Ultimate Freedom

Do you feel your life is out of your control? Perhaps all the time? Perhaps only some of the time? When we feel this way, our stress levels tend to increase and we can become anxious, or upset. These feelings do not bring us peace, nor do they provide us with a feeling of freedom.Slide1

When we learn how to take control of our own lives, we will know true freedom. 

Taking control of our own lives includes being aware of who or what is controlling you, and how it’s happening. Perhaps why it’s happening. For instance, if you are always available when your manager needs something from you, even though you must get something done for you, you are allowing it to happen. You are giving your control away and your power. Perhaps you believe if you are not always available, the manager will write you up or fire you. A simple question can begin to help you: “Do you need it right now, or can we schedule a time to discuss it?” This can also lead to a small conversation, however, you are taking control simply by asking it. Sometimes you will get a “no” and sometimes a “yes”. It’s practicing compromise.

Another way to help take control of your life is cultivating more acceptance of the current circumstance you find yourself in and not allowing your feelings to be controlled by another. Acceptance does not require you to “like” it. It merely requires you to accept it. When you are able to accept everything in your life…whether it is something you like or dislike, peace ensues. And, again, you feel freer, as you are not bogged down with anger or worry. It’s freeing to feel the acceptance and through this feeling, you can take control. You realize your own power in the situation. You can take control of how you feel, how you think and how you act or react. This also brings a sense of freedom.

When we allow others to control us, we are giving our power away. We feel “powerless” to do what we want and need to do. The only person you are responsible for is you. You have the power to control you. By continually using the question and cultivating acceptance of any answer, freedom follows. These concepts can be applied to any person or situation in your life. As you work them into all facets of your life, the way you feel will begin to change. You will feel more in control as you bring back your power. Then, you will know true freedom.

May you take back your power and discover ultimate freedom!

Namaste!  Espavo!


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Unleash your Power

Slide1I know I’m not the only one who has been mesmerized by the animated film, “Frozen”, nor the only one who has written about it. (For some reason, it hit me that I needed to write about it now, so here it is!)  So many wonderful songs, yet in particular, I adore the song Elsa sings when she escapes into the mountains to set herself free, “Let it go.”  This incredible story has captured so many for many different reasons.  However, the theme is about your inner gifts, talents & power. The “magic” Elsa has was hidden by fears from those around her, and then she adopted the fears, being afraid of hurting anyone.  She needed to be the perfect girl her parents thought she needed to be. When her biggest fears are realized, she escapes and stays hidden, although the timing of the song “Let it go” is perfect.  She is coming into an understanding of herself, yet is still struggling, as we all do, as we accept ourselves and learn our own hidden treasures.  And, yes they are treasures to be revealed, not hidden.  For like, Elsa, when she fully understands what her gifts are meant to do and how to be fully in her gifts, she is transformed!  Love.  Love is the power that is part of all of us which will allow us to reveal our treasures, our gifts, our talents, our power…fully in all their glory.  No fears to be had, for Love is the cure to fear.  Yes, Love.

It’s time to unleash your power. What gifts are you hiding?  Why are you trying to be perfect? What has been programmed into you that is ready to be set free? What fears are hindering your progress?  Why?   Are you ready to “Let it go”?  If not, why?  If yes, what are you waiting for?  You are the only one who can own your power and allow yourself to do what you are truly destined to do with Love.  Love yourself and your gifts.  The gifts you are given were for a purpose in this lifetime.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve come into my gifts over time, and didn’t think anyone would “listen” to me and my truths.  This is from past lifetimes, versus this one.  A learned behavior my soul carried from lifetime to lifetime.  In this one, I’m meant to unleash my power.  My truths. My gifts. My treasures.  From others, I’ve been told by quite a few my writing is helpful. Therefore, one of my talents is communication through the written word. I heard the messages I was being given.  So, I stopped hiding and started writing. Small notes, long notes and emails, and now this blog site where anyone who stumbles upon it can read my words if they so desire.  I’ve said to many over the past decade “I’m an Open Book”.  True…and another song in this delightful movie is “Love is an Open Door.”  This song has so many levels of meaning, it staggers my mind.  But again, it’s all about Love.  If you do not open your door, Love can’t come in.  Yes, you have inner Love, but by hiding, you will not experience it, as it is through sharing we experience our Love of self.  Gifts we give others, we receive several to many times over.  I share my beliefs, feelings, thoughts and more here and elsewhere, always with Love.  Love gives me the courage, strength, understanding & wisdom to share my inner truths.  These are my shining treasures I now choose to share, not being concerned about what others think.  For, this is my path…that is their path.  Perhaps the paths shall meet, cross or merge for a time or more, but I need to be concerned about my path for my soul’s journey. Those who resonant with me and like my path will find one similar and I’m always willing to help & guide those who wish to be helped.  That is another way I’ve unleashed my power.  I’m meant to help others, to help others heal and to help others unleash their inner truths, gifts and power.  Therefore, I’m not fearful of showing my power. If you want help answering the questions above and unleashing your power with Love, Understanding & Kindness, contact me at heatherclang@yahoo.com, or find me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/NamasteRaysNews.Sunshine and send me a note there. Healing energy and guidance are within your reach.

May you unleash your power!

Espavo!  Namaste!


Persistence softens your path

With persistence, you, too, can reach your goals!  Persistence is a thought, a feeling and an action.  Each small step you take in the direction of your true life purpose, which is your goal, is persistence. These small steps keep you focused, while also washing away each small obstacle in your way.

Like water turning rocks into sand, persistence will soften the path to your goal. Slide1

When you focus your thoughts on solving a problem, you are being persistent.  When you feel the joy you have in the solution, even if it is yet to be revealed, this positive imagery is persistence. When you complete a small task on your “to-do” list for your ultimate life purpose, you are being persistent.  To achieve our goal, our passion, our true life’s purpose, we need to understand we will not reach it in one large step.  That would be like stepping over the Andes in one step, or jumping the Grand Canyon in one jump.  Baby steps are the key to accomplishing your goals, to walking your path and discovering the journey your soul is meant to be on.

The path will be revealed to you as you investigate your passions and find your inner truth.  Someone asked me recently “how did you awaken?”  This question lit my soul on fire!  Talk about SHINING!  I’ve discussed parts of my journey with others and here on Namaste Rays News and my Facebook page, FB/NamasteRaysNews.Sunshine.  Briefly, I had a challenging experience with my ex-husband over 15 years ago.  I decided I needed to get healthy.  I went to yoga.  I noticed as I became healthier with yoga, I started to shine.  I worked with a health nutritionist. Others noticed and came to me with questions about yoga, health, dream analogy, and more. Someone once told me others would find me who are seeking guidance and help.  Come they did.  I began emailing inspirations, I started my Facebook page, I became a Reiki Master, I started my newsletter here and finally became an Ordained Minister as messages come to me from the Divine during Reiki sessions, yoga classes, life coaching and basic interactions with others.  I became a member of a group of healers, and having had our first healing clinic last weekend, we are excited and eager for our next one.  In this awakening, I’ve also learned of many alternative methods of healing, lifestyles and beliefs.  As I continue to move forward, I continue to learn and grow, in turn I am able to share more of my experiences and wisdom.  All of this has happened over the course of my lifetime, speeding up over a decade ago.  Yes, speeding up is a decade of time.  With persistence, my spirit guides have led me to where I am today.  With persistence, I’ve kept moving with positive thoughts, feelings and actions.  One small step at a time.

You, too, can do anything you desire with persistence!  Be like the water, and over time, soften any obstacles & wash away what’s in your way to SHINE!

Namaste!  Espavo!

P.S. In need of guidance on persistence?  Please contact me on Facebook private message, or email me at heather clang@yahoo.com.




Peaceful determination

Slide1Many of us are constantly moving to get everything done, with very little time to ourselves.  We feel hurried, frenzied, stressed and ultimately exhausted from all the things we need to do.  This is a learned behavior handed down by generations before us.  At home and at work, we have been taught that those who do “the most” or “work longer” somehow are “better” than those who do not do the same thing. We have essentially learned we are not “good enough” if we aren’t exhausting ourselves in accomplishing…well what?  What exactly are we supposed to be accomplishing according to everyone else? What are others telling us that we must do to achieve some status?  More importantly, how do we feel about it?  How do we know how we feel about it when we are constantly on the go?  Perhaps it’s time to slow down with no excuses or explanations.  The energy of what society, family, work and friends tell us we must do is very agitating type of energy.  It’s time to get grounded.  It’s time to nearly stop, find the balance you need and recalibrate your life.  That’s right…YOUR Life.  What do you feel would be better for you?  What’s your heart’s desire?  What brings you peace?

Slow down, stay grounded and continue to walk your path with peaceful determination.

Everything does not have to get done.  It’s time to determine what’s most important to you.  Slowing down allows us to listen to our heart, hear our desires and move towards them. Slowing down helps to ground us.  Grounding brings us more peace.  The energy calms down. This helps us to see more clearly. The path lights up.  We recognize the path and with determination, can move forward towards our dreams. We are then able to open up to our own understanding & wisdom. We gain emotional strength to do what we truly wish to do. Growing up in basically a middle class family, I did what I was taught.  Go to school, work, go to college, work. I followed the path I was told would make me prosperous.  And one day I began yoga, and found my inner thoughts. I grounded, I became more balanced, more thoughtful.  I began questioning the status quo.  I slowed way down. I found my peace. I found my inner truth. I became a Reiki Master, which opened up channels in me I didn’t know I had always had. I became more intuitive, more psychic and understood myself better. During this time, I met some of the wonderful people in my life I now call friends who helped me.  Some of us formed a group where we heal each other, support each other, and are working towards our own special healing.  Our first healing clinic is tomorrow. We are so excited!  We have all worked towards slowing down, staying grounded, and walking our path with determination, peacefully and joyfully! Do I fall back once in awhile?  Sure…for we do still have 3D energies at play (which I won’t go into now…but if you are interested, please let me know and I’ll write about it) as we move towards a new 5D energy which is loving, joyful and brilliant!  We knew we had to do this, and we’ve been working towards it with complete and total trust in our path. You, too, can do it! Let go of what you no longer want, detach from it, and walk your path! Slowly at first, and then watch how it all manifests exactly how it’s meant to for you.

May you slow down, ground, and walk your path!





Find your freedom

It is Independence Day here in the States. For me, independence day is a reminder to free yourself. Free yourself from drama, from pain, from suffering. Choose to be independent and free by healing and growing. Drop what no longer serves your higher good and follow your passion. Create the reality you know is your authenticity. This will bring you independence. This will set you free.

Break through your limits and fly free.Slide1

You can accomplish this one small step at a time.  Or you can completely turn your life upside down all at once.  Either way,  as Neale Donald Walsch states:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

For many, it’s a dip your toe in the water first type of scenario.  Taking a small step helps us to become adjusted. Where do you feel comfortable?  Why?  When we ask ourselves why, we can find the discomfort point.  Because, it’s all about finding that point where if you start to move into the unknown you will start to feel the discomfort.  There is where your comfort zone ends. Step outside this comfort zone, outside the box, over the line.  You will become used to this feeling of discomfort, for if you stay at this point, it will start to feel more comfortable. Again, one small step at a time. You are allowing yourself to become adjusted to this change, this new point. The more you do this, the more you learn about yourself and the more likely you are to take the next step.  These steps are leading you on your journey, you are finding your true life path and you are discovering your inner being…your inner truth.   This is finding your soul’s independence. You become more open-minded in this process, discovering your own truth.  Discovering your own truth will set you free.  This helps you find your freedom. And the more steps you take, the more you will realize there is no “zone”, there is no “box”.  You will start to break through, realize and accept there are no limits.  There is your independence.  There is your freedom.

May you fly with your freedom!



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Your Shining Shadow

Slide1Messages of Light & Love have been abundant these past several years.  With messages of Love yourself, Heal yourself, Shine from within and Balance your male and female energies.  Many of us are hearing these messages, understanding, awakening and ascending.  We are rising our  vibrations, increasing our frequencies and thus have helped others around us and our Mother Earth, Our Gaia, heal and rise up.   We are understanding even more the concept of unity versus separateness. We are becoming One with All in our unique divine Selves. Mother Earth has passed through many portals, and as She has moved into a new dimension, we have been along for the ride.  It’s been bumpy at times, yet necessary in our grand transformation. Some of us understand and work to catch up to Gaia, as we believe in the Peace which Pure Light Love brings as we “remember” it, because we feel it in our inner being.  We are now Shining Brighter, Radiating more Love & Light, and Glowing with Joy.

Now, with this new time in the human evolution, the healing still continues. We are still working towards what some call “Heaven On Earth”, or “Nirvana”.  We are working into Bliss in it’s purest, most glorious state.  The healing messages are now to understand, accept and live with the darkness which also exists within each of our human bodies.  This is our ego.  Ego is about selfishness.  It’s the “We” versus “They” mindset. My family, my country, my home, my land instead of our Our One World, Our One Land, Our One People, Our One Earth.  It is similar to the messages of before, yet before we needed to change the darkness we felt because it was “bad”.  Now it is even more about the Zen, where both exist simultaneously, and we observe and accept it.  I’ve written about many of these topics before, some posted here, some via my former newsletter I delivered via email before this site.  I am repeatedly seeing this message about observing and accepting the darkness.  It’s not about leading with darkness, but balancing it out with your Light. Healing it with the Light, but understanding it’s not going to go away.  For Light cannot exist without the Dark, but One small dot of Light within the darkness is seen.  One small spot of darkness amongst the light is much more difficult to see.  But like a drop of the ocean, it is both a drop and the ocean. It’s about knowing the darkness is there, but living with more Light.  Yes, we will lose our temper, but send Love to that situation, the people involved including yourself and bring the balance of Light back to your heart and shine.  We most often find ourselves defensive because we do not want to accept something within ourselves we do not like.  We ignore the darkness and feel “bad” when it come out. If we continue to ignore it, how will we send Love & Light to it to balance it, to heal it?  It will continue to pop up in our lives in most unexpected ways, causing darkness and imbalance which may lead to dis-ease manifesting either mentally, emotionally or physically.

An example is from my life.  I am a Capricorn with an Aquarius cusp.  I was recently told something that I later read in a general description of a Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp baby. This person said my strength is a very good quality, but at times it comes across as bullishness, as being very critical.   What!?!?!?  Ouch!!  Talk about some darkness coming out.  I fought that opinion, but then realized, wait.  This is a learning experience and I listened. It hurt, but I really listened.  It made sense to me. I was being defensive. I wasn’t allowing the Light forth in some situations as I stood strong in my convictions.  I live with an open mind, and yet when I was being defensive in this manner, I couldn’t send Love & Light to myself to heal what was so upsetting me and causing havoc in other areas of my life.  I love listening to differences of opinions, cultures, beliefs and more.  Yet, when it comes to someone telling me the way I express myself is not necessarily being taken the right way, my ego fired  up!  This was most recently and I am working to send the Light & Love to that dark space which I thought was healed, but I realize keeps coming up. This theme is repeating in different ways, yet I am now seeing the pattern of this particular situation. And, as we know, we will keep getting the lesson until we are truly healed. It’s messy and it’s difficult to look at ourselves in manners such as this one, yet it’s important.  It’s a challenge to figure out, heal and balance those dark spots we all have.  But, to fully awaken, fully ascend and fully heal, we need to learn even more about ourselves.  Find those mirrors and LOOK into them.  Really SEE who you are and why.  I know the why and I thought by knowing the why I would heal.  I felt as if I had healed. Until it popped up again. Oops…guess it wasn’t that easy and I needed to dive deeper into the root of it. We all have the Male and Female energies, the Yin and the Yang energies, the Light and the Dark energies.  And there is both the “good” and the “bad” in these energies.  Find the “bad”, the “dark”, “the negative”, and then find the positive side of these issues, because something “bad” for us leads us to an understanding of a better way.  Such as understanding which foods are “bad” for us, leads us to better choices, and thus better health.  Find the “light” within the “dark”, because to see the candle flame is all it’s glory, it must be seen against a dark background.  Our shadows are created by the shining Light behind, and some of these shadows are very beautiful outlines of our nature. Find the “negative”, as the positive is attracted to the negative side of the magnet.  We are both Light & Dark.  Find your Shadows, Transform your Dark by attracting the Light to it , Shining the Light upon it and you will Heal and Shine even more Brightly in Love & Light.

If interested, this is the description of my “Capriquarians” I am referring to…pretty much sums me up!


Look at Your Beautiful Shadow and Shine Light Upon it!




Today’s Quote

I enjoy this blog and encourage you to follow it. I hope to be able to post an inspirational newsletter in the near future…so in the time being, enjoy this delightful quote from one of my favorite poets.

Soul Gatherings

herondance.org I herondance.org

This is what you shall do:
love the earth and the sun and the animals,
despise riches,
give alms to everyone that asks,
stand up for the stupid and crazy,
devote your income and labor to others,
hate tyrants, argue not concerning god,
have patience and indulgence toward the people,
go freely with powerful uneducated persons
and with the young and the mother of families,
re-examine all you have been told at school
or church or in any book,
dismiss whatever insults your own soul…

~ Walt Whitman ~

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True Colors

Slide1Do not be a chameleon.  Do not change for others. Do not attempt to blend in. Do not adopt others ways, beliefs or ideas.  This is not the way to have true relationships with others. How can you have a true relationship with another when you do not know your true self? If you continue to adopt others beliefs, it can lead to unhappiness and broken relationships, since people will eventually start to pick up on something not necessarily “right”. The way to a fulfilling happy life with true relationships is to be your true self.

Finding your true colors will bring you happiness & fulfilling relationships.

Discover the true you and be the true you.  Once you find your true self and share it with the whole, you will find you have more true relationships in your life.  I used to be a chameleon, blending in, matching others’ personalities, styles, likes & loves, to be “one” of the group.  I constantly moved within different types of groups, changing my colors to fit in.  Once I realized I was doing this, and started peeling away these layers of “others”, I started finding my true colors.  My style, my loves, my beliefs, my personality.  Once I became more comfortable with the real me, I attracted others who had similar likes, loves and beliefs. I attracted others who were open-minded, as well.  Perhaps not necessarily on the same wavelength on all beliefs, but not judging me for mine and still accepting me.  Just recently I had a conversation with a couple of my yoga students.  Both have had Reiki from me, and both came to me for Reiki because they trusted me from yoga.  One admitted she was hesitant and it still worked for her and I told her it’s because you trusted me from yoga.  She believed in what I said because she came to yoga, listened and practiced and ended up loving yoga. So, in turn, she tried Reiki…she was open-minded to it.  It worked for her and helped her heal an injury quicker than it would have without it. I consider her and all my yoga students true relationships. I have many others, but this is how it works.

When you show your authentic self, you believe in you.  Others will sense the authenticity in you. When you show your true colors, people can see the real you.  You show others how you respect and honor yourself, and others will do the same. When you are a chameleon, always blending in, people will sense it’s not really you, and these relationships are never very deep or fulfilling.  I have been the chameleon and I have been around them.  You will know that feeling and perhaps already recognize it in yourself or another. You can’t change someone else…but you can change you to shed the layers which do not fit you anymore or perhaps never did.  You can transform yourself into the authentic version of you. Use the information, feelings and beliefs from past relationships where you tried to fit in as it helps you understand yourself better.  You can ask yourself questions such as  “Do I still like this?”;  “Do I still believe in this?”;  “Does this resonate with me?”  Doing this exercise will help you discover your true inner you, your true beliefs, your true personality and your true colors. And, once you know YOU, it can lead you to a better understanding of your life’s true purpose…fulfilling you, bringing out your joy & finding other true individuals.   It did me.

Namaste!  Espavo!


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Reiki 101

Logo_Color_PNG_CircularfontMy dear friend, Sloan Rawlins, asked me for information regarding Reiki Healing and then included my words in her blog this past week.  I’m delighted to be have offered her readers this wonderful information and wanted to share it with all of you, as well. I recommend following Sloan’s blog, plus reading her book, “Taming the Invisible Dragon”, which I read and adored!   She is a beautiful soul full of experience and helpful information to help you on your journey to health & wellness.

For more information on Reiki healing energy and how it can help you, please contact me!

Please enjoy!




Expect & Accept the Very Best

During the past few weeks it was become increasingly clear to me to practice positive thinking more and more.  (And I apologize for not being able to blog every week as I have had time to do before as these past weeks were very busy in many different aspects.)  It is important to only accept the very best outcome for you and others.  Does this mean the outcome might not be what you wanted?  Perhaps. But it will be the best outcome for our learning experiences and for our higher good at that time.  BUT we still need to hold the thought that we are expecting the very best outcome…the biggest dream and more, not limiting ourselves in any fashion.

When accepting only the very best for ourselves, the universe will help us manifest something beyond our wildest dreams.Slide1

When we compromise, or even worry about a less than acceptable outcome, it keeps our true heart’s desires from manifesting.  It’s important to remember, the Law of Attraction does not label our thoughts, feelings or actions/reactions as “good” for us or “bad” for us.  It just attracts. Like attracts like.  What are you attracting with your thoughts?  I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s even more important in this highly energetic time to think only thoughts which will bring us to the blessings and miracles we have been hoping for, praying for and wishing for.  Compromise means coming making concessions to come to an agreeable settlement.  This works in some situations, like business scenarios, but in our own lives, why are we compromising for less than we deserve?  Compromise also means accepting something that is less than desirable.  Again, why do we do this to ourselves?

The energies of this month have been difficult, but the challenge to us was to continue focusing on what we want and what we deserve in our life.  We all deserve abundance, prosperity, love, security, safety, kindness, compassion, etc.  We must accept only what is best for us and reject what is not.  Thinking and accepting what is in our now helps with our peace of mind.  I have also spoken of this in the past.  Remember, accepting what IS in the Now, is about accepting the lesson of the  situation which is for our higher good, even if we think the situation is not something we should be dealing with at this time.  Look at the situation, and figure out for you how to turn it back into a positive situation, which will then lead you to accepting only the best outcome of that situation, while in the situation.  For instance, if you have been hurt by an imbalance, accept only that you will heal 100%.  If you are stretching your dollars, accept that the dollars will stretch and multiply.  This is the only perfect outcome for you.  It’s having the faith and belief you will always have everything you need AND more.

I had a breakfast meeting just this past week with someone I’ve known for quite some time.  We were discussing many things, but one topic in particular about dreaming big when thinking about where you want to be in your life was very notable. This person said to me he would ask employees “where do you want to be in 5 years…take your time, as you don’t have to tell me.”  The other person would then tell him after thinking for some time where they wanted to be.  He said he would tell them “forget that now…think BIGGER.”  In essence, expand your dreams and wishes!  When we only accept the very best for us, without limiting our own beliefs about what that will be is when the universe blesses you with more than you ever could have dreamed possible.  It’s about accepting what you have, AND AT THE SAME TIME, only accepting the very best which is waiting to be delivered to you once your worry and compromising stops about the “opposite” outcome.

May you only expect and accept the very best…and MORE!