Reiki Energy

What is Reiki? This is one of the most asked questions. Reiki is energy.

Energy is everything. Everything is energy. Everyone is energy. Energy makes your heart beat, your mind work, your body function.  Energy helps us think, it helps us move.  Energy is collected, shared, and released within our bodies and all around us.  Our physical bodies, our mental bodies, our emotional bodies, our spiritual bodies, our astral bodies, our etheric bodies, and so on, are all energy.

We can use our 5 senses to hear, see, feel, taste and smell energy. For instance, think of the wind blowing. The wind is energy, and we can hear and can see what that energy does to the leaves of trees. Lightening is a form of energy release we can see and hear. We can also use our psychic or intuitive senses to understand energy. We all have these psychic senses, and some of us have strengthened them more than others. However, have you felt someone behind you, and when you turn, there they are? Have you thought of someone and they call you? This is your psychic senses picking up on energy coming from the other person.

Essentially a Reiki Master helps people heal/help themselves by providing, understanding and translating energy.

Reiki Masters (those who have been trained in Reiki energy work) use physical and intuitive senses to understand the energy of a client, as well as, provide more energy to the client. Reiki Masters focus on bringing in more energy through themselves, and “sending” this energy into the client. The Reiki Master can intend the energy to help in a certain way, AND the energy will do what the client needs most at that time. Thus the energy itself has its own intelligence. The Reiki Master also “reads” or “intuits” the energy of the client. A Reiki Master can intuit (feel, see, hear, know, etc) what may be happening within a client, and then assist the energy (both of the client and the energy going to the client).

Reiki energy is a technique to help others in many different ways. It can help clients to:

Rest & relax

Revitalize & rejuvenate

Balance, ground, calm & center

Reduce stress, worry, anxiety

Awaken/Strengthen intuition & spiritual connection

Create clarity

Increase joy, peace & harmony

Help you heal yourself, mind, body & soul

Help increase self-confidence, self-love, self-respect and self-understanding

Help release old patterns, thoughts & beliefs

Help release the past & past lives

Guide you on your soul journey….and MUCH MORE!

Reiki energy has the ability to help you in any way you need, as long as you are open, believing and truly want to help yourself. I have written many articles on this topic you can find on my blog (see below). Please contact me if you have questions or would like to discuss it further.

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