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Always include fun time

I saw this photo on my friend’s Facebook page a few weeks ago.  I saved it and, today found it again.  When I first saw it, it made me smile as I thought “this horse is really enjoying the snow!”  The horse was having fun.  Life doesn’t have to be so serious. To make the most out of life, make more room for fun!

Always include fun time in life no matter the weather.



The weather of life is chaos. There will always be chaos in life.  It’s is part of the balance in life. It’s a learning lesson.  To continue to be serious in all situations only harms you. You become unbalanced.  And being imbalanced creates stress, dis-ease & illness. Balancing our lives with more fun and laughter is truly a tonic to wellness. Making time for fun, doesn’t necessarily mean we must create fun time.  It means finding the fun in all situations. Grumbling about our situations, the weather, road conditions, work or others in our lives is a way to expend our energy. Why not expend our energies looking at the fun side of things and acting on them?

Snow days!  Remember how fun it was when it snowed when we were children?  Or being at the beach, and it rains as children?  What do children do?  They play in the snow and dance in the rain!  Why?  Because it’s fun!  They are taking the situation and making it fun. As adults, we need to rediscover this creative aspect to our lives. Is the rain really causing chaos to our “perfect” beach day?  No, this is your judgment of what you want to happen, versus going with the flow.  You are at the beach…there is water at the shore. A little more water falling from the sky shouldn’t ruin the day.  Dance in it. Swim in the ocean. Bundle up and go sledding, skiing, make a snowman or snow angel. Remember how fun this was?

When we can see the fun in all situations, we enjoy all situations and are happier. Happier is a state we all wish to be in.  So, why not make the choice to do so? Balance out the chaos & seriousness with fun. Find the happy medium between too much serious situations and fun ones. In this way, you will lead a happier life. You will live in a state of happiness.

May you make time for fun each and every day.





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Giving of yourself

At this time of year, I’ve heard, as well as, experienced folks talking about a sort of “lack” in their lives.  Money is a big one, as is time.   I hear it’s difficult to do everything and see everyone.  I hear people saying they don’t have the money to get many things for people, or anything at all.Slide1

Realize prioritizing and giving of yourself is the most important gift. 

So, what does this tell you?  What lesson is it? Perhaps it’s time to prioritize.  Prioritize your time. Or perhaps it’s necessary to understand this is not the only time of year you have that’s special.  Every day is special.  Learn to spend time with those you love each day be it a phone call, a visit or maybe a simple text to a loved one you haven’t spoken to in awhile saying “Thinking of you!” Ask yourself “What am I so busy doing that I don’t have the time for loved ones?”  Because, aren’t your loved ones special?  Aren’t they your priority? Doing “stuff” isn’t a priority.  The dishes can wait. The cleaning can wait. The TV, tablet and computer can wait.  Dive into your own real life.  It’s so much more important.  Remember, you are special, you truly matter and you are a priority too.  So, take a walk in nature. Do yoga. Meditate. Read.  Do something for you.

And regarding money issues.  Well…how much do you really need? How many people really need a gift? How much do you really need to spend on a gift?  Perhaps those same people would love a gift of your time.  How are you creative? Or maybe you have a special talent.  Write them a poem. Sing them a song. Play an instrument. Give them something of yourself. Give them a hug. Note what really matters is how you make people feel…and this is what they remember the most!  The gesture of a gift is nice, but a gesture of you helping them feel good is better.  As some of you know, I’m a Reiki Master & Teacher.  I can provide healing energy to others. I am also a yoga teacher and a life coach. I can even give these as gifts, and I have.  Think of all the ways you have been internally blessed. Be creative. And give of yourself.

May you realize you do not lack time or money, but have other resources & abundance to give!




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Live simply for abundance


Other than being grateful for what you already have in your life to attract more abundance, what else can you do?  First, ask yourself what type of abundance you wish to create.  Do you wish to have more love?  Do you wish to have more creativity?  Do you wish to have more free time?  Do you wish to have more calmness?

Living simply, you create more abundance in your life. 

I’ve learned the more simply you live, the more abundance you can have in all these areas.  Being more loving, creates more love, for instance.

If you wish to have more tranquility in your life, remove the drama in your life.  Drama creates havoc and stress, which are the opposites of tranquility. Just because others in your life are creating drama does not mean you have to join in the program. Listen, breathe, and realize drama simply accomplishes nothing. Drama is also complaining. What does complaining actually do?  It’s non-active. Do something active about the situation. This creates more abundance in your life because you are now utilizing your time more effectively.  Using our time more effectively is living simply.  Less drama is simpler than more drama.  Remember to ask yourself in drama situations “How important is it…..” and fill in the blank.  How important is it to participate in the drama?  Or perhaps the gossip? Live a more simple life and opt out of the drama.

Another way to create more abundance is to stop living in the past, especially when the past is causing the guilt and shame to stay with you.  This is excess baggage you simply do not need. Work on figuring out why you feel the need to continually feel guilty about something.  Once you have…drop the guilt and fix it if you can. Sometimes the only way to fix it is to ask for forgiveness from yourself. When we are carrying less baggage around like shame & guilt, we feel lighter.  Isn’t being lighter more freeing?  Isn’t being lighter simpler than carrying tons of baggage?

We all want to have “more time” as well. What can you stop to create more time?  How can you create more abundance of time in your day?  Get up an hour earlier?  Ask for help from the family on the household duties?  Make an action plan and stick to it?  Schedule time with family & friends? Schedule time for yourself?  Learn how to say “no”? We don’t have to be superwomen & supermen.  We simply do not.  How important is it?

Living a more simple life includes taking actions to obtain more abundance.  

Living a more simple life includes taking physical, mental, emotional and spiritual actions towards obtaining more abundance. Opt out of the drama. Drop the baggage. Gossip less.  And then…forgive more; love more; be more kind, compassionate and understanding.  When we are in a positive state of mind with love, kindness, compassion and understanding, the abundance which flows back to us is astounding.  When we realize how we are spending our time, we can change our frame of mind, our schedule and our whole Being to move towards the abundance we truly want.

May you create more abundance in your life by living simply.





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Heal first to manifest what nurtures your soul

Slide1We know thoughts are powerful.  We can manifest with our minds alone if we truly believe and have faith in ourselves and in our self-worth. Yes, we must take actions, but those actions must be in conjunction with the belief we are worthy of receiving the abundance the universe is waiting to deliver.
To feel worthy of abundance, we must first heal ourselves in order to manifest what nurtures our soul. 
Without first healing ourselves to be in balance with our higher selves, anything we manifest is only superficial. Can you manifest more money without healing yourself?  Technically, this is possible.  The question becomes…will more material goods fulfill you?  Do you believe the material goods will make you happy for the rest of your life? It’s time to dig deep into your inner spirit and determine what you think those material goods will give you.  Happiness?  Love?  More friends?  Will those additional friends be true to you?  Or might they only be true to the gifts you give them?  Are they trustworthy?  Ask yourself what you admire in others and what you value.  Those are the things to manifest.  And, we can only manifest them in our own perfect health.  Once in perfect health, we can manifest happiness & love.  We can manifest trustworthy friends.  Why?  Because we have balanced ourselves and we then attract what we exude.  We exude happiness, love, trustworthiness and more. This is part of your soul’s path.   Once you find what you need to heal, what you truly want in your life comes naturally…that’s manifestation at it’s purest level.  Like attracts like.  Love attracts love. Happiness attracts happiness.  You get the picture.  So, heal yourself and manifest more self-worth, self-confidence and self love. And you will then feel worthy of all the abundance the universe is waiting to send you.
May you heal, nurture your soul and manifest your heart’s true desires.
Namaste Rays™
Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master & Teacher,
Intuitive Healing Guide



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