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Unity through similarities and differences

Unity is about embracing, understanding and accepting both similarities and differences.


To be in union with others doesn’t mean we have to be exactly like any other, mimic anyone or conform to anyone. It doesn’t entail uniformity. Unity is bringing all the similarities and differences together as One Union of Souls. It is combining the forces of each person to live a life of balance with each other. It is offering your gifts and accepting the gifts of others without competition. It is recognizing the beauty of another, and accepting the beauty of yourself.  Unity is understanding we all have different personalities and still seeing the Light within each one of us.

Being in union is understanding our beliefs, thoughts & opinions may differ from others, and they may not.  Differences are simply different, they are not better or worse than someone else’s.  Our paths in this life are meant to be different, therefore, where some believe in one type of religion, others do not believe in any.  Where some are of one political viewpoint, others have another. Unity is accepting all of this, and embracing it to live in balance, peace & harmony.  Balance is the key and one of the lesson’s many of us are learning whether it is balancing our individual lives, balancing our lives with our family & friends, or finding balance in our world as a whole.

Unity is the balance of bringing together both the similarities and differences. The differences of each person are intended to help us cultivate compassion and love for each other. The similarities are intended to bring us together to live in union with the uniqueness of each person. We were never meant to do everything all by ourselves, as we couldn’t possibly do it all.  We are meant to share, give and be with others. While one person sings, another dances. While one person writes, another reads. While one person plans, another executes. While one swims, another runs. While one faces east, another faces west. It is those differences which balance out the unity of the entire group, the whole entity or the community with the similarities. It is each of us embracing, understanding and accepting our own gifts and talents, as well as those of others. Unity is about sharing with each other for the betterment of the whole. It brings the whole together as One. It is recognizing the One is many, yet as many we work as One.

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
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Live your Life


Step out of other peoples’ lives and into your own.

Do not be concerned with what others are or are not doing in any given situation. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, loved one, or for that matter a complete stranger, we must disconnect from being involved with what others are choosing to do, especially when it causes lower vibrational feelings within us.  What are lower vibrational energies?  Undue stress, anxiety, guilt, manipulated, fear, hurt, anger, sadness, negativity, judgement, or any other feeling which causes us to feel imbalanced or uncomfortable.

When we are focusing more on others than on ourselves, we are missing the point of life, missing opportunities for growth and missing what it is our life is meant to be. Remembering we are all one, yet we walk different paths, allows us to detach from drama we may otherwise be pulled into. We are here to help others as best we can, but we are not meant to own their issues or fix their issues for them.  Of course if we are fixing problems for others, we are taking away their right to learn their lessons.  They may not choose to learn their lessons, and a choice is a choice.  Just ensure you are not taking away their power to correct an issue, learn a lesson or miss an opportunity for growth.

We are meant to do our best to guide or help someone who is asking for it, yet, disengage when our feelings start to become imbalanced. Remember, the other person needs to want to help themselves and do the work. Helping others or being concerned about others without creating havoc, worry or stress within ourselves keeps us in balance.  There are many people who truly are working towards bettering themselves through growth, those who are doing what needs to be done to transform who they are, what they do and how they act and feel.

If we start to feel another’s actions is lowering our vibrations, it’s time to let go and allow the other person to find their own way. Perhaps another will be able to help. Perhaps not. It is up to that person, not us. Sometimes loving and caring for another means doing it from afar without interactions with them. This is for your personal health and well-being. While you go about your daily interactions with others, ask yourself “is this my situation to deal with or theirs?” If you feel peace with the answer, you know you made the right choice.

For those of us who are light workers, guides, earth angels and givers, pay special attention to how you feel when interacting with others.  It is easier for us to get wrapped up in others dramas.  We need to understand when we are feeling someone else’s feelings versus feeling our own. We need to fully go within and determine whether or not we are living our life, or living someone else’s. The answers we receive to help balance us and bring us back to ourselves and our paths will leave us feeling lighter, happier, balanced, peaceful and in complete harmony.

Live your Life!

Namaste! Espavo!

Note: I’m available via phone or Skype for distance Reiki sessions, Tarot Card readings or intuitive guidance (life coaching).  If you would like guidance in any of these areas, please contact me at heatherclang@yahoo.com to schedule an appointment. Investment in you: $1/minute, prepaid via PayPal.


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