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Shine complete acceptance & appreciation on ALL Beings.


To create a World of Unity & Harmony we must practice completely accepting and appreciating everyone and all beings, including ourselves. Our differences are simply differences, and each person is learning a different lesson in life, therefore, our paths will be different. Being kind, compassionate, loving & gentle with acceptance and appreciation for the differences in all people & situations helps radiate the Peace each and every creature has as our Divine Right.

Nonviolence, or Ahimsa,  is one of the principles of yoga.  A better definition of “Ahimsa” is loving compassion towards all living beings, harming no one and no other Beings including ourselves. To practice Ahimsa it is very important to learn how to not be violent towards ourselves. To do this, we need to focus on changing our thoughts, words and actions towards ourselves into loving kindness & compassion.  Showing ourselves this love means to fully accept and appreciate ourselves, with our supposed “flaws” and all. When we think or speak poorly of how we look or perhaps say “that was stupid” to ourselves to a comment we have made, it is violence against ourselves. Therefore, we must correct it by canceling the thought and be loving & compassionate to ourselves, working towards changing our thoughts & words.  Remember, our bodies are listening to us, and take the energy in, as well as sending it out.  What we send out comes back to us – The Law of Attraction. So, focus on sending out what is good, positive & healthy for everyone, including ourselves.  Remember, we are a human manifestation of the Divine, which is pure love & light, therefore, we are also pure love & light. Our souls have intended to live this life, as a human being.  We are here for a reason, as is every other living creature.  To learn lessons and transform, awaken and evolve. It is important to note, a Human Being is simply one type of life form on this planet, so we must make a note to treat all living beings with Ahimsa.  Animals, insects, plants, water, etc, are all life forms and Beings with energy to which we can also show loving kindness & compassion, practicing Ahimsa.  If we are cursing the weather, this is violence towards Mother Nature.  Learn to accept the weather may not be what you would prefer.  Acceptance doesn’t mean you like something, it means you understand it is something that is necessary and simply exists in this now.

To be nonviolent towards ourselves and others, doesn’t mean we do not have any “negative” feelings, such as anger, anxiety or fear. It means feeling them with compassion towards ourselves, instead of lashing out at another. These feelings are providing us an opportunity to learn & grow, recognizing there is a reason within why we feel this way. Once we understand this feeling and find the root cause, we can begin to work through them, let go and heal ourselves. This is showing Ahimsa. Note that Reiki sessions can be very helpful in working through feelings, releasing them and healing yourself. (Please contact me if you would like more information at heather clang@yahoo.com.)

Practicing Ahimsa is also completely understanding Unity and how we are all intricately interconnected to one another and all Beings, thus the concept we are all One.  It is knowing your neighbor, friends & family, animals and the elements share this world with you, and what you do to each other and to any being in this world affects them, and thus affects you.  We are Nature, and Nature is us. Work towards accepting differences and appreciating all for their purpose, even if it something which does not coincide with our beliefs, opinions and life. We, each and everyone of us, are all entitled to freely live our truth, soul mission, passion & purpose with Ahimsa.

This reminds me of the day when my Nana (paternal grandmother) told me how she felt when they had to cut down a tree in their yard which was causing dis-stress to the home. She told me the tree sap was bubbling and pouring out, like the life blood of the tree was bleeding out and she cried and cried for the life of this tree.  She respected all Beings and honored this tree with her tears of love & compassion, but also with allowing the wood to help others.  I recall my dad taking some for our home to help warm us within the fireplace, and they invited others to do the same. In this way, the tree’s life was useful again. This is Ahimsa. The tree needed to come down, and yet, because it was a living creature, it deserved compassion, respect & loving kindness in both life & death.  Using the tree to help others was helping to celebrate it’s life.

As we practice Ahimsa more and more, it creates a wonderful energy around us, radiating towards other Beings. It is similar to the domino effect where when we treat others in a specific way, it affects them, and they in turn can treat others this way. Let us create this energy wave each and every day by practicing Ahimsa. It helps create more Unity, Balance, Harmony, Love & Peace in our World.

Please visit the link below to The Wellness Universe, where my poster for International Day of Non-Violence on October 2, 2015, is one of the featured posters, among 19 others, helping to spread this principle to the world.  Please share or tweet this post or any of the wonderful posters found there to help spread the word.




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World Peace Day September 21, 2015

Start a peace ripple effect by showering others with kindness, love & dignity.

Help create the ripple effect! As we create inner peace, and continue to show others peace, kindness, love, compassion, respect and dignity, it radiates the energy out, helping to create a ripple effect to those you may not even know. Apologize to someone, help someone in need, donate to a shelter, smile at strangers, sit in solitude & prayer for peace at noon your time on Sept. 21 & light a candle and/or spread the word of peace in your unique way.

The more we each work towards cultivating our own inner peace through healing our issues to awaken, transform and evolve, we show the way to others.  We can then act in a peaceful, more loving way to each person in our lives and as we come across others in our daily activities. This creates the ripple effect!  When we act in a certain way, others can pick up this energy, then radiating it to others. Like a kindness act, being more peaceful to ourselves and others make both us and them feel better.  When we feel better, we act in more compassionate and loving ways more often. Continuing to do this strengthens the peace within, helping to keep us in a balanced state, further awakening us to our healing journeys, allowing us to transform ourselves and evolve into a wiser being.  Again when others see and feel these actions in us, it ripples that energy outwards to them and to others they touch in their daily lives.  Changing the World to one of Peace & Love, truly begins one person at a time.

Remembering we are all One of the Divine Light,as well as, unique expressions of the Divine Light, it brings us into the realization that what we do for ourselves, we do for others. Heal ourselves, helps others heal. Transform ourselves, helps transform others.  Being at peace, helps others be at peace.  What we send out, is returned to us at threefold, therefore, be acutely aware of what type of energy you are sending out, letting the energy be one of peace, honor, respect, dignity, compassion, kindness, love & light.

Members of The Wellness Universe have c0me together to help ripple this energy to the World in our unique ways.  Please visit this link and see the video and all the lovely posts encouraging participation in World Peace Day.  We would appreciate your comments on what activities you plan that day, and to help us spread the word by sharing, tweeting and pinning the page.  Let us all help that ripple of peace to become a tidal wave, covering the entire planet each and every day.


If you would like help on your healing journey, please contact me for more information or an appointment for Reiki energy, an Akashic record reading, Intuitive Guidance session or a Tarot/Oracle card reading.  I would be de-LIGHT-ed to guide you in any way I can!

One thing I always thought would be lovely is to instead saying “hello” or “good-bye” is to say “Peace be with you.” When I attended Catholic Mass, one of my favorite parts was when we would shake hands or hug and say “Peace be with you.”

Peace be with you!



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How Can Reiki Energy Help you?

Logo_Color_PNG_CompNameI’m ab-SOUL-utely de-LIGHT-ed to be featured today on The Wellness Universe. Please see the link below for the blog I wrote. I would sincerely appreciate it if you have a few moments to read and make any comments.  Or if you have had a session from me, a testimonial is always appreciated (submit by replying to this post here on NamasteRays.com).

For those who haven’t had a session with me, being  an intuitive,  messages and information also come through Spirit to me for you in many forms, during a session, so it’s similar to having a psychic reading.

As you may or may not know, Reiki is only one of my services.  I also do Akashic Record readings, Tarot & Oracle card readings, and intuitive guidance sessions.  Contact me for more information or to book an appointment today!

Enjoy! Namaste! Espavo! ~ With Love & Light ~ Heather


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Unity involves community, cooperation and co-creation. Slide1

The world needs more Unity. We have lived in separateness for a very long time. We have learned to feed the ego versus the soul. Many are more concerned with fear and lack, than the abundance and prosperity the Universe wishes to deliver. The ego and soul need be balanced, along with the energies of the World, of our Mother Earth. The soul needs to be in the lead, while the ego comfortably follows as an expression of our soul and personality. Many are more involved with competition versus cooperation. We need to grasp the concept of abundance, as we learn more and more to release our fears of the illusion of lack.  As we do, more prosperity will be showered on All.

We need to remove the illusion of separateness and adopt trust in togetherness & union. It is important that we all fully accept, comprehend and work with  the concept of community, cooperation and co-creation. To be a more harmonious and balanced world, we all need to learn how to function as a Whole, connected and interconnected with all of Nature – both Human Nature and Mother Nature, as we are both Human and Nature. Working in cooperation as One World community, co-creating a well-balanced, healthy and loving place to live is the goal light workers, light bearers and light warriors, who are all striving to manifest this paradise with each other and with All.

We need to release the need to be “better” or the “the best”, leaving competition behind as it harms the meaning of community and co-creation. Competition designed for play, learning and growth, is healthy, but to fuel the ego is not. Unity is all about community and sharing, because we each are one expression of the Divine, working together as The Divine. The world needs all of our unique gifts, talents & passions.  The reality of community is for you to share and give of yourself, while others will share and give to you. This is creating more prosperity, manifesting the endless amounts of abundance for each and everyone.

We all need to cooperate in our environments, learning to live in peace & serenity with each other and all of Nature. We need to recognize, believe and accept that co-creation as a team, brings more abundance and prosperity to all. We are all ONE, connected by The Source. The Divine is within us all and we are all the Divine as One. We are different expressions of Divine, yet we are all meant to co-habitat and co-create in Love and Light. Unity involves all of us understanding that we are all beautiful, wonderful and shining souls on our individual learning journeys, yet also interconnected on our paths to both learn and teach. Ultimately seeing the Light within each individual is the connecting factor. When more of us live in this way, the world will transform and ascend to higher vibrational frequencies of Light, Love & Peace.

Committing ourselves to the creation of community, cooperation and co-creation brings us together to manifest a beautiful oasis on Planet Earth, our Mother Gaia. This is a blending of everyone recognizing we are all the same within our soul lights to experience the heaven on earth. Co-creation at its finest is knowing one person cannot do everything, yet every person can do something. The uniqueness of every individual is then utilized for the highest good of All, each shining in our unique blessings, doing what we most love to do for ourselves and for each other in Unity, Togetherness and Wholeness.

May you awaken to Unity.




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Healing and Emotional Reactions

Emotional reactions provide a starting point where healing can begin.


Our emotional reactions are a key area to investigate to start the healing process. Oftentimes, when we have powerful emotional reactions to someone or something, it can be linked back to some type of trauma we experienced or an issue within us which we need to understand, release and heal. Emotional reactions can take the form of being defensive which can also lead us into knowing what we need to heal within ourselves.

For instance, if we become upset if someone isn’t listening to us, it may be that we don’t feel as if anyone has ever listened to us, or that we don’t appear to be important to them. However, we can examine ourselves as to why we are having this reaction. This allows us to start determining the root cause of our own issue. We may ask ourselves “Have we done this to others, so we feel guilty?” Or perhaps we grew up with others telling us we didn’t know what we were talking about, so we didn’t feel important, and perhaps still feel that way. Or something else entirely. I know I was told growing up by certain people, I didn’t know what I was talking about. I know now, what I said was due to my intuitive abilities picking up on how others felt and speaking it. They weren’t ready to reveal it to me, let alone, reveal it to themselves and thus told me I didn’t know anything. When I realized this later in life, it truly explained quite a bit to me about myself and my intuition. When we recognize the issue, we can then work through it, going within to fully understand and release it. This is where healing begins. Healing continues as we run into similar situations and recognize our emotional reactions as our own issues more quickly to then release the emotion and keep healing.

Another emotional learning experience for me was that I would become upset when others didn’t show up at the designated time, or I would end up waiting on someone for some reason.  It was always very irritating to me and at times I would become defensive if someone else pointed it out to me.  I finally realized it was because I didn’t feel others were respecting my feelings and my time. I was always being overly flexible for others, who weren’t being that way for me. Or at least it didn’t appear to be that way, as what we see and perceive can be two totally different things.  Our perceptions of our lives within our experiences become our beliefs which create our reality (see my blog “Beliefs Create Reality” for more information). My experience was most people were late.  My perception was because they didn’t respect my time and feelings, which created my reality that I was always flexible with others and they weren’t with me. When I started to really dig deep into why I felt this way, I realized I wasn’t being flexible enough with myself.  My issue was that I needed to learn how to be more flexible with my own time and feelings. I needed to spend more time doing things and helping myself. I actually love helping and guiding others in any way I can yet, I finally accepted that I needed to help and guide myself more, and thus released the perception I carried, and healed from past hurts that others weren’t respecting my time and feelings.  This actually helps me be able to help & guide others more meaningfully and in proper timing. This was a layer, and other layers in different forms have also appeared, allowing me to learn more about myself, release more old issues and heal.

When we react defensively, someone is hitting a wound within us, creating an emotional reaction. It is drawing something to our attention which we do not like about ourselves. Sometimes we react defensively when we feel we aren’t being taken seriously or maybe we aren’t being appreciated because we think our feelings aren’t being considered.  Before acting defensively, we can take the time to think about it, since we do not have to react immediately or at all.  We can consider what the other person is saying and take the time to learn from it.  We can even ask the other person questions such as why they said it or did what they did.  This can provide us additional information into our own issues, as well as, into the other person’s life.  The other person may be projecting onto us, being defensive towards us or even blaming us for something which is their own internal issue to heal. Similar energies attract similar energies, therefore, at times and if willing, both parties can learn, heal & grow from emotional reactions.

If you would like guidance in helping to heal yourself, I would love to help you.  Reiki Energy sessions are a wonderful way to uncover, understand, accept, release and heal.  One on one sessions can be very meditative, helpful and healing, whether face to face or via distant healing.  Contact me if you would like more information.








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My Spiritual Awakening

DSC03734My first unique blog written especially for The Wellness Universe appeared today.  Please see the link below!  If you are so moved to add a comment, I would love and be honored to hear your thoughts.





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Morals are Adjustable

Sometimes we need to adjust the definition of our morals. Slide1

What are our morals? Our ethics? It’s what we believe is right. But, what is right? Is anything truly right? It may be right for you at that moment. It might be right for someone else but doesn’t ring true for you. Our morals and ethics boil down to what we believe to be true and are part of our values.  Our values are what we think, or believe, are important.

Our beliefs are flexible, mutable and shiftable. They are adjustable. As we move through life, meeting & communicating with more people, we have the opportunity to shift our beliefs, or our morals ethics and values. For instance, in some cultures and some homes, it is morally right to remove your shoes when you walk into the front door, in the foyer. It is believed it is the right thing to do. In others, you are to remove your shoes before you walk through the front door. Which is right? Is one wrong? Which do you believe to be true?  Do your friends, neighbors and family feel the same way? Has it changed over the years? Why is it accepted to keep your shoes on in public buildings? It is claimed it’s for safety.  Is it safer? Many ashrams, which are public, ask you to remove your shoes. They are not worried about safety. They ask you to do it for respect and cleanliness.  Are ashrams right and your office building is wrong? Or vice versa?

I remember growing up, my mom insisted we remove our shoes when we entered the home to keep it clean. She valued cleanliness.  Now my mom doesn’t care if you leave your shoes on. She still likes a clean home, but no longer thinks taking your shoes off is the only right thing to do. She even leaves her shoes on, because it makes her feet feel better.  I tend to wobble back and forth with my own home. I still believe it will keep the home cleaner, but to me I would prefer someone feel comfortable in my home, and some people feel more comfortable leaving their shoes on. And I’m okay with that.  I also like to be barefoot, but I have to agree, at times, my feet feel better when I’m walking around in my Birkenstocks outside or inside.

This same philosophy can be applied to deeper and more challenging ideas. Ask questions of yourself. Ask yourself what you believe to be true and decide whether or not you need to change your morals either based on where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Are you right? Is the other person right?  Does someone else have another belief completely different?  Is this person right, then?  Who are you with?  Does this make a difference in what you believe? Where are you?  Does this make a difference?  Does another point of view based on similar or different circumstances or people feel better to you?  Because we have the power to change ourselves, it give us the power to change our beliefs.  Remember, they are flexible and shiftable.  So they can change based on the person you are with or the situation you are in.  They are mutable, which gives you the ability to flow with whatever feels right to you at that time.  And, if it feels right to you at that time, you can begin to see if it feels right in other future situations. Perhaps you will find you have changed your belief.  Perhaps you find your belief is not as stringent as you once thought.  Perhaps you may find you have completely changed your attitude. Perhaps you will find you have awakened to the aspect that you are not always right and someone else is not always wrong.   Questioning morals allows you to recognize where you are on your path is right for you at this time, and if someone else is in a different space, it is currently right for them, just different than you.

Our morals are a wonderful way to see differences in others, and accept them for what they are – differences.  No right.  No wrong.  Just different.  Giving ourselves the freedom to adjust the definition of our morals, ethics and values allows us the incredible flexibility to be open to all situations and experiences. This in turn lets us see them from a different perspective and viewpoint to once again see if we either need to change our beliefs or have already done so in some way. It allows us to be in the flow of life, as well as, be the flow.

May you give yourself the flexibility to adjust the definition of your morals.



Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Guide, Ordained Minister, Tarot Card & Akashic Record Reader, Co-Creator of Positive Change in The Wellness Universe





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Align with your Higher Self

Bring your thoughts, actions and words into alignment with your highest self.  



Your highest self is in direct connection with the Divine One Light and is part of the One Source. This Divine Light, the One Source of ALL, is called by many names, such as God, Higher Power, Allah, Spirit, Yahweh, Bhagavan, Mother Nature, among many others. All of the names are about living in Love. Love of Self, Love for others, Love of Nature, and Love in all it’s myriad forms.

The Divine Light and your higher self only want what is best for you in and with Love. Your higher self talks to you in your heart, asking you to Love yourself with every thought, action and word. When you are able to love yourself in all forms of energy (thought, action, word, prayer, meditation, etc), that type of energy is returned to you at least threefold.

Your highest self is here to guide you along your path, helping you learn and grow with Love. Your Highest Self, both One with and a Part of The Divine Light Source, does not want you to judge, compare, criticize or berate yourself in any way. It’s about accepting where and who you are, being mindful of what you need and where you would like to go, while using your inner power, Divine Light and Love to align with your highest self and the highest good for you.

Neither does the One, wish you to compare, criticize, berate, judge, or hate any other person.  Because, since we are all unique, yet all One, when we harm another, we harm ourselves, as then that type of energy is returned to us threefold.  And, this type of energy keeps us from fully connecting with our Higher Self.

All of this is why we need to learn to use positive thoughts, actions and words for ourselves and others.  This does not mean you necessarily have to like everyone you cross paths with, but it means to recognize the Light within them, regardless of their behavior, attitude or personality, which may or may not mesh with yours. Loving ALL means truly Loving ALL, while choosing the best people and situations for your journey. Those who support you, care for you and recognize the Divine One Light within you are the ones meant to be around you, where others are meant to be elsewhere.

By connecting to your inner self, you become more in tuned with your Higher Self.  Your Higher self is within you, wanting what is best for you each and every day and moment. Before acting or speaking out of a reaction, be quiet and contemplate how any thought you think, any word you speak and any action you do will come back to you.  If you would not wish another to do the same to you, then change and modify how you react.  Our feelings are meant to help us on our journey, and when we deal with those feelings in this manner, we are letting them go in Love & Light.  We may still need to speak our truth, but now your truth comes from a place of Love instead of something else.  It provides you the peace you need, ultimately leading to more joy and more Love and a deeper connection to Source.

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

P.S. Please contact me if you would like to explore how I may help you or if you would like to set up an appointment. 


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Responsibility for Self

When you take responsibility for yourself, your life will change.


Many of us are just “going through the motions” of every day life. We are doing what is expected of us, versus what’s truly in our best interests. From jobs to family, we are following the patterns of our ancestors. We may feel as if we are being “the adult” or “being responsible”, but are we? Are we doing what is needed only, without doing what we truly desire? Are we blaming others for our unease, discomfort, imbalance or unhappiness? Then we are not taking responsibility for ourselves. Yes, the bills may need to be paid, but if we are paying the bills with money earned in a job we don’t like, then we are unhappy and this is similar to blaming another for our unhappiness. We can take responsibility for ourselves in this situation by changing our attitude or changing our job. By changing one or the other, we are starting to take responsibility. We can see things more clearly. We can begin to discover what we would rather be doing to earn income. We can look for those avenues and follow them. The path will lead where ever the most energy is placed, and if we put that energy into ourselves, then our life will change. That’s what the path is all about – taking responsibility for ourselves and doing what we are truly meant to be doing because that is our passion. And, then, it’s not work…it’s living our passion.

How do we take that responsibility?  First, it’s important to uncover your sources of unhappiness and why they are there. This is looking within you.  Signs and signals include how you feel in any given situation with any person.  Taking offense at something someone says about you, being defensive or sulking about and not speaking your truth.  Speaking your truth is not being defensive.  It is simply stating your beliefs, and moving on.

Next you can ask yourself what makes you uncomfortable, imbalanced, uneasy and so forth…and why?  Does it make you uncomfortable to be around someone who appears stronger than you?  More beautiful?  More loving?  Why do you feel this way?  You can continue asking yourself in each situation what you truly feel deep within to reveal your issues.  This is awareness of the issue. Once you have revealed them to yourself, you can accept them, remembering acceptance isn’t agreeing, it’s accepting what is so you can adjust it, or change it.  Changing it requires inner work and understanding of why you feel that way.  Perhaps you feel as if you need to be right all the time.  Why?  Were you punished when you were wrong as a child?  Were you made to feel inadequate?  Were you not allowed to tell the truth of how you really felt?  Any of these scenarios can cause us to react in a poor manner towards ourselves or others when faced with a similar situation. Accepting this is the reason why, it can be changed by changing your thinking.  “No one is perfect.”;  “No one can tell me how I should be feeling.”; “I’m worthy of respect, honor and love.”; or many other statements repeated as often as you can.  This is taking responsibility for yourself and not allowing another who is having their own issues to affect you in a manner that is harmful to you.  Continuing this positive line of thinking with positive affirmations, intentions and statements throughout the day will help you to transform.  Awareness. Acceptance. Adjustment. Just follow those Three-A’s to help yourself transform!

May you take responsibility for yourself and live your passion.

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

For an appointment, please message me. ❤


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Mindfulness & Enlightenment

Slide1There is a recurring theme I notice in life.  It’s that we are not mindful as we go through our days. Once,  while leading one of my yoga classes, we were doing Moon Salutations for the New Moon. I like to mix things up after a few rounds, and sometimes each round for both focus and mindfulness. This particular class had three individuals who have done this flow with me many times. What occurred, was all three of them anticipated a pose I included in the last round, and none of them heard me lead them into a different pose at that point. All three of them are in Crescent Moon pose, and I’m in Warrior II pose. I joked that their Warriors all needed some work…and all three of them looked at me at the same time. They realized what they had done. They weren’t paying attention and being in the moment. This was an “Aha” moment. This is just one incident, but many occur to each of us on a daily basis.

Mindfulness allows us to focus on ourselves and can help us reach for enlightenment.

Mindfulness is being in your present moment without anticipating what is coming next. It’s allowing what comes next to flow to you. So many people tend to go through the motions without being attentive to the situation. Driving is a perfect example. While driving, many are paying more attention to distractions such as the radio, the cell phone, other car occupants, or thinking about their “to-do” list. Yet, driving requires mindfulness. If you aren’t paying attention to driving, you might hit another car, or you might run a stop sign, or worse, hurt yourself or someone else.  Another example is when we are rushing through a chore or are running late, and we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing, and we either fall down, run into something or harm ourselves in some other way.  It’s important to slow down, breathe and be very aware of what you are doing to avoid causing harm, but also to learn something new.

Mindfulness is many things, as well. It’s being attentive to each moment, action, feeling and thought. It’s ensuring you know exactly what is happening around you and within you, without judging or comparing. It’s being completely aware and focused in the present moment without worrying about the future or repeating your past. Mindfulness is not allowing yourself to be distracted by outside forces, people, events or situations. Mindfulness allows you to focus solely on you and the purpose at hand. Mindfulness can then lead to enlightenment as you recognize what is happening within you. You can then be aware of a feeling that crops up repeatedly or a situation and you can attend to it. I’ve recently recognized through a healing session I had with my healing friends that I have hips which are rounded in. I’ve been to chiropractors and not one ever mentioned this to me. Perhaps I wasn’t ready for that message yet.  But, the hips have been causing my lower back tightness, and this area, front & back, is the sacral chakra. The message for me was very profound physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I learned  something that I didn’t realize I was still carrying around for the past two decades or so…from previous lifetimes! Being mindful of my hips, and connecting this to the message has allowed me to release some cords for healing….mind, body & soul…very enlightening.

May you practice mindfulness in your life and reach for your enlightened self!

Namaste! Espavo!




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