Challenge Your Beliefs

Have you ever stopped yourself in mid-thought, and then thought “Why am I thinking this?”  Perhaps it’s an opinion, belief or understanding you’ve had that suddenly, doesn’t make sense to you anymore? Perhaps it doesn’t feel right any longer? About 14 years ago, 1-2 years after I was divorced, I was sitting in my churchContinue reading “Challenge Your Beliefs”

The Lion’s Gate 8.8.8

I wrote the following blog (see link below) about The Lion’s Gate for The Wellness Universe.  There is also a video by fellow member, Mitchell Osborn. These potent and powerful energies are to help us with our ascension by assisting humankind to manifest our dreams while transforming the world. Enjoy! Namaste! Heather

Find your freedom

It is Independence Day here in the States. For me, independence day is a reminder to free yourself. Free yourself from drama, from pain, from suffering. Choose to be independent and free by healing and growing. Drop what no longer serves your higher good and follow your passion. Create the reality you know is yourContinue reading “Find your freedom”