Through challenging and beautiful life lessons, I’ve grown, healed and discovered my true life’s purpose, which is to help others heal themselves, guiding them to find their true life purpose. As my journey of healing and transformation continues, I have been guided to share through the written word on my Facebook page and blog site, teach yoga, become a Reiki Master and intuitive guide. I also enjoy doing Tarot Card readings for clients. I AM an intuitive lightworker, and my former lives as many different types of healers along with many types of spiritual entities bring knowledge and wisdom to me, assisting in my gifts.

Last week, a blog I wrote exclusively for The Wellness Universe,  “My Spiritual Awakening” was featured.  Today, a different experience is provided by fellow member, Kimberley Jones, with wonderful tips on working through any experience, whether an immediate crisis, similar to hers as if lightening had struck, or a one which unfolds over time.

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