Akashic Records Wisdom 9/2/2020

Akashic Records Wisdom ~ It’s time to access the ancient wisdom of your soul.

We are ancient souls, on our personal soul journeys, learning and teaching with soul contracts and connections. Within us, we have access to the wisdom of all of our past lives, our ancestors, and more.

Our Mother Earth has moved into a 5D reality, and the more we are able to release our karma and ascend, raising our vibration and frequency, we then have the ability to move into the 5D world, as well. What is this 5D world? For one, it’s living in Unconditional Love for ourselves and everyone here, everyone we have ever known, and all relationships we have and have had, across all of our lives.

What would it feel like to you to live in Unconditional Love and be able to access the wisdom of your soul? What would it feel like to live with this energy? Some of us have felt this energy and can access it, and you can, too.

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Let’s all move into the 5D by releasing past energies and live in Unconditional Love. 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Akashic Records Wisdom

Everyone is a unique expression of Light.

Each one of us is of the Divine Light. We are of Spirit, and in this we are united. Being aware of the Light within each of us, helps us to be more loving, kind and compassionate towards each other. And, like the individual rays of light from the sun, we are each our own unique expression of this Light. We are a soul living a human lifetime to experience humanity to learn, heal and ascend.

We have special gifts and talents to share and give each other to work in community. Unity, harmony and balance is one of all of Humanity’s greatest lessons. It is learning to recognize the Divine Love and Light within each other, while understanding we are each a unique creation. We are here to support and help one another through our own special gifts. Accepting the knowledge we are all of the One, and we are all a singular being, provides us the opportunity to look at the soul of another and recognize our interconnectedness.

Following our individual passions, desires and dreams allows us to express our uniqueness, to thrive in life finding and living our true soul path. Shining our brilliant Light in both oneness and uniqueness brings the balance & harmony to Life. It connects us in beautiful, inspiring and uplifting ways, replacing all with Love & Light.Allow me to help you with an Akashic Records Reading, to help you understand you, your relationships and your life lessons, assisting you to “Become Soulfully Empowered™”.

Let’s all see the Light within each other! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s Reason for Reiki

Today’s Reason for Reiki ~ Can help raise your vibration and frequency.

Remember, we are energetic beings, living in an energetic world. When we absorb energies that lower our vibration or frequency, we can feel “down” or “tired” or “sluggish”. These are energies like sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, and so on. These may be your energies, and they may not be, as we exchange energies all the time. If you are in a place or situation that doesn’t make you feel “good”, you could be feeling the lower vibrations and/or soaking them up. Reiki can help cleanse and clear the energies that are not yours, as well as, transmute away those energies that are yours which you no longer need to carry around. This helps raise your vibration and frequency.

During my session, I also work with color and vibration. I will raise your vibration and use light ray colors to help balance the energies with you (chakras, and in general). This will help you feel lighter and more energized. It may make you feel a bit “light headed”, which is just your body adjusting to it. It could make you feel sleepy, which is also your body adjusting to it, while using the energies provided to help with the clearing and transmuting. This is a part of how receiving Reiki energy can help you heal yourself.

Let’s all raise our vibration and frequency! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Deer

Yesterday, in my parents back yard, I was outside by myself for a few moments. In those moments, a deer walked from the front of the house next door through that backyard, and paused several times. It almost looked as if it was just strolling along, taking in the views. It paused when it heard voices coming from another home, looked that way, then continued moving towards the back of the yard. It was almost lazy in it’s wanderings. My mom came back outside and we watched it move between the bushes at the back and then up to the train tracks behind the houses. It actually went onto the tracks, and walked between the rails on the planks away from us. It was moving south through the yard and then east as it walked away, so graceful in it’s movements.

I remember walking those tracks when we first moved into that house, when I was 11. We found blackberry bushes along the way, and picked them to bring home. We just meandered. Back then, there were two sets of tracks, but now there is only one. Part of the deer message is gentleness and innocence, like young children. The mother deer takes great care of the young, just like our parents did. We always felt safe, cared for and very loved as children, never wanting for anything, even though we were not considered monetarily wealthy. I smile as I recall those times. Deer reminds us to live in grace, being gentle and finding our innocence once again.

Deer also is about new adventure, as myths talk about it’s gentle luring of hunters into the woods, where they then were exploring new places. And, train tracks used to be part of adventure, as we traveled that way before planes. So, deer can be telling us of a new venture, lifestyle or about a fresh new outlook being created. And,with a gentle, caring type of love, new opportunities can appear to us.

Also fascinating is the energies of the south and east in this symbology, which reinforces these messages. South is awakening the inner child, playfulness, purification, change, faith, trust and protection. East energies include creativity, new learnings, new expressions, birth, healing and communication. Many child-like qualities, and new outlooks. And, with my healing and spiritual work, all of this fits rather well into how my life is currently moving. 😇

Let’s all live with a soft love, gracefully moving into the new! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Akashic Records Readings for Help In Healing

Greetings! I am now a part of a new website, The Ascending Initiates. We are a group of healers, light workers, alchemists, astrologers, and more! We have taken a new type of ascension path, clearing karma with healing through an energy portal in New Zealand (see this website: alphaimaging.co.nz ) with two women who have created this path with the ascended masters. For those of us who have businesses and have passed the 4th initiation level, we are welcomed onto this new website.

I have written about the Akashic Records and how they can help us on our soul healing journey (link below). I thought my readers may enjoy reading this newest article on this topic, while perusing the website.

Thank you for being a part of my life here on NamasteRays! ~ Heather


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Mandala Energy 7

I colored this one yesterday for our New Moon in Leo. We still have this brilliant new moon energy for a couple of days, as it was only about 12 hours ago. It took about 4 hours, so there is a lot of energy channeled into this one. 

It’s to help attract abundance in all areas of our life. We have greens for healing, but also heart chakra based thoughts and actions. Green also for abundance, as many look at green as “money”. It’s also Nature, and coming back to our natural Being. 

The pinks are for Unconditional Love, and red for our passions. It’s re-remembering what we love to do, what fuels our passion and joy in life to create our lives.

This one is to help us utilize what we love to do, essentially our passions to create our abundance & prosperity. When we do what we love to do, and do it with love and the desire to help others, as well as, our selves and our families, the Universe/Spirit will provide us assistance and guidance, through our souls and heart centers. Follow the guidance! And, it’s a flower pattern….so blossom into your full potential!

My passion is helping others help and heal themselves and to “Become Soulfully Empowered(tm)”. Through my posts, my services and my meditations, I only wish to assist people on their soul healing journeys. 

Allow me to help you, help yourself! Contact me at HeatherCLang@yahoo.com to book a session, please share this and follow my blog.

Let’s all utilize our passions with Love to create our abundance & prosperity! 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather

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Today’s SSA ~ August 18, 2020

Today’s SSA! 

Open mindedness is not about forming an opinion, it’s about understanding. 

When we open our minds to others’ opinions, it is not to label that opinion, or judge it. Their opinion is not “right” or “wrong”. It is their opinion based on their experiences in life. When we listen with an open mind, we can understand how they formed their opinion. We can ask more questions, and once we fully understand, we can accept their opinion, even if we do not agree with it. 

Using an open mind will lead to an open heart. We have not all had similar experiences, and we do not know what experiences everyone around us has had. And, even if we do know, we may not have had a similar feeling, action or reaction about it. We may have had others around us to help us through, while someone may not have had that blessing. 

True understanding with an open mind and an open heart brings us compassion. It brings us into Unity, recognizing we are all Divine Souls on a particular path of learning, because of acceptance. With an open heart, we realize we do not have to change someone’s opinion, and we then know if someone wishes to also be open minded with an open heart, the understanding may lead to a different way of thinking or feeling. We may change our perspective, or we may not, and again, this is neither “good”, nor “bad”. It doesn’t make one person “right” or “wrong”. 

We all learn at our own paces for our own personal soul growth. We may begin to ask questions about a different point of view to help us on our soul’s growth, or it may be to help another, WHEN they are ready. Remember, we do not all have to agree, but to be in Unity with an open heart and open mind, we must understand and accept, allowing us all to Love each other, as we are all one Divine Love & Light. We are all branches of this Divine Light learning, growing and understanding our lives and lessons by ourselves and with each other. 

May we all cultivate an open mind & heart. 🙏💖🌟 ~ Heather 

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Sun-LIGHT Blessings ~ Angels in Disguise

Some times our blessings come from people in our lives. This week, while grocery shopping a ran into a friend who I used to do yoga with in the early 2000’s. Interestingly, I hadn’t seen her for about a decade or so, however, in the past 4 months, I’ve seen her twice. The first time in a parking lot at a local drug store, and we chatted for awhile. So, it was a surprise and delight to see her again. 

She asked about my restaurant job, and I told her that they aren’t opening the dining room until all the mandates are over, so,I was still in limbo, except for my clients. (And, I have gained some clients thanks to two other angels!) So, we chatted a bit, and then went back to our shopping. 

About 5 minutes later, she calls my name and hands me money and said “I’m paying for your groceries this week!” Well, I started to tear up, because she was being so understanding and sweet. She said “oh, don’t cry, my husband and I are well off (as I knew), as we had a very good business and are retired now.” I was so grateful, I kept tearing up for the rest of the day! It reminded me of all the lovely friends who also helped me when I first was laid off in March in so many different ways. I have the best people in my life!! 

And, what a blessing! Kindness and compassion from this lovely friend, who I was blessed to see twice these past few months! When we give and share what we have, the blessings do come. Sometimes we are the giver and sometimes we are the receiver of blessings. Sometimes they are small like that tiny grasshopper earlier this year, and sometimes they are bigger, but we must always count all our blessings, showing gratitude, and the Universe responds with the same kind of energy. (Yep, tearing up again!)

May your blessings be both small and big! 🙏💖🌟~ Heather

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Today’s Tarot

Today’s Tarot ~ The Two of Coins
(Back by popular demand!)
💥💥💥 Tarot SPECIAL, see bottom of post!!! 💥💥💥

This card symbolizes balance in material things, such as money or projects, perhaps multiple jobs. Interestingly, one coin has the sign of Capricorn, which is the one he is looking at intently, while he holds onto the other, which has the sign of Jupiter. Capricorn rules the material world, leadership, life lessons, and more. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and blessings, it expands whatever you are focusing on. 

The card has a rainbow, which is promise, yet he rides along on some turbulent waves. It represents the ebbs and flows in life, as we move forward towards our goals, wishes or dreams. We must ride the waves, and these can be life lessons, and when we learn them, we are blessed.

I find it fascinating this card came up today, as I juggle my world, building my business, looking for supplemental income and wondering if I will be able to stay in my home, after my restaurant job is still not back (they are keeping the dining area closed until all mandates are over). 

AND, also fascinating, today, I’m announcing a Tarot/Oracle card special! 

💥💥💥20 minutes for $22! 💥💥💥 

What questions do you have about your life right now? Home? Relationships? Career/Job? Allow me to help you ~ email me: HeatherCLang@yahoo.com & follow me: NamasteRays.com on my blog and social media.

May we all flow into abundance and blessings! 🙏💖🌟~ Heather

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Today’s SSA ~ Aug. 11, 2020

Today’s SSA! 
Make changes to bring your soul joy.

It is very important to start asking yourself what brings you joy? What makes your heart sing? What can you do more of, or create to bring and strengthen the joy within you? 

I have always enjoyed helping people, especially in ways that made them feel better. Whether dietary information I had learned along my journey, dream interpretation, symbolism, numerology, exercise, inspiration, breathing exercises, yoga, and more! Many people have said to me over the years “you really make me feel better”, or “I always feel so much calmer around you”. This brings me joy to offer these types feelings and help to others! 

When I was offered to learn Reiki, I thought “why not”? I had not heard much about it, but what I learned made me happy. There is so much Reiki can do to help others, and of course, we know that brings me joy! (Learn all about Reiki on my website: www.NamasteRays.com on the Reiki tab.) 

Learning Reiki boosted my joy, intuition and, of course, my energy levels. When I receive Reiki, my energy levels rise, but when I give it, they also rise, as do the clients’ energy levels. Talk about joy! I had a new client last week, who didn’t know me, never had Reiki, but had wanted to do it. He took a chance on me, after he read about me in a newsletter. HIs words after the season “WOW! I feel amazing!”. Yay!!! Happy, joy dance! 

Allow me to help you through Reiki or another service I offer, and together, let’s boost your Joy and re-discover what you can do to cultivate inner Joy!

Let’s all boost our energy levels and be Joyful! 🙏💖🌟😁 ~ Heather

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