I have worked with Heather for years at our monthly Reiki clinics. It is amazing how she is able to see the actual energy and also see and hear any angels or spirit guides or loved ones who have crossed over who may be coming to help heal the client. Animal guides or totems may come in to the session as well, and it is definitely helpful to be able to receive their messages and guidance in addition to the Reiki energy. Heather is my go-to person for doing Akashic Record work as she can accurately get information from my records for use in my own spiritual development. Heather has many gifts and is constantly working to learn and develop more, yet she is humble and nonjudgmental. Her desire to help others is true and dear to her heart, and the first thing you will notice when you meet her. One can feel perfectly comfortable and confident when working with Heather in any of the healing modalities she offers.