Morals are Adjustable

Sometimes we need to adjust the definition of our morals.  What are our morals? Our ethics? It’s what we believe is right. But, what is right? Is anything truly right? It may be right for you at that moment. It might be right for someone else but doesn’t ring true for you. Our morals andContinue reading “Morals are Adjustable”

Thoughts Shape Reality

Be mindful of your thoughts as they are shaping your reality. Our minds are extremely powerful tools in creating our lives. If we continue to think we are not enough, we won’t be. If we obsess about not being beautiful, we won’t appear that way to others. If we don’t think we have enough money,Continue reading “Thoughts Shape Reality”

Perceptions are Objective

Perceptions are an objective viewpoint. Perceptions are another way of judging and they are completely objective. They are a portion of the way we see without knowing the total picture, and can happen with miscommunications or mis-hearing. They are your opinion of another person or a situation, and they are not necessarily the whole truth,Continue reading “Perceptions are Objective”


Discernment is about recognizing and pursuing which of the endless and infinite possibilities are for your highest good. In the Divine realm, there are endless and infinite possibilities. When we recognize this and are open to receiving them, we must also understand not all of these possibilities are best for our growth. Discernment is theContinue reading “Discernment”

Responsibility for Self

When you take responsibility for yourself, your life will change. Many of us are just “going through the motions” of every day life. We are doing what is expected of us, versus what’s truly in our best interests. From jobs to family, we are following the patterns of our ancestors. We may feel as ifContinue reading “Responsibility for Self”

True Loving Friendship

True unconditional friendship and love includes honesty with integrity. Friendship and love without integrity is not true or unconditional. Integrity is the cornerstone of being your authentic self, helping to cultivate real and true relationships. It is about being honest with both yourself and another. It is recognizing in a relationship what you have ownershipContinue reading “True Loving Friendship”

Mindfulness & Enlightenment

There is a recurring theme I notice in life.  It’s that we are not mindful as we go through our days. Once,  while leading one of my yoga classes, we were doing Moon Salutations for the New Moon. I like to mix things up after a few rounds, and sometimes each round for both focus andContinue reading “Mindfulness & Enlightenment”