I participated in an Akashic Record Reading with Heather recently and found it to be extremely helpful and beneficial. Sometimes we all just need validation in relation to what we may be experiencing as we are indeed living in very interesting times where much is shifting, changing and more and more conscious awareness is occurring for ever so many. Our logic often doubts what we intuitively just “know” or we may be experiencing so much internally we just need to organize our thoughts in such a way that rather than them churning and muddying the waters we can still them and gain clarity. For me my session with Heather brought both validation of what I intuitively knew and confirmed also for me the course of action I had been thinking about taking was the right one for me to take. There were a few twists, turns and surprises in the reading, which also assisted me enormously. Thank you so much Heather, I greatly appreciated your time, your skills and the knowledge you shared with me, all of which enabled me to just get on with it, with ease. Namaste.