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Beliefs Create Reality

Everything in your life is the reality you created by your beliefs & experiences.




If you wish to change your reality, change your beliefs. Changing our beliefs involves investigating why we have those beliefs and where they began. Opening yourself up to other beliefs from different people, cultures and countries helps you understand other beliefs to see if that belief resonates with you. Changing your beliefs incorporates questioning the similarities and differences of your beliefs and another’s.

Changing your reality is looking at your experiences in a different way.

If you believe a situation was intended to be harmful, it will be. If you believe that same situation was intended to be helpful, it will be. It truly comes down to what you choose to believe which creates your reality in each situation you encounter. I choose to believe there is an opportunity to learn all the time for growth and wisdom. Lessons are everywhere, delivered in many different ways from many different situations.

For instance, last week there was a number of people outside my apartment making quite a bit of noise.  This happened late in the night, and it woke me up.  I immediately thought how rude and inconsiderate they were being, and I let it bother me and keep me awake until they stopped. My peace was disrupted. Interestingly, earlier in the night, we also experienced rain, thunder and lightening, which also woke me up.  When the weather woke me up, I didn’t think “how rude of Mother Nature to wake me up in the middle of the night.”  Instead I thought, “Oh, it’s storming. I love the sounds of rain and thunder.”  I allowed myself to go back to sleep with the sounds of the storm. My peace was not disrupted.

Since I believe the storm was soothing sounds, I was able to go back to sleep. With the people, my belief was they were being rude and inconsiderate, as people should be quiet at night.  Looking back, I didn’t think Mother Nature was waking me up on purpose. But my belief stemmed from my experience growing up and being told to stay quiet at night. Therefore, I blamed the people that I couldn’t fall back asleep.  Was it their fault? Were they really purposely waking me up any more than Mother Nature was?  Of course not.  They were having fun. Both times I woke up it was due to noise.  I labeled the noises as different due to my beliefs and experiences growing up.  I was able to remove my focus of staying awake with Mother Nature, to remain at peace for sleeping. I could have chosen to do the same with the human noises, thus changing my belief that these people were keeping me awake, thus changing my experience and reality of that night.  I still believe it is best for me to stay quiet at night to be in rhythm with nature and I would hope others feel the same way. But, I do not have control over others, just myself. I can choose not to be affected when other people are not being quiet, which creates a different reality for me. It allows me to keep my peace & quiet in my mind. That is the lesson. I also find it very interesting, helpful & coincidental that both Mother Nature and Human Nature woke me that night.

This lesson can be applied to many situations in life. It is important to ask yourself what you are choosing as your reality based on your beliefs and experiences, especially when something or someone is upsetting you in some fashion. Discovering and understanding the differences and similarities of beliefs can lead you into a new reality. From our views of society to religion to government and beyond, recognizing how our beliefs and experiences have shaped our lives can allow us to consider other beliefs and experiences. Truly learning the why behind our behaviors can bring us wisdom and lead us to a different choice, thus transforming our reality to more love, peace & joy.

May you view life as learning lessons for growth & wisdom.






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Thoughts Shape Reality

Be mindful of your thoughts as they are shaping your reality.

Slide1Our minds are extremely powerful tools in creating our lives. If we continue to think we are not enough, we won’t be. If we obsess about not being beautiful, we won’t appear that way to others. If we don’t think we have enough money, we won’t. If we worry about getting sick, we can become sick. Thoughts are energy and they are sending the energy into the universe, and the Universe is sending it back to you without judgement or labeling the thoughts as good or bad. Only humans attach labels to people, things, situations and experiences. Like attracts like, and it is the same with energy, and since your thoughts are energy, you are attracting that same energy back to you, creating and shaping your reality. This is the Law of Attraction at work. Change your thoughts, change your reality.

It’s important to create our reality the way we wish to see it.  If we wish to see more peace, think about more peaceful situations, things, people and experiences.  If we wish to see more love, think about more loving people and ways to be more loving. Shaping our reality by thought energy is simply changing the way we look at things. In this image, some may see an old bent tree.  Some will see the beauty in the bark, the way the roots are holding strong or the way the tree is making the best of it’s living space. All realities exist, but it comes down to the one you wish to see, what perspective you wish to take and how you want your reality to be created.  What we send out, comes back to us.

Be mindful of what you are sending out to the universe in thought form, and only send out what it is you wish to be returned to you.

If there is a difficult person in your life, and all you can think about is how angry this person is, or perhaps how mean they are being, or wrong or whatever the case may be, this is the type of energy you are feeling and creating in your life.  You are creating more scenarios in which other people with these types of feelings or traits appear in your life. Instead, consider the possibilities they are not who you think they are to be.  Consider they have had a traumatic life and do not know how to heal or change themselves.  Many scenarios exist in all our lives, and with many people, we do not know what type of life they have lived to bring them to where they are today and how they are coming across. Compassion and understanding is needed.  You may not be able to help them physically, but you can send them thoughts of love and light, helping their soul.  And, in return, the universe sends you compassion, understanding, loving people to help you in some fashion.

Realize what you think is the world you live in.

Recognize that we can either think in loving peaceful terms, or compassionate kind terms.  We can think something completely opposite.  Whatever we think of the world is the way the world appears to us.  We can think the world is a wonderful place to be, full of wonder & magic. Or something else.  We can think there is more loving people in the world or not.  It’s all up to you to create your reality.  This is what it means to create your life with your thoughts. We all live in the same world, but it’s our thoughts which create our view of the world, thus creating our reality. The more we send out positive thoughts, the more the Universe ,through the Law of Attraction, will send us positive people, situations, resources and experiences.

Manifesting with your thoughts is another step towards creating your dream life and living your passion, purpose & soul mission.

It takes practice to keep our thoughts positive.  Therefore, if you find yourself having a thought about someone which you would not want returned to you in any way, state “Cancel” either in your mind or aloud. Then replace that thought with another positive one including and exuding warmth, love & compassion.  Use positive power statements such as “I AM loving.”, “I AM compassionate.” , “I AM understanding.” to replace the thought and cultivate more of that energy in your life, thus changing your reality. This helps to strengthen the positive qualities and traits, scenarios and experiences, and opportunities you wish to manifest in your life. As you work on changing your thoughts, your words will also begin to change.  Words are spoken thoughts and more powerful energy. As you change both thoughts and words, your actions will change.  Your actions are also energy which needs to be used to help you in the best way possible. All of your thoughts, words and actions are working together, creating the type of energies manifesting in your life.  Begin working with the energies of thoughts to create your reality now. Your soul, and the universe, will thank you for it!

Send out into the world only those thoughts and energies you wish be returned to you.

Namaste!  Espavo!


Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Guide, Ordained Minister, Tarot Card & Akashic Record Reader, Proud Member and Co-Creator of Positive Change in The Wellness Universe



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Discernment is about recognizing and pursuing which of the endless and infinite possibilities are for your highest good.

In the Divine realm, there are endless and infinite possibilities. When we recognize this and are open to receiving them, we must also understand not all of these possibilities are best for our growth. Discernment is the tool we need to strengthen and use to help us understand our true life path and choose the wisest opportunities for our soul’s growth. Discernment is a feeling, and those feelings come from our intuition, which is our Higher Soul talking to us, guiding us to the best decisions. It’s removing the ego, and allowing our inner light being to connect with our consciousness to hear the messages. It’s removing guilt, shame, fear and anger to comprehend what’s in our best interests, and not those of others. Discernment is using our knowledge, wisdom, strength, courage and power to make the best choice for our passions, gifts and life journey.

Discernment includes being aware of those individuals in our life who are loving and supporting us, no matter what.  It is understanding who is helping us with true integrity.  Discernment allows us to determine who is guiding us in our best interests, who is loyal, who is truthful and who is showing compassion.  It then helps us remove anyone who is not for our highest good. This helps us surround ourselves with the right people for our journey.

Discernment also helps us recognize the lessons we are meant to learn, versus lessons of others.  It keeps us from wrapping ourselves up in other people’s issues and dramas. It provides us the necessary information to help those who are seeking out our help, versus choosing to use us in some way. This in turn helps us focus on ourselves, while helping others, which is very important in growing, learning and gaining the wisdom we need to continue on our path.

In our lives we will continually need to use discernment as we change, as those around us change and as new people and opportunities present themselves. The more we use it, the easier it will become to call upon it without effort. Discernment removes the ego and allows our souls to guide us, and this is always in our best interests. We are able to sift through those endless possibilities, infinite opportunities and people to choose the ones which resonate with our current vibration. Discernment is helping us remove judgement, using our intuition to move more fully into our spiritual path.

If you would like help on your spiritual journey, please contact me for a consultation or appointment.

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Guide, Ordained Minister, Tarot Card & Akashic Record Reader


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Spiritual Center

Slide1All paths lead back to your spiritual center,
reminding you to break free from your own restrictions
into growth and transformation.

Our higher selves are guiding us along our paths, nudging us to find and connect with our spiritual centers. Within our spiritual centers we are able to work though issues to help heal ourselves. Once we resolve, understand, accept and heal from any issues which crop up along our paths, it frees us from barriers we have either knowingly or unknowingly created around ourselves. Removing these restrictions brings personal growth and transformation, and ultimately freedom.

You have the power and freedom of choice, so your physical path may and can change, yet your spiritual one towards healing and growth will be the same lessons you are meant to learn.  Others may bring you the lessons you need for your soul growth and transformation, if you are open and willing to change whether you modify your physical path or not.  Or perhaps making that change was part of your journey towards a life lesson.  Spirit will keep providing us opportunities for what we contracted to learn before manifesting in human form in this lifetime. The lessons will  start as a nudge, and if we don’t learn, the lessons are a push, and if we are still choosing not to learn, we can experience a forceful shove, sometimes over the cliff.  Some may call this forceful shove hitting rock bottom.

In my life, I have recognized many lessons, sometimes after the big shove. Great growth is available to us from our deepest pains, and sometimes it’s the only way we can learn as we are not focusing on ourselves.  One of the lessons I learned from the big shove was relationships and trust, but most importantly, loving myself enough to not choose someone who was unavailable in some fashion.  Many of my relationships were with boys and men who were not on a healing path and it caused me heartbreak. I kept repeating this pattern until I had the huge Aha moment.  Now I have a lovely, open and compassionate man in my life and I’m eternally grateful for the choices I made, even though I worked through nudges to the big shove.  It was well worth it, yet, now I find myself more open to understanding when the lessons are coming and can act on the nudges.  My spiritual path is still leading towards breaking me free from any barriers I’ve created for the lessons I’m meant to learn for my highest growth & transformation. And as long as we are alive, more lessons will come.  The more we learn, grow & transform, the more wisdom we gain.  And, the more wisdom we gain, the more harmony, love & peace we have within us, knowing we have the power within us to withstand any challenge.

Look around at those in your life and where you are in your life.  What do these people have in common? How do you feel?  Where might you rather be?  The more we ask questions such as these, the better equipped we are to learn the lessons as they initially present themselves.  It also makes us better prepared for the next lesson, ultimately leading us towards connecting more and more with our higher selves…our spiritual center.

May you continue on your spiritual path to growth & transformation! 

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

Please feel free to contact me to learn how I may help you on your spiritual path.



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Peaceful determination

Slide1Many of us are constantly moving to get everything done, with very little time to ourselves.  We feel hurried, frenzied, stressed and ultimately exhausted from all the things we need to do.  This is a learned behavior handed down by generations before us.  At home and at work, we have been taught that those who do “the most” or “work longer” somehow are “better” than those who do not do the same thing. We have essentially learned we are not “good enough” if we aren’t exhausting ourselves in accomplishing…well what?  What exactly are we supposed to be accomplishing according to everyone else? What are others telling us that we must do to achieve some status?  More importantly, how do we feel about it?  How do we know how we feel about it when we are constantly on the go?  Perhaps it’s time to slow down with no excuses or explanations.  The energy of what society, family, work and friends tell us we must do is very agitating type of energy.  It’s time to get grounded.  It’s time to nearly stop, find the balance you need and recalibrate your life.  That’s right…YOUR Life.  What do you feel would be better for you?  What’s your heart’s desire?  What brings you peace?

Slow down, stay grounded and continue to walk your path with peaceful determination.

Everything does not have to get done.  It’s time to determine what’s most important to you.  Slowing down allows us to listen to our heart, hear our desires and move towards them. Slowing down helps to ground us.  Grounding brings us more peace.  The energy calms down. This helps us to see more clearly. The path lights up.  We recognize the path and with determination, can move forward towards our dreams. We are then able to open up to our own understanding & wisdom. We gain emotional strength to do what we truly wish to do. Growing up in basically a middle class family, I did what I was taught.  Go to school, work, go to college, work. I followed the path I was told would make me prosperous.  And one day I began yoga, and found my inner thoughts. I grounded, I became more balanced, more thoughtful.  I began questioning the status quo.  I slowed way down. I found my peace. I found my inner truth. I became a Reiki Master, which opened up channels in me I didn’t know I had always had. I became more intuitive, more psychic and understood myself better. During this time, I met some of the wonderful people in my life I now call friends who helped me.  Some of us formed a group where we heal each other, support each other, and are working towards our own special healing.  Our first healing clinic is tomorrow. We are so excited!  We have all worked towards slowing down, staying grounded, and walking our path with determination, peacefully and joyfully! Do I fall back once in awhile?  Sure…for we do still have 3D energies at play (which I won’t go into now…but if you are interested, please let me know and I’ll write about it) as we move towards a new 5D energy which is loving, joyful and brilliant!  We knew we had to do this, and we’ve been working towards it with complete and total trust in our path. You, too, can do it! Let go of what you no longer want, detach from it, and walk your path! Slowly at first, and then watch how it all manifests exactly how it’s meant to for you.

May you slow down, ground, and walk your path!






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Reiki 101

Logo_Color_PNG_CircularfontMy dear friend, Sloan Rawlins, asked me for information regarding Reiki Healing and then included my words in her blog this past week.  I’m delighted to be have offered her readers this wonderful information and wanted to share it with all of you, as well. I recommend following Sloan’s blog, plus reading her book, “Taming the Invisible Dragon”, which I read and adored!   She is a beautiful soul full of experience and helpful information to help you on your journey to health & wellness.

For more information on Reiki healing energy and how it can help you, please contact me!

Please enjoy!




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Be Fully Alive



Viewing each day as a day to be fully alive in the moment you have allows you to experience every moment to truly Be.

The new moon today is a black moon, so named because it’s the second one in March.  And, it’s in Aries, which is the beginning of the astrological year. A new beginning.  A new day, a new moon and a new year.  For the second time this year, as the first was in January with the calendar new year.

So, today, let’s use this day to begin seeing every day as a new beginning to fully be alive.

If you choose to rest, be fully alive in resting.  If you choose to dance, be fully alive in dancing. If you choose to go for a walk, be fully alive in your walk.  Be fully alive in every experience to get the most out of your life.

How do we be fully alive?  To be fully alive, dive into your experience with gusto.  Be in the moment in mindfulness, being completely conscious of every feeling you have…each touch of a leaf or the wind, each sound you hear, each sight you see, each feeling which arises and each taste you may have.  Contemplate all these senses, and sit with (or walk with or lay with) how that makes you feel.  Then be aware of that energy radiating within you and imagine that energy radiating outward.  I love to do this with trees.  There is such a loving energy in trees.  Walk up to a tree, and touch it’s bark, the leaves and perhaps the roots.  Imagine loving energy pouring from your heart center to the tree.  Then be quiet, contemplate the love, and you will feel the love coming back from the tree.  Practice this with trees, flowers, animals, insects.  The more you practice this, the more mindful and conscious of all things you will be. This is using our senses to be fully alive.

When you have become accustomed to the basic senses and the feelings of this aliveness in you and around you, you can then begin to bring your intuitive senses into the mix. Start paying attention to the sounds and rhythms you feel or hear which aren’t noticeable from the main physical senses. Are you able to hear the music of nature and the universe?  What is it telling you?  Are you maybe able to see a bright light or shadow where there isn’t one seen with the naked eye? Are you sensing someone thinking of you only to run into them or receive a call from them? These are your intuitive senses become stronger, like the physical ones. You are becoming even more fully alive. You become aware of all the love & light around you and are able to send it out and feel it come back to you. Sending love & light to all, all will send love & light to you.  This is being fully alive. Every day…

Every day is a new beginning;

a time to learn and grown;

a day to discover and explore;

a day to laugh and dance;

a time to be quiet and listen;

a day to send out love & light;

a day to be fully alive.



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Relationship Mirrors

What do you see when you look in a mirror?  What do others see?  Most importantly, what do you see in others which reflects you?  As infants grow, they imitate the parents, older siblings and others in their life.  And most of us find this incredibly interesting and fun. Yet, when that same child imitates a negative aspect we may have exposed to them, it’s not so fun anymore. We are teaching the child to mirror us, so when they are learning, they are depicting what they see in others.  We then see the child form it’s own actions, and then learning to speak begins.  They also use words we use with them.  And, then as they mature, they find their own words.  This pattern repeats until we seemingly know ourselves. But, do we?  Have we discovered our true self?  We have also learned to hide traits which aren’t part of the mainstream, or are different than our “tribe”, our family, our friends.  But to truly find our highest, true self, it’s important to keep learning and growing.
Using our relationships as mirrors to our souls helps uncover and reveal our true self. 
First we must detach from how a trait in someone makes us feel and just observe. Detaching because we will see things which aren’t “fun”. Like a baby imitating others, just find the imitation, whatever it happens to be.  Detaching and observing, leaves us open to closely and carefully examine the aspect we’ve seen and mirrored. Without attaching any labels to it (i.e., like, dislike), we now understand something new about ourselves, or something we hadn’t before wished to see.  We have uncovered and revealed a trait to ourselves. This is the learning process. By then accepting this trait, we can either strengthen it, or change it.  This is the growing process. How do we change a trait?  Many different ways exist, but it’s a mindset.  It’s about being very aware about each and every thought you have and thinking about them.  Analyzing them. Understanding them. And, then changing the thought.  With practice, you notice you are having “that thought” and you change it, after awhile, you will find you have changed the thought…thus the trait. You have uncovered a part of your true self, changed it and now can reveal it to others.  Continually looking into another as a reflection of you with detachment and openness allows you to uncover your truths one by one, learning and growing into your true self. Your highest self. Your best self. Your authentic self.  Your true shining reflection of your inner soul.  Noting you are also a mirror for others, your actions are helping others to see something in you that is in themselves.  Their true self. 
May your mirror others to find your true reflection and shine!
Need guidance uncovering your true self?  Contact me for Intuitive Healing Guidance, a blend of energy healing and life coaching.





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Love Makes the Ride Worthwhile

Happy Valentine’s Day, Namaste Rays News Readers!

“Love isn’t what makes the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. JonesSlide1

To have Love in your Heart, means to have Love in your World. Having Love in our lives is not having another person to love you. Having Love in your life is about Divine Love within you, which you allow to flow outwards. Having Love is a state of being. Having Love is how you treat yourself and others with Kindness and Compassion. Having Love is showing Love to others, and not simply saying how you feel. Having Love is knowing that no matter what happens to you, or what someone says to you, you are Love. You are not simply Loved. YOU ARE LOVE. When you accept You are Love, you are able to feel Love all the time. Love from within, Love within others, Love in Nature. Love spirals within you and surrounds you. When you think, feel and act from the Love within you, you are able to more thoroughly enjoy each and every aspect of your life. You become Love. You let your Love Be. You find Joy in the smallest of things. You find Hope where it may not have existed before for you. You have Faith you are Who you are meant to be and Where you are meant to be. When you recognize You are Love, more Love is attracted to you. And, when Love is all around, Life certainly is more worthwhile. Enjoy the ride!

May you allow your Love to Be.




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Power through Choices

Do you often find yourself saying “I don’t have the time to do what I truly want to do?”  If you don’t have enough “time”, then what are you doing with the time you have?  Enough time exists for you to do exactly as you choose to do.  You make the choices.  You are in charge of your life, thus the way you spend your time.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. ~ Michael Altshuler

I found myself just yesterday telling a friend “I don’t have the time I used to have to do what I really want to do.”  After discussing it, she revealed she had said and done the same thing. She evaluated what she was doing with the 15 or 30 minute intervals she had, which wasn’t much. She would wait until she had enough “time” to do something, versus using those smaller intervals to do part of the larger project.  This struck a chord with me…loudly. I have done the same thing my entire life. I wait until I have “enough time” to do what I want.  If I feel it will take about an hour, I wait until I have an entire hour.  Instead, I could have accomplished it much sooner by using the 15 minute intervals I find myself doing things like checking Facebook or playing games on the phone, both of wish I also enjoy, but I was making the excuse that I didn’t have time.  Of course I have the time! I was making a choice.  Even for leisure activities.  I love to read .  I haven’t really made the time to read.  What else was I doing?  I was watching tv!  Well, turn off the tv and read! I did just that yesterday.  I was watching the Olympics in the middle of the afternoon. I turned off the tv and finished a book I’ve been reading for months!  I wasn’t reading it 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there, but waiting until I had sufficient time to read.



Making choices is the power you have to control your time…and thus your life. 

We all have plenty of time to do as we wish each and every day.  It’s about choices. Those choices are how we guide our life. What choices do you have right now? What choices have you made in the past and what choices do you wish to make instead? Which choices are the ones which will help you on your personal journey?  Whether those choices are reading for pleasure, playing a game, talking to a friend, exercising, working on your own business or any myriad of things, make the best choice for you at that time and FOR that time.   The opportunities present themselves to you, in time.  Be open to the possibilities…the choices you have, and control your life!

May you allow the choices you make to mold your time & life!




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