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Better Yourself

Competition.  Why do we compete?  What is it that creates this need to be better than anyone else? To be the “winner”?  To be the “best”? What are you attempting to gain?  What are you attempting to hide? What are you trying to feel?

Our society feeds on competition.  This need to be better than anyone else.  To be the top dog.  The best athlete. The winning team. The better nation. And, we pay people who buy into the competition need. The best pitcher tends to get the most money on the best team.  The teams fight over who gets the best player.  The Valedictorian. The best employee. How does it make us feel when we are not better than someone else? Do you feel neglected? Unimportant? Fearful no one will like you? Anxious? Stressed? Upset? What is the driving need to be better than anyone else? Or someone else?


“The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Unknown

When we continue to buy into competition, we are fueling drama. We are fueling dueling. We are fueling our egos. We are judging and comparing. If we take that same energy and discover what we can do better today in our own being, we then can create inner joy & love of ourselves.  This inner joy & love then radiates outwards. We then become a magnet for more abundance in our lives. More love & joy.  We are working towards being our best self. And, when we are working at ourselves, drama stops. Fighting stops. We no longer are feeding our egos, but we are feeding our souls. This brilliant energy of Love & Light transcends and helps us ascend towards the heaven on earth we can share with others. You are not competing with yourself, you are bettering yourself. You are not fighting with who you were yesterday, you are accepting who you were yesterday, and realizing you are able to change that person for the better.

Like the Fire Dragon, let out your inner fires to burn brightly and rise above all that is not who you truly are at heart. 

By fueling our inner souls, we become better than who we were yesterday.Our hopes and dreams begin to manifest. Our wishes start to come true. The love we crave is found within. The happiness we’ve wanted is ours for the taking. It’s all within us. It’s not outside of us by competing with others. It’s encouraging others. It’s helping others. It’s showing others it’s more important to cultivate a more balanced and centered self.  It’s helping lead the way to a more balanced and centered society. It’s being the example of true Love & Light. It’s becoming One with the entire self, the higher self, the best self.  It’s reveling and celebrating the wonderful, unique, talented and gifted person you already are within you. You are simply changing from one way to another way and letting the higher self burn brightly.

May you use your energy to better yourself.




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Always include fun time

I saw this photo on my friend’s Facebook page a few weeks ago.  I saved it and, today found it again.  When I first saw it, it made me smile as I thought “this horse is really enjoying the snow!”  The horse was having fun.  Life doesn’t have to be so serious. To make the most out of life, make more room for fun!

Always include fun time in life no matter the weather.



The weather of life is chaos. There will always be chaos in life.  It’s is part of the balance in life. It’s a learning lesson.  To continue to be serious in all situations only harms you. You become unbalanced.  And being imbalanced creates stress, dis-ease & illness. Balancing our lives with more fun and laughter is truly a tonic to wellness. Making time for fun, doesn’t necessarily mean we must create fun time.  It means finding the fun in all situations. Grumbling about our situations, the weather, road conditions, work or others in our lives is a way to expend our energy. Why not expend our energies looking at the fun side of things and acting on them?

Snow days!  Remember how fun it was when it snowed when we were children?  Or being at the beach, and it rains as children?  What do children do?  They play in the snow and dance in the rain!  Why?  Because it’s fun!  They are taking the situation and making it fun. As adults, we need to rediscover this creative aspect to our lives. Is the rain really causing chaos to our “perfect” beach day?  No, this is your judgment of what you want to happen, versus going with the flow.  You are at the beach…there is water at the shore. A little more water falling from the sky shouldn’t ruin the day.  Dance in it. Swim in the ocean. Bundle up and go sledding, skiing, make a snowman or snow angel. Remember how fun this was?

When we can see the fun in all situations, we enjoy all situations and are happier. Happier is a state we all wish to be in.  So, why not make the choice to do so? Balance out the chaos & seriousness with fun. Find the happy medium between too much serious situations and fun ones. In this way, you will lead a happier life. You will live in a state of happiness.

May you make time for fun each and every day.





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Discovering Your Authentic Self


Will the real you, please stand up? Do you know who this person is? Have you discovered your true self?

Discovering and living your authentic self leads to trust, love and, eventually, incredible joy. 

Be the best person you can be, as you are the only one who can do it. When you reveal to others your authentic self, they can sense it. They can sense the truth in you. Because you trust your truth, they believe you and cultivate faith & trust in you. Your own inner discovery will lead you to inner depths of your authentic soul, which can be messy. This can and will bring up old issues we haven’t dealt with fully. But we must deal with our own messes – emotional, mental, spiritual and physical ones – to uncover the truth behind it. Once the truth is revealed to you…you can rise above it, heal it and realize the new truth. This new truth you now know cultivates inner trust. You now fully accept and trust in your beliefs, thoughts, opinions, actions and more, for as the old is removed, the new stems from your authentic self.

When you trust yourself, you exhibit self-confidence. Self-confidence is very attractive to others as it allows them to see the truth in your words & actions. Then you are self-confident, you love yourself more. This self-love expresses itself through the respect you have for yourself. The people around you notice this respect, thus the change in you. The true ones will be trustworthy to you…and those who may not be, will drop out of your life. Those who drop out have not yet come to comprehend your change, as you are no longer living their expectations of you. This does not make them happy or comfortable as they haven’t dealt with their own inner issues. This wonderful change in you is for the betterment of your soul journey. You must live your life to your truth. It is not possible to continue living a life others expect you to live. When you live to other’s expectations, it leads to unhappiness. Changing your focus to your life’s path through discovering and being your authentic self leads to a wonderful inner light flaring, bringing you incredible joy. This true happiness emanates in all you do. Since we all want the kind of trust and love that brings us extraordinary joy, it makes sense to go to your depths and bring forth the light of your authentic self.

May you discover and live your authentic life!

© 09/03/2013

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