Today’s SSA! July 18, 2020

Are you creating karma? 

I have said multiple times over the years to watch your words, thoughts and actions. What we think, say and do creates our reality, and it can also create karma. 

Negative thoughts towards others, whether we are angry or frustrated creates karma. For instance, if you say “you are stupid” or “you are crazy” or “I hate this…(insert person, situation, place, etc), all creates karma. This karma weighs you down, as it creates more of the same situations you have been experiencing. It creates your belief systems, thoughts patterns and more of the paradigms we then believe, which becomes our truth. 

Thinking in fear, lack or greed creates karma and creates that reality, as well, as that becomes your truth. Do you wish to live in fear, lack and/or greed? Do you wish to have a viewpoint that if someone doesn’t agree with you they are stupid? Do you wish to create more hated situations? Karma will give you more of the same until you learn the lesson and re-create your truth. 

Be mindful and recognize when you are creating karma and your reality. Remember, nothing is being done to you that you do not allow. Nothing can happen without you lending your energy to it. And, most people are not stupid, crazy, hateful, prejudice, cheap, difficult or whatever other type of “karma creating” experiences you have believed. 

Step away, change your thought, word or action. Recognize others have their own beliefs they may be reacting to, instead of acting another way which would bring more peace, love & joy. You have the power to change your life and create more peace, love & joy by your thoughts, words and actions stepping into the Light to “Become Soulfully Empowered™”.

Let’s stop creating karma and step into the Light. 🙏💖🌟~ Heather

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Bee

The other day after returning from a couple of errands, I opened my car door, and heard the buzz of bee. I didn’t see the bee immediately. I went to open the trunk of my car, and I could see the bee in the back window trying to escape. I turned the car back on, and opened the back windows so it could (hopefully) escape. Poor thing looked a bit frantic!

Bee asks us to examine our productivity versus enjoying the honey our endeavors provide to us and putting them into balance. Bee also reminds us to enjoy our labors and activities. These wondrous creatures are so helpful to our environment, because they bring us flowers, fruits and food (honey). And, when the nests are in the ground are better for the soil than even worms. 

Bee reminds us to create what you want in life. Their homes, are hexagonal honeycombs, and this shape is a symbol of the heart, and thus the sweetness within our hearts. The hexagon also symbolizes the sun and the energies of the sun, giving us beautiful Sun-LIGHT blessings! 

Bee lets us know our dreams can be fulfilled when we pursue them, overcoming challenges to build our best life, while promising us de-LiGHT-ful treats, as we pollinate our precious lives. Who doesn’t want that? Thank you, Bee!

May we all savor the honey of our lives! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

Today’s SSA ~ July 15, 2020

Today’s SSA! 

Divine Love will Unite us. 

When we all start to find the Divine Love within our hearts and souls, it can Unite us. The more who live every day in Divine Love, unconditionally, will find more who are living in this way.  

Divine Love is the removal of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration and so many other emotions that may be holding you back from experiencing your True Divine Self. Releasing and letting go of these old emotions, which are tied to the programs running in our minds which create them, can bring us into pure peace, harmony, joy and bliss. 

We each create our own reality through the past and past lives and the repeated patterns of behavior, thought and action. Changing this through releasing can bring you into this state of Divine Love for ALL. Through Divine Love, we Unite as One. We create a harmonious space within ourselves and those around us. The more who are able to step into Divine Love, the more we will ALL become enlightened beings living in Love & Light. 

I AM here to help others “Become Soulfully Empowered”, and this means releasing the old and becoming Divine Love. Reiki sessions, Akashic Records Readings and other energy work can help you if you are ready to step out of the old patterns and into a new reality. Are you ready yet? Contact me if you are ~ and let’s chat about it!

Let’s all Unite!  🙏💖🌟~ Heather

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Squirrel

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Squirrel

The other day while reading on my patio, a squirrel was walking along, and came very near me. He was almost as startled as I was, and just looked at me, while I looked at him. I sent him Love from my heart, saying in my mind that I wouldn’t hurt him, and he just then went on his merry little way. 

Squirrel blessings include remembering to have fun, and bring light-heartedness into your life, as you may be being too serious. So many of us could use some more joy in our lives, and sometimes we must create it. I find this interesting, as one of the ascended master I have worked with most of my life is Jesus. And he supports wisdom and light-heartedness. I was recently reminded of this, and suppose I need to also remember to bring more joy into my life each and every day. 

Squirrel can also be telling us to plan for the future, and while he hides his nuts for the winter, he doesn’t always find them in the spring, yet, he has just possibly created a new tree. Such a blessing when you think about how we must be reminded to plant seeds and those seeds can either feed us, or grow into something even more splendid. Therefore, we can work with Spirit to manifest, and Squirrel can help us to do this. 

Squirrel message can also be to work on focusing on one thing at a time. I know my thoughts can be all over the place! LOL! I have many interests, and continue to search for more knowledge and wisdom. Focusing on one project can be boring to me, so finding an interesting one to continue on, even if it changes, was a wonderful suggestion someone made to me just yesterday. 

So many signs and blessings from Squirrel and all around us. Take the time to notice and understand to help you on your soul journey. 

Have fun and focus while planting some seeds! 🙏💖🌟~ Heather

Mandala Energy 4

We have another powerful energy that I channeled into the coloring of this mandala! Felt it all over my throat and solar plexus areas, which is exactly what blue (throat) and yellow (solar plexus) represent. 

Our throats can be very constricted in this lifetime as in many lifetimes. I’ve done a lot of healing work on this through energy work and Akashic Records work, and am still clearing this area. We have all “Swallowed” our words or “bitten our tongues” and more so we do not say something that we may regret, as well as, actually said things we may later regret. This energy needs to be released to help us speak our Truth with kindness, compassion and Love. We have seen and heard a lot of people speaking their Truth at this time, with and without being kind. To live in a loving world, we must all respect one another and each other’s opinions and ideas with Loving Kindness and Compassion. 

Our Solar Plexus is our self-respect our self-confidence and our self-empowerment area. This I have also been working on for many lifetimes. When our voices are being taken away from us, or we are not allowed to speak, this can affect how we feel about ourselves. Clearing and healing this chakra helps us to take our power back. It helps cultivate more self-respect and confidence to empower us to move forward with courage and strength. 

And, of course the beautiful healing greens to help all of the above. When meditating with this mandala, use positive affirmations, such as “I speak with Love” and “I respect myself”, or feel what it is that you need to state, and tell yourself to let go of what no longer serves you in these areas. 

For more personal assistance, consider scheduling a Reiki or Akashic Records readings with me. 

May we all be empowered to speak our truth with Love. 🙏🌟💚💙💛 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Heron

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Heron

Over the past few weeks I’ve sighted this wondrous bird, and twice within three days. They do like to be around the pond at the back of my condo complex, however, they are rarely seen. 

One day while walking around the pond, there was a giant shadow that fell, and I looked up to see two herons flying in the sky. Wow…it was majestic. They are said to only be in pairs during mating season and to both tend to the nest for the young. Otherwise, they are quite solitary birds, and I saw one in a shallow part of the pond just standing there as I walked by. That area has a hill and some tall grasses in the pond, so you don’t really even see that corner until you come around the hill. It was slightly startling to see it just there, so close. 

The messages and blessings of these birds are many, and seem rather appropriate to me at this time, and may to you, as well. What struck me is the solitude of the bird most of the year. I have definitely been in solitude for most of the past few months. This bird symbolizes soul-searching, which I have been doing a lot of with all the time on my hands. It includes meditation, observation and introspection. I can check all three of these! You? 

Heron also symbolizes patience (and don’t we all need this right now?!), virtue and honor (both which we all could cultivate more of and live in this manner). Virtues like trust, integrity, morals, ethics, courage, compassion, respect, grace, humility, kindness, authenticity and gratitude, all are needed to be strengthened to bring us together in Unity. Divided we fall. 

Finally, I love that this bird also symbolizes prosperity. Prosperity is about a flourishing endeavor, a thriving condition, good fortune and success. Prosperity is abundance in all areas of life, particularly the areas we all hope for good fortune, like finances. But it also relates to other areas like health, creativity, clients, love and more.

May we ALL find these blessings! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

Today’s SSA, June 26, 2020

Be inclusive. 

I love this idea more than tolerate. Tolerate can have a negative connotation in my eyes. However, that may not be your connotation. Inclusivity, to me, is more about acceptance with Divine Love. Acceptance of ALL people, ideas, situations, cultures and experiences, and including all of these as just as worthy as your own, without labels. Remember, each person is on a different path, and therefore, will have different experiences, opinions, belief systems and ideas. 

On our paths, we may find we wish to change on behalf of something new we experience. We may change our mind. This is also acceptance, and it’s being open to the possibility that there is another understanding that may feel better to us, or feel more like a Truth. We can include this new as our new Truth, or even incorporate it into the Truth we have. I have found this technique quite helpful, and have always been very interested in other’s Truth. This has allowed me to expand my horizons beyond what I would have, had I just “tolerated” others. 

When we practice being inclusive, it allows us to be more receptive to any and all people, everything about them, and all that comes with accepting and openness, and yes this includes even those we do not resonate with. 

We each awaken at different times. We each have different ideas with what awakening actually is, and there are different ways of awakening to something new. Awakening is not being right, it is being able to see, accept, and recognize something else as your personal truth. It is observing, rather than absorbing. It is listening more than speaking. While it is okay to express ourselves and our Truth, we can also realize, a different Truth may awaken within us, when we allow ourselves to contemplate another’s Truth. We may not agree, and, that’s okay, but we need to include this other Truth, as part of that person’s path, and accept that we do not all have the same path. 

This leads to a better understanding, more kindness & compassion and Love for ALL. 

Let’s all be inclusive. 🙏🌟💖 ~ Heather

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