I blend my Reiki sessions with any intuitive messages from guides, guardians, angels and more, along with any life coaching as needed.  The sessions can help you heal yourself, while creating more understanding, awakening, transformation and evolution to shine your most brilliant light. Separate Intuitive Life Coachings sessions available, along with Akashic Record Readings (Past Life Readings), and Tarot/Angel Card Readings.

With my Reiki sessions, you will also receive spiritual messages.  Learn more here ~

My past life readings are via the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a record of your past and all your past lives to help you understand your current life lessons. Read more here ~

Sessions available both in person & distance via phone or Skype! For more information, a consulatation or to book a session please send me an email to: or call/text me at 440-864-0156.

Akashic Records Soul Readings ~ 30 minutes US$40 or One hour US$75 

Tarot Readings ~ 30 minutes US$40 or One hour US$75 

Reiki Energy Sessions with Intuitive Guidance ~ 30 minutes $50 or One Hour US$88 

Packages available, please inquire.


If you wish to follow my blog, you will be included in the next monthly group Reiki energy session, given on the 1st of the following month. You only need to intend to be included to receive the energy when you are ready. The energy will then flow to you, helping you in any way you currently need for your soul mission.

I’m an honored member of The Wellness Universe! We are working towards bringing more Love, Light, Wellness & Positive Change to ALL. If you would like to co-create with us, visit the site for more information ~

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