Today’s SSA ~ July 14, 2020

Divine Love will Unite us. 

When we all start to find the Divine Love within our hearts and souls, it can Unite us. The more who live every day in Divine Love, unconditionally, will find more who are living in this way. 

Divine Love is the removal of fear, anxiety, worry, anger, frustration and so many other emotions that may be holding you back from experiencing your True Divine Self. Releasing and letting go of these old emotions, which are tied to the programs running in our minds which create them, can bring us into pure peace, harmony, joy and bliss. 

We each create our own reality through the past and past lives and the repeated patterns of behavior, thought and action. Changing this through releasing can bring you into this state of Divine Love for ALL. Through Divine Love, we Unite as One. We create a harmonious space within ourselves and those around us. The more who are able to step into Divine Love, the more we will ALL become enlightened beings living in Love & Light. 

I AM here to help others “Become Soulfully Empowered”, and this means releasing the old and becoming Divine Love. Reiki sessions, Akashic Records Readings and other energy work can help you if you are ready to step out of the old patterns and into a new reality. Are you ready yet? Contact me if you are ~ and let’s chat about it!

Let’s all Unite!  🙏💖🌟~ Heather

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