I contacted Heather Lang in early 2014 after I had a very severe accident with multiple injuries. Traditional medicine was not healing me and I was desperate for help. After discussing my physical and mental status with her I felt she really understood what it would take to heal my body, mind and soul. ~My first reiki session with Heather was nothing short of amazing. I went into it very open minded but not knowing what to expect. Within just a few minutes I could actually feel the healing happening in the areas of my body that were so traumatized. I remember tears of joy just rolling down my face as this healing continued. It was like I knew I finally had divine intervention. During this session my vibration level was very low and Heather was able to raise it and also describe to me in detail after the session what was happening with each of my chakras. I felt so much better after just one session. My energy was amazing and pain reduced. We made a plan for my wellness. Since that first session I continue to utilize Heather. She has a very loving approach, great listener, patient, caring and always on the mark with whatever life experiences you may need help with to move forward. She is truly gifted and anyone that has the opportunity to work with her will be truly be blessed by her gifts.