Sun-LIGHT Blessings

Embolden and empower yourself through stillness.

Praying Mantis remains very still, waiting with great patience for it’s next meal. It is completely motionless in it’s hunt, blending into it’s surroundings, until the time it acts.

The world “mantis” comes from a Greek word meaning “Prophet”. And, we have the “Praying” which in terms of this creature, both looks like it is “praying” but it is also waiting for it’s “prey”.

Praying Mantis can teach us stillness, and in that stillness, we go within, as we still our mind chatter. Or, for some of us, we simply watch the thoughts as they come and go, not attaching to them, until we get to a point where the thoughts are simply not in our awareness, which takes practice. Our stillness is in prayer, meditation, focused intentions, or even sleep & dreams. When we “pray” we ask, when we “meditate” we listen.

When we can connect with our inner self, our sacred heart or Divine Core, we can hear the messages from our soul, higher self or Spirit. We can hear our own inner “prophet”, become our own “seer”, and increase our intuition and psychic gifts. Thus, we follow our own inner guidance, without “outside noise”. Then, we can act, on it, which is our “prey”. We all “hunt” or seek out what our true purpose is, yet when we go within, we can find it.

This powerful way brings us a boldness and confidence that we are our own best wise one. Yes, it’s okay to check with others, to seek other’s wisdom and knowledge through their experience to see if it resonates with you. And, how do you know if it resonates with you? It feels like Truth, and when in your stillness, it feels “right”, then you are “hearing” or “knowing” the message and guidance from your higher Divine self/Soul/Spirit. We are ALL ONE, even though we are ONE of the WHOLE.

Interestingly, the day I saw the Praying Mantis, I had just come back from my “power walk” (basically fast walking for exercise). During my walks, I tend to do my mediations, intentions and general healing for myself and others. Sometimes I get distracted by nature, or others on their walks saying hello, or stopping to pet a dog. I do go back to what I was doing, yet my strongest message is to meditate and so the healing and intentions work in stillness. I know I need to practice more stillness. Thank you Praying Manyis for this message!

Let’s all embolden and empower ourselves through stillness! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Ladybug

Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Ladybug 🐞

On my walk yesterday, I glanced down to ensure I wasn’t stepping into little crevices or holes on the path, and saw a ladybug on my right knee. At the time I was doing my walking meditation, including sending healing to the world, manifestation and creative visualization techniques. So, this little creature was quite the blessing!

Ladybug brings us messages of luck, protection and our wishes being granted! Her appearance tells us of new happiness and this is often in association of material gains. While we are spiritual beings, Spirit knows we do need certain material things to assist us while we are learning and ascending on our healing journeys. This I am quite tickled by, considering my current financial situation, and I have put my faith, trust and total belief in myself and Spirit, that I will always be supported, cared for and assisted along the was, even if there are bumps (or crevices) in the path.

Ladybug also lets us know our higher goals can be more easily attained (I do include “easily, effortlessly and endlessly” in my manifestation/visualization statements), while worries melt away. And, when we work on our wishes, dreams and desires, we must remember to aim very high, as we are creative & abundant manifesting beings! The number of spots on the Ladybug signifies the number of wishes granted, and this one had at least 9! And, that is awesome! It’s time for some new opportunities to see.

On the flip side, Ladybug warns us not to push too hard, or attempt to force our dreams & desires to happen. We must allow them to flow to us in Divine Order and Timing. We are not to limit our dreams, nor allow others to control us or dissuade us from those dreams. As, they are going to happen!

Let’s all dream big, and with trust, manifest them! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather Allow me to help you!

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Turtle

On my walks over the past couple of weeks, the turtles in the pond are almost always sunning themselves on a rock near the water’s edge. Usually there are two of them, except for yesterday, there were three. Two is the symbol of the Divine Feminine, and it’s also relationships, balance and cooperative. The three is creativity, birth and mysticism. Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth, longevity and new opportunities.

They can help with clairvoyance and clairaudience, which is fascinating. We all have intuition and psychic gifts, and some are stronger than others. My strongest is claircognizance, yet, these other two are becoming stronger for me.

Turtle can ask us whether we need to slow down or are we going to slow? I just heard yesterday that it seems more people are wanting to slow down, and many of us have been “forced” into a slower lifestyle over the past 6 months, while some have been “forced” into doing more. We all need to balance that out in our lives. Some days I am busier than other days, and I was definitely super busy more than 6 months ago!

Turtle tells us to think carefully about things before doing them. Therefore, we need to “go into our shell” and to reappear when you are ready to express and manifest your ideas.

We are also reminded that there is an abundance for all, and Mother Earth will always provide for our needs. Mother Earth has been here a long time, and so have turtles, so they can support our dreams in the long run.

Let’s all follow Turtle’s advice! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Butterfly Wisdom

Butterfly wisdom.

Butterfly Spirit has been helping me lately, letting me know, because I feel like I’m being turned inside-out, it’s similar to the metamorphosis of her. It feels like everything within is being “eaten” away, to allow the most Divine within to radiate over my entire Being. Transmuatation and Transformation. It’s my healing, spiritual and ascension work, and I’m delighted to be assisted and supported by Butterfly. 🙏💙

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Akashic Records Wisdom

Akashic Records Wisdom ~ “Signs, symbols and messages have been presented to you.”

For your soul journey, Spirit/Universe/God has presented signs, symbols and messages to you to guide and assist you. It is important to connect to your intuition and work with yourself to understand how to interpret the signs, symbols and messages meant for you.

When I work with my clients, I do assist them in how to work with your intuition and how to interpret and understand them. For instance, if you are thinking about something important to you while going on a nature walk, and an animal, bird or insect really grabs your attention, look up the meanings of it.

Another example is when pondering a question you have, ask Spirit/God/Universe to send you a specific sign that you deem, and request to see it several times. Such as, “If I’m meant to take that new job, then please show me a dragon three times in the next 14 days.” Choose something that means something to you. Then simply be aware to see your sign. Note it can be on a sign, in a card, in music or poetry, or social media.

Signs, symbols and messages are powerful tools to assist us, guide us and help us on our soul journeys. If you would like some assistance in understanding these messages or your soul journey, allow me to help you. Email me to book a session at

Let’s all understand messages to help us on our soul journey! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Reason for Reiki

Today’s Reason for Reiki ~ Can help you discover & Shine your Divine Light.

We all need to shine our Divine Light to the world. If you are feeling fearful, angry, depressed or any other energy draining emotion, it can dim your Light. Reiki can help you understand your feelings and help you to release the root cause. We all have these feelings from time to time, but if you become stuck in them, or they recur frequently, your Light becomes shaded. When this happens, it’s time to discover why to help you raise your energy/vibration/frequency to help you Shine your Divine Light. The more of us who Shine our Light to the World, the more we can lift everyone up into a more Loving and Harmonious space.

Let’s all Brighten and Shine our Divine Light! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA

Today’s SSA ~ Be honorable. Have integrity.

Honor encompasses being truthful, with respect. It is also about being proud of yourself, yet with humility.

Integrity is having high morals and ethics, and being this way even when you are alone.

Exuding honor and integrity is also about accepting others as they are in this moment, with kindness and love. It is not judging them for their opinions, actions, words or beliefs. It is recognizing we all have our own paths, and while they are different, we can still find our similarities by being honorable and having integrity.

We can rise above the 3D world and emanate the Divine Love & Light of the 5D, knowing all of this, and doing your own energy work to continue being a Divine Soul experiencing this human life you chose.

Let’s all be honorable with integrity in all interactions with everyone at all times, and with ourselves. 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Akashic Records Wisdom

Akashic Records Wisdom ~ “Patterns will continue until you understand and release them.”

What patterns do you have? What patterns have you learned in this lifetime from family, friends, society, schools, etc? What patterns are you repeating from past lives? All these patterns are to help us understand ourselves, as they are lessons we are meant to learn, so we can then release them and move on. Many of these patterns are old programming, belief systems and/or thoughts that are “automatic”, because we don’t even think about them before we repeat them. And, the more we repeat them, the more challenging they can become to stop.

An example would be things we repeat to others that an “expert” told us, such as a doctor, like “Oh, that happens as you age.” Does it really? Do you accept that? If you do, that is a pattern that will repeat in you, and you will then pass along to someone else, perhaps your child. And, this “thing” you may not want to happen to someone else, so why accept it? Those types of patterns are very ingrained in our society, because when we think about it, it sounds “right”. But, is it?

Another example would be why someone may always be dating the same type of person. Why do you have a “type”? I had a friend once tell me many years ago she thought her issue was that she always saw the “potential” in someone, so she was dating the potential, and not the person of the moment, and those types of relationships always ended, as that person didn’t measure up to the “potential”. That person may not have seen their own potential and/or did not want to for whatever reason. However that “type” is part of the lesson, and needs to be understood and released. This opens up the energy of future relationships to be different. The Akashic Records can explain many of the issues we are dealing with in this lifetime so we can understand them and release them. They are from our past lives and also from ancestors. Working with your records helps to remove the energetic cords within you to help you change your reality. I have more information on my website about how these readings can help you.

Let’s learn our patterns, release them, and allow the new, fresh energy to flow.

🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Beaver

Sun-Light Blessings ~ Beaver

Well, this was a treat! I rarely see beavers, and this one was along a road by the railroad tracks. I saw him after dropping off my parents groceries earlier this week. My Mom had just asked me whether I was going to move in with them, considering my current financial situation. (If you have been following me, you know I was laid off in March from the restaurant I worked at and they haven’t reopened the dining area yet. Yes, I have lots of lovely new clients, yet not enough yet to fully support myself…but it’s getting there! 🙂). It made me sad that they are so worried about me, because their worry affects their health.

Then I saw Beaver on my way home. His main message is about building your dreams. Well, that is exactly what I am doing, as I know Spirit wants me to be doing my healing and spiritual work exclusively (also knowing I need more income 😅.) Anyway, this filled my heart with hope, even though I was teary eyed about my parents. I realized my tears were cleansing away their sadness for me that I have been carrying around. I did cry for a good part of the evening, letting it all wash away.

Interestingly, Beaver is about water and emotions, too! And, close knit families. I have always been very close to my family, particularly my parents over the past 5 years, as they were the only ones who wanted to do anything on my days off from the restaurant (Sunday & Tuesday!). I know many of us are facing some potent emotions lately, and many are in a similar situation to me. I am grateful to have such wonderful, loving family and friends who have been there for me, and are assisting me in any way they can. 🙏

Beavers are master home builders, and I have been working on my intentions for my home, and my life, so this was quite a lovely message to receive, as well. And, part of my dream is owning a home (preferably on the Atlantic Ocean). Beaver shows up to help us create our most beloved dreams, and I’m more than willing to learn. I’m continuing to hold faith, and trust in Spirit, the Universe and myself to get to where I know I need to be. Are you ready to learn and trust?

My healing and spiritual work has been paramount these past 6 months, and truly helped me be peaceful and balanced in these circumstances and current normal. I’d love to help you feel the same way! Email me ~

Let’s all manifest our dreams! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Tarot ~ Justice, Reversed

So, I know I mentioned I wouldn’t be including the “Today’s Tarot” as part of my blog, however this message that came through appears very helpful, both for myself, and I believe, many others. If you do enjoy these, please follow my Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. Click on icons below.

Well, I many of us are all feeling a little bit of a setback lately! When reversed, this card represents this, in addition to being critical. Are you feeling more critical of yourself lately? This is also inequality, and I think there is a lot of that going on in the world, and has been for quite some time. But, this is also inequality of how we may be judging ourselves (critical?).

This is also difficult adjustments, which again, many of us are feeling right now, as we traverse this year of “clear vision”. The phrase “hindsight is 2020” comes to mind. As we look back on these past 5+ months and this year, perhaps more will come to light, as we work on adjusting to what our lives are in this moment. For it is only in the moment, that we can live. Justice, Reversed also tells of a loss. I know I’m still in my same position from being laid off in March, which is a loss. I have chosen to look at it as a blessing, as I have worked my healing and spirituality business a lot more. I know Spirit wants this of me, and my soul purpose is to help others heal. I AM an energy healer. Time to look at what you have gained. 😉

Another possibility is one of indecision…what to do, what to believe, what else needs to happen? Remember, we have choices, and we must move forwards with one of them. Currently, I have chosen my healing work, while looking for a position for supplemental income. We need to be merciful with ourselves, others and our current situation. When we truly believe Spirit “has our back”, and trust in Spirit and ourselves, we do not have to feel critical, imbalanced, confused or upset in some way. Feel your feels, yet, remember to learn from them and release them. I do have times when I feel angry, hurt, lost, etc, yet with my spiritual and healing toolbox, and with all I have done for myself, it doesn’t last long. Perhaps a couple of minutes versus days or weeks, like it did many years ago. I learn and look forward. This is a choice.

Let’s all choose to see our loses as gains, and trust that Spirit will help us through, as we help ourselves. 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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