Today’s SSA, April 28, 2020

Your body, your health, your responsibility.

I saw an article this morning which I shared in which I said something similar to today’s SSA. It’s been hanging around with me, and made me think back to when I was newly divorced (16 years ago end of this month!), and my current chiropractor offered me a pamphlet about the foods we eat. I told her I wanted to lose weight and get back into health, as I had let it go during the drama with my ex-husband for those years. 

The one thing that always strikes me about that pamphlet, is that it talked about an orange “today” versus an orange of yesterday. And, by that, an orange of “yesterday” was grown organically, with organic means. Today most foods are grown non-organically. The pamphlet mentioned the “yesterday” orange had more Vitamin C, which I believe was 50 mg (sorry, this was 15 years ago! LOL!). Anyway, I do recall it stating “today’s” orange had 5 mg. Okay, folks, that is 10 times less. I started l purchasing more organic foods back then. So, when I hear that organic is so expensive, I think to myself…well, one orange may be 10 or 15 cents more per pound, but you only have to eat one to get a good dose of Vitamin C. How many non-organic ones would you have to eat? Isn’t that more way expensive, as you have to eat 10 of them? And, if you aren’t eating 10 of them, those Vitamin C supplements aren’t always the best type of C, and those that are, can be more expensive than organic oranges. 

Anyway, your body and your health are your responsibility. You are free to chose whichever orange you wish to consume. But, use conscious and mindful choices. Choose to consume what is best for you and what makes you feel healthy. One time someone said to me “Well, I’d rather have fun” in regards to eating and drinking whatever he wanted. I said “Well, don’t you want to feel healthy while doing it?” 

Consider that orange as a symbol of anything you choose to “Consume”. Choose responsibly for your entire body, which includes your mental health, your emotional health and yours spiritual health. Choose responsibly what you wish to consume in books, videos/movies and in actions. Remember, everything is energy. To feel good (energy), we need to consume appropriately. Consider reading inspirational books, or ones that talk to healthier eating. Watch educational items versus just the news every day. Go for a walk, do yoga, meditate, and more! 

Consume responsibly for your total well-being. It’s your choice! 

To your good health! 🙏🌟💖 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, April 25, 2020

Positivity is contagious.  

Look for the positivity in ALL situations, no matter how “dire” they may seem. I am one of the millions which was laid off from a great job, which provided me the ability to pay my bills, have food, give gifts and more. It was physical and tiring, but I still enjoyed it as I worked with a team and enjoyed talking to both co-workers and customers. And, I know many of you out there are like me. Many have other situations which are creating some type of “negative” thoughts, words and feelings. 

What is the positive in my situation, you ask? Well…I have been given more time to do things I enjoy. I have finished two books, and have a more to read, as I love to read. I also enjoy coloring, and have done several mandalas, some of which I’ve posted and one that I infused healing energy into the image. I plan to do more of those. I also love to write. As you have seen, in the past 5-6 weeks, I’ve been writing more, as I also love to inspire. I have also been doing more walks, exercising, and meditations, along with my own personal healing and ascension journey. This time has also given me more availability to talk to friends, and schedule clients! I have 5 clients in the next three days. I updated my website, which I’ve wanted to do for years. And, while we are living in this current reality (I won’t say new reality, because we create our reality, and this is not my new, this is my transformation time into my new reality), we will have thoughts, feelings and words which will not be positive, and that’s okay. Those types of energies help us heal and discover where we can transform old into new. 

The more I do things I enjoy, the more uplifted I make myself, the more positive I feel in my life, and the more light I can spread to others. When we see the positive sides of life, situations, people and experiences, we can be a brighter light, to lift others up in their lives. We can point out to others our positive outlook, and it can cause others to look at the positive in their life. We can smile at others while walking, shopping or even driving, as we also know “Smiles are Contagious!” And, when you smile, it actually can activate your “happy” hormones. So, let’s all spread positivity! 

Just keep smiling!!!  😃😄😁😆💖 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings

Today’s sun-LIGHT blessings:

I went for a walk outside today. It was sunny, but still cool. When I left, there was one other gal who I kept passing, and each time we would either wave or smile at each other. What a blessing to see a kind soul. 

I also saw two little turtle sunning themselves on an exposed rock at the pond’s edge. They were enjoying the sun! Turtles are a wonderful blessing, as their message is about staying grounded, and keeping your pace, and, it seems, doing what seems right under the current condition you find yourself in, as they are slower on the ground, but swim much faster. They are a feminine energy, and many of us know we are in a time of the feminine energy rising to balance the masculine energy. Turtles also symbolize longevity, as well as, awakening to opportunities. A wonderful message for us all. 

Besides the geese, which have been back here since about the beginning of March, and see all the time, I saw three cardinals and a blue jay. Cardinals symbolize renewing vitality and recognizing your self-importance. In other words, find ways to renew your energy, and know you are important in this world. Blue Jays then tell us to note the proper use of power. This is a very important message, as the understanding of “power” can be misconstrued as “control”, which is very different. Using our internal power, and knowing we are important helps our self-confidence and self-esteem, as everyone is just as important as the next one. This is a very important lesson and the lesson is the blessing! 

Finally a little butterfly literally flew right in front of my face. I’m sure we all know what that means!  But in case your don’t…it’s transformation. It’s transmutation and dancing with joy! From a caterpillar crawling to a flying, fluttering butterfly, we all have the capacity to transform the old and create a beautiful future, celebrating with joy. And, being Joy is such a blessing. 

What Sun-LIGHT blessings did you receive today? 

Love & Light! ☀️💖🌟 ~ Heather

SSA, Earth Day, New Moon and 4-4-4 portal on April 22, 2020

Remember, you are ONE with Mother Nature, 
YOU are Human Nature. 

Happy Earth Day on this very special 50th anniversary, WITH a New Moon in Taurus AND a 4-4-4 energetic gateway. WOW. So, what does all this mean? 

Earth Day is our Day to celebrate our Mother Earth, Mother Nature. What more can you do to take care of your Mother Earth? How can you reconnect to Nature? We must do our part to help Mother Nature heal, because as more people help, the more we all Heal, as Human Nature. We are not chemicals. We are Nature. Cleanse, clear, purify and heal ALL of Nature in some way, each and every day. 

Our New Moon is in Taurus. New Moons are beginnings and for setting intentions towards what you want as New in your life. Taurus is an Earth sign, it’s grounding, abundance, values, foundation. (And, it’s my Moon sign!). Let’s ground ourselves in Mother Earth, whether physically if weather permits you to walk barefoot, or hug a tree, sending Love to Mother Earth. If this is not possible for you, imagine yourself doing it. Imagine yourself outside walking barefoot on a wonderfully warm sunny day. Feel the warmth on your face, feel the soft earth beneath your feet, feel the bark of the tree as you send it love under your hands and upon your face. SEE the blooming flowers, SEE the water flowing as you walk around past a pond, river, lake or ocean. Imagine your most perfect day in your most perfect place, where all is in harmony and peace. NOW, intend for that to happen. Do the same for each intention you have, for your dreams, hopes and wishes. 

4-4-4 portal is an energetic gateway, enhancing our energy. It is enhancing whatever you are intending, connect to it, along with Mother Nature and the New Moon energies. 4 is stable, grounding, foundation, and Earth, and today is triple 4’s! How wonderful that this energy is here for us today! It’s serendipitous!! It’s Divine planning in Divine Order and Timing! Three huge energies all working together, for us, and with us, to manifest what we value most, what we wish for the most, in harmony with Mother Earth. 

Be a Tree! Reach for the unlimited skies (your most incredible dreams), and ground them down into your roots, strengthening them through growth, creating a stable foundation, balancing all of Nature, and BE the CHANGE you wish to see in the world. Create your NEW Reality. Think way outside the box! Imagine NO BOX, and you can create anything and everything. We can do this….we can make this Earth the most beautiful we have ever seen. Imagine it is happening right now, as your mind doesn’t acknowledge time, so the more you say “It is in my now” and Believe it to be TRUE, the more powerful it becomes and the more it manifests. 

Celebrate our Newly Created Reality in the Now! 

Namaste! ~ Heather

Today’s SSA, April 21, 2020

Release the need to control to find peace.

Where in your life do you feel the need to control? Are you demanding things be your way? Getting upset when things don’t go your way? Fearful because you think life “should” be a way you want? 

Let go…release the need to control. When we are attempting to “make things go my way”, we are forcing others to do what we want, or forcing a situation to happen that isn’t happening. Release…let go the need to control. 

When we recognize when we are in a need to control, we can stop, and figure out why we feel that way. Has it just always been that way, so you feel it should be the same as it always was? Are you being manipulative in some way? Are you using emotional manipulation? How about physical manipulation? Again, ask yourself why you feel the need to control it. Perhaps you feel you are losing control. Well, guess what…that’s actually a good thing. 

When we feel we are losing control, it actually opens us to releasing the need to control, we allows us to more freely let it go. And, when you actually can lose the need to control, a whole new world of opportunities opens up. I whole new way of looking at the world opens up. And, this is how you go with the flow. When you move with the flow of life, the flow of others, you can find your inner peace. 

We do not have to LIKE something to release the need to control it. We only have to accept it as what is right now, and then using that peace, find your new way in the world by asking yourself what CAN i do? What CAN I control? Well, you have probably heard others say it, and me say it if you follow me, you ONLY truly have control of you. You have control of your words, thoughts, actions and feelings. Yes, even feelings. And, when we truly believe this, the peace then flows. When we are in a state of peace, we help ourselves, as well as, those around us. 

May peace be with you! 💖🌟🙏 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, April 19, 2020

Coincidence and serendipity are messages for us. 

Observe and be mindful of your feelings, thoughts and actions when a coincidence happens, or something feels like serendipity. If you are thinking of whether or not to do something, call someone or even make a big change, while you are thinking about it, notice your surroundings. Did a bird fly by? What is the spiritual meaning for that bird? Did a song come on that gives you a phrase that answers your questions? Perhaps you see a sign while driving that confirms your thoughts. Note you only need to be open, not actively looking for a sign/message. 

All of these are messages from the Universe or Spirit, or even your own soul, helping and guiding you. Whether we pray, use intentions or simply think, we are sending energy out into the world, and energy comes back to us. Once we start to understand these messages, we can be even more aware of our thoughts, words, actions and feelings. When we are more aware, and open to messages, we will receive even more. And, you may even find answers “pop” into your mind out of the blue when you are not thinking about something you are considering. Or, you may find that in meditation, a thought occurs to you. These are also messages, and can be very coincidental and very serendipitous. 

Be aware and open to the messages you receive! 🌟💖 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, April 17, 2020

Your imagination is a powerful tool for creation. 

Use your imagination daily, and sometimes a few times per day, to visualize what you desire in your life. You can do it in mediation, or simply by “thinking” about all the things you wish would happen. Dream big….dream HUGE! Do not let your fear keep you from thinking “oh, there is no way I could get that.” Let your Trust in you and the Universe work to deliver to you what you do desire, and allow it to happen as it is meant to transpire. 

Remember, everything happens for a reason, and it happens in Divine Order and Divine Timing. But it is up to you to work with the creation of Divine Order and Divine Timing to create with the Universe. Your thoughts are powerful tools. Your imagination IS under your control, and you can imagine anything you want. Create a vision board if this helps you. Or, you can write it all down, like it’s an actual reality. 

For instance “I’m living in a beach house, taking a stroll along the water, seeing all the shells on the beach, the sandpipers moving in and out with the waves looking for treats in the sand.” Make it feel alive and as if it is happening, because your mind doesn’t actually know what is reality or what is another reality. You can create your reality by using your imagination, and truly believing it’s happening. Not that it will happen, but that is is happening in the now. Use if for health, love, finances, etc. Allow it to flow to you, without any doubts or fears. 

Imagine your healthy, vibrant, wonderful life! 💖 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA, April 16, 2020

Consider other perspectives before jumping to conclusions.

Many different ideas, beliefs and opinions are available for our consideration. Listening, reading or watching a variety of different thoughts can help us determine what rings true for us. We can ask ourselves if what we believe, is what we have been told through-out our lives, and whether we still believe them? We can ask ourselves if our opinions are based on what the majority thinks, and whether this is still our opinion? We can ask ourselves if our ideas are because our families or friends told us that idea, and do I still hold the idea? When we hear something, or see something, over and over again, are we believing it, simply because many have been reinforcing that idea or belief in our minds?

If someone doesn’t believe what you do/say, what is your reaction? Do you judge them? Do you think they are ill-informed? Do you immediately jump to a conclusion? Consider whether someone would do that to you. What if someone told you that you are ill-informed? That you have no idea what you are talking about. That you are judging someone?

It’s time to consider alternative options and determine for yourself if you want to research other ideas, thoughts and belief systems. It may be time to question everything. I started questioning much that was happening outside of me at first. But, when I started applying it to everything within me, things changed. The more I do this, the more life changes. I still question what’s happening around me, yet I question how it’s making me feel, and why? This is part of how we heal old wounds, change the way we feel and how we view the world.

Challenge yourself, question yourself and see what may change for you, if anything. Either way, it’s your choice. Remember, you chose to be here for a reason. You may just discover that reason.

Keep shining! 💖 🌟 ~ Heather

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Mandala Energy

This is the mandala I colored yesterday.

Pink, rose, purple and greens, infused with higher vibrational energies for you to use. When I started it, the energy just flowed, and I felt an intense heat, which I normally feel for intense healing for myself and with clients, so I channeled it into this mandala for you.

I used Pink for Unconditional Love, Rose for Love of Self, Purple for Transmutation, Greens for Healing Heart Chakra, Abundance and Overall Cleansing of all Chakras of old energies no longer needed. I left white space for openness to the new, as well as, The Divine Crystal Energy to help raise your frequency. This energy is available whenever you need it, and as many times as you may need it.

I would love to know how it makes you feel! Please let me know in the comments below, or email me:

What else can I help you with at this time? 

Blessings! 💖 🌟 ~ Heather

Today’s SSA, April 15,2020

You are an energy magnet, choose wisely. 

Remember, all energy you send out to the cosmos (Universe, Source, etc) is sent back to you, as you attract what you send out. If you send out fear, you receive more things to fear. If you send out love, you receive more love. If you send out worry, you received more things to worry about. If you send out hope, you receive more hope. This is one of the Spiritual Laws, the Law of Attraction, which we have all heard about. 

Choose wisely what energy you send out. Whether thoughts, words or actions, the Universe sends it back to you. Think about how you act/react to anything or anyone around you. These feelings also can help us heal a part of ourselves. Feel like you are being judged? Where are you judging and why? Go deep within to figure it out. I have done a lot of this type of healing work, and it does help once we have let go of the old wounds. Being an energy worker, I’ll do it for myself, but also seek help from others, as sometimes we need help to see our issues, so we can heal from them. Remember, we reflect what we see in others that is in ourselves, whether that is something we like or dislike. 

What energy do you want to attract? Love, Joy, Freedom, Peace, Comfort, Harmony, Abundance, and…? Feel it, believe it, speak it, think it and act on it. Radiate it out to the World. The more you do this, the better you will feel, the more you can attract what you truly desire in life. 

Radiate what you truly desire! 💖🌟 ~ Heather

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