of life we find ourselves in this moment, with the wisdom & knowledge we have experienced thus far, to use for the continuation of our souls’ journeys and missions, assimilating what we need for our next situation, experience or lifetime.

Be de-LIGHT-ed you can transform into a brighter, happier and more fulfilling version of you.

If you wish to follow my blog, you will be included in the monthly group Reiki energy session, given on the 1st of the following month. You only need to intend to be included to receive the energy when you are ready.  The energy will then flow to you, helping you in any way you currently need for you.



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Revive your Soul

Awakening includes reviving the connection to your soul.

To fully awaken into our authenticity & soul mission, we need to revive, regenerate & rejuvenate our connections to our souls which link to Spirit. Our souls are pure Love & Light, and they are pure Joy. As young children, many of us were still connected to the joy of our souls, as we knew what made us happy. We would play, read, color and more, enjoying our days, creating in some fashion. I enjoyed coloring and could color for hours. When my first niece was born, she became of an age where she enjoyed coloring and when I would watch her, we would both color and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in my mid-30s at the time. When her sister was born, and became of age, several years later, all three of us would color. I even colored in a mandala with colored pencils a couple of months ago and it was extremely meditative and reminded me of the pure joy of creation, as well as, the lovely time spent with my nieces. Of course, coloring was only one thing I loved doing as a child, but it reconnected me to that carefree time.

Creating or reconnecting to what we love brings back our pure joy, reminding us we are of Spirit, a soul manifested as a Human Being in this lifetime. Reviving our souls is to reconnect to what makes our souls sing for joy, doing what we love, what we have a passion to do with our inherent gifts. Reviving that connection can be through many things such as remembering what you loved as a child, meditation, yoga, spiritual guides and more.  It can include actually doing what we did as children, too, as I found out. Reviving, regenerating and rejuvenating our souls helps us to further awaken our natural gifts & talents, revealing more of our authenticity. The more we live into our authenticity, the more carefree we can be.

As I became older, in my teens, I recall I still had books to color different designs. Looking back, it was meditative for me, as my mind quieted. Did I realize it then? No, but I do now. And I can go back to it. In high school, I started to love writing as another form of creation, and,of course, still do! For awhile in my 30’s I even loved pottery, taking classes to learn how to make pottery on a wheel. I did this for several years and would love to get back to it someday, as it helped me further remember the joy of being able to create something. Awakening our creativity is another key to creating the life we wish to manifest. Plus, looking back on the pottery, for me, it was connecting more fully with Mother Earth, which again, I didn’t realize then, but now I recognize why I loved it so much. I became more connected as ONE with Mother Earth by sculpting  and working with something from Her – the clay. I believe we are all ONE with each other, with Mother Nature and with Spirit. and we are also Spirit and Mother Nature. This is part of my authenticity, as I awakened to this concept through my life, and more so over the past decade. It delights me to have the deep inner knowing of how we are all connected and living our passions helps manifest what we desire for freedom.

Any type of creativity we enjoy can help us reconnect, revive and resuscitate our souls to help us move more fully into our soul mission. Mine is writing about topics such as healing, spirituality, awakening, transformation, co-creation, unity,and manifestation, among others, while helping guide others to do the same. The healing process is also part of moving into our authenticity to awaken and revive the connection to our true souls, our true purpose & our soul mission. Once our authenticity is revealed by reviving the connection to our souls it allows us to live more fully into the pure love, light & joy and ultimate freedom, which we all have as our Divine right.

Please contact me for guidance to revive the connection to your brilliant soul light!



Reiki Master, Akashic Record & Tarot/Oracle Card Reader, Intuitive Guide, Yoga Instructor, Ordained Minister, Co-Creator of Positive Change in The Wellness Universe

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Shine complete acceptance & appreciation on ALL Beings.


To create a World of Unity & Harmony we must practice completely accepting and appreciating everyone and all beings, including ourselves. Our differences are simply differences, and each person is learning a different lesson in life, therefore, our paths will be different. Being kind, compassionate, loving & gentle with acceptance and appreciation for the differences in all people & situations helps radiate the Peace each and every creature has as our Divine Right.

Nonviolence, or Ahimsa,  is one of the principles of yoga.  A better definition of “Ahimsa” is loving compassion towards all living beings, harming no one and no other Beings including ourselves. To practice Ahimsa it is very important to learn how to not be violent towards ourselves. To do this, we need to focus on changing our thoughts, words and actions towards ourselves into loving kindness & compassion.  Showing ourselves this love means to fully accept and appreciate ourselves, with our supposed “flaws” and all. When we think or speak poorly of how we look or perhaps say “that was stupid” to ourselves to a comment we have made, it is violence against ourselves. Therefore, we must correct it by canceling the thought and be loving & compassionate to ourselves, working towards changing our thoughts & words.  Remember, our bodies are listening to us, and take the energy in, as well as sending it out.  What we send out comes back to us – The Law of Attraction. So, focus on sending out what is good, positive & healthy for everyone, including ourselves.  Remember, we are a human manifestation of the Divine, which is pure love & light, therefore, we are also pure love & light. Our souls have intended to live this life, as a human being.  We are here for a reason, as is every other living creature.  To learn lessons and transform, awaken and evolve. It is important to note, a Human Being is simply one type of life form on this planet, so we must make a note to treat all living beings with Ahimsa.  Animals, insects, plants, water, etc, are all life forms and Beings with energy to which we can also show loving kindness & compassion, practicing Ahimsa.  If we are cursing the weather, this is violence towards Mother Nature.  Learn to accept the weather may not be what you would prefer.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you like something, it means you understand it is something that is necessary and simply exists in this now.

To be nonviolent towards ourselves and others, doesn’t mean we do not have any “negative” feelings, such as anger, anxiety or fear. It means feeling them with compassion towards ourselves, instead of lashing out at another. These feelings are providing us an opportunity to learn & grow, recognizing there is a reason within why we feel this way. Once we understand this feeling and find the root cause, we can begin to work through them, let go and heal ourselves. This is showing Ahimsa. Note that Reiki sessions can be very helpful in working through feelings, releasing them and healing yourself. (Please contact me if you would like more information at heather

Practicing Ahimsa is also completely understanding Unity and how we are all intricately interconnected to one another and all Beings, thus the concept we are all One.  It is knowing your neighbor, friends & family, animals and the elements share this world with you, and what you do to each other and to any being in this world affects them, and thus affects you.  We are Nature, and Nature is us. Work towards accepting differences and appreciating all for their purpose, even if it something which does not coincide with our beliefs, opinions and life. We, each and everyone of us, are all entitled to freely live our truth, soul mission, passion & purpose with Ahimsa.

This reminds me of the day when my Nana (paternal grandmother) told me how she felt when they had to cut down a tree in their yard which was causing dis-stress to the home. She told me the tree sap was bubbling and pouring out, like the life blood of the tree was bleeding out and she cried and cried for the life of this tree.  She respected all Beings and honored this tree with her tears of love & compassion, but also with allowing the wood to help others.  I recall my dad taking some for our home to help warm us within the fireplace, and they invited others to do the same. In this way, the tree’s life was useful again. This is Ahimsa. The tree needed to come down, and yet, because it was a living creature, it deserved compassion, respect & loving kindness in both life & death.  Using the tree to help others was helping to celebrate it’s life.

As we practice Ahimsa more and more, it creates a wonderful energy around us, radiating towards other Beings. It is similar to the domino effect where when we treat others in a specific way, it affects them, and they in turn can treat others this way. Let us create this energy wave each and every day by practicing Ahimsa. It helps create more Unity, Balance, Harmony, Love & Peace in our World.

Please visit the link below to The Wellness Universe, where my poster for International Day of Non-Violence on October 2, 2015, is one of the featured posters, among 19 others, helping to spread this principle to the world.  Please share or tweet this post or any of the wonderful posters found there to help spread the word.



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