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Spiritual Center

Slide1All paths lead back to your spiritual center,
reminding you to break free from your own restrictions
into growth and transformation.

Our higher selves are guiding us along our paths, nudging us to find and connect with our spiritual centers. Within our spiritual centers we are able to work though issues to help heal ourselves. Once we resolve, understand, accept and heal from any issues which crop up along our paths, it frees us from barriers we have either knowingly or unknowingly created around ourselves. Removing these restrictions brings personal growth and transformation, and ultimately freedom.

You have the power and freedom of choice, so your physical path may and can change, yet your spiritual one towards healing and growth will be the same lessons you are meant to learn.  Others may bring you the lessons you need for your soul growth and transformation, if you are open and willing to change whether you modify your physical path or not.  Or perhaps making that change was part of your journey towards a life lesson.  Spirit will keep providing us opportunities for what we contracted to learn before manifesting in human form in this lifetime. The lessons will  start as a nudge, and if we don’t learn, the lessons are a push, and if we are still choosing not to learn, we can experience a forceful shove, sometimes over the cliff.  Some may call this forceful shove hitting rock bottom.

In my life, I have recognized many lessons, sometimes after the big shove. Great growth is available to us from our deepest pains, and sometimes it’s the only way we can learn as we are not focusing on ourselves.  One of the lessons I learned from the big shove was relationships and trust, but most importantly, loving myself enough to not choose someone who was unavailable in some fashion.  Many of my relationships were with boys and men who were not on a healing path and it caused me heartbreak. I kept repeating this pattern until I had the huge Aha moment.  Now I have a lovely, open and compassionate man in my life and I’m eternally grateful for the choices I made, even though I worked through nudges to the big shove.  It was well worth it, yet, now I find myself more open to understanding when the lessons are coming and can act on the nudges.  My spiritual path is still leading towards breaking me free from any barriers I’ve created for the lessons I’m meant to learn for my highest growth & transformation. And as long as we are alive, more lessons will come.  The more we learn, grow & transform, the more wisdom we gain.  And, the more wisdom we gain, the more harmony, love & peace we have within us, knowing we have the power within us to withstand any challenge.

Look around at those in your life and where you are in your life.  What do these people have in common? How do you feel?  Where might you rather be?  The more we ask questions such as these, the better equipped we are to learn the lessons as they initially present themselves.  It also makes us better prepared for the next lesson, ultimately leading us towards connecting more and more with our higher selves…our spiritual center.

May you continue on your spiritual path to growth & transformation! 

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

Please feel free to contact me to learn how I may help you on your spiritual path.



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Peaceful determination

Slide1Many of us are constantly moving to get everything done, with very little time to ourselves.  We feel hurried, frenzied, stressed and ultimately exhausted from all the things we need to do.  This is a learned behavior handed down by generations before us.  At home and at work, we have been taught that those who do “the most” or “work longer” somehow are “better” than those who do not do the same thing. We have essentially learned we are not “good enough” if we aren’t exhausting ourselves in accomplishing…well what?  What exactly are we supposed to be accomplishing according to everyone else? What are others telling us that we must do to achieve some status?  More importantly, how do we feel about it?  How do we know how we feel about it when we are constantly on the go?  Perhaps it’s time to slow down with no excuses or explanations.  The energy of what society, family, work and friends tell us we must do is very agitating type of energy.  It’s time to get grounded.  It’s time to nearly stop, find the balance you need and recalibrate your life.  That’s right…YOUR Life.  What do you feel would be better for you?  What’s your heart’s desire?  What brings you peace?

Slow down, stay grounded and continue to walk your path with peaceful determination.

Everything does not have to get done.  It’s time to determine what’s most important to you.  Slowing down allows us to listen to our heart, hear our desires and move towards them. Slowing down helps to ground us.  Grounding brings us more peace.  The energy calms down. This helps us to see more clearly. The path lights up.  We recognize the path and with determination, can move forward towards our dreams. We are then able to open up to our own understanding & wisdom. We gain emotional strength to do what we truly wish to do. Growing up in basically a middle class family, I did what I was taught.  Go to school, work, go to college, work. I followed the path I was told would make me prosperous.  And one day I began yoga, and found my inner thoughts. I grounded, I became more balanced, more thoughtful.  I began questioning the status quo.  I slowed way down. I found my peace. I found my inner truth. I became a Reiki Master, which opened up channels in me I didn’t know I had always had. I became more intuitive, more psychic and understood myself better. During this time, I met some of the wonderful people in my life I now call friends who helped me.  Some of us formed a group where we heal each other, support each other, and are working towards our own special healing.  Our first healing clinic is tomorrow. We are so excited!  We have all worked towards slowing down, staying grounded, and walking our path with determination, peacefully and joyfully! Do I fall back once in awhile?  Sure…for we do still have 3D energies at play (which I won’t go into now…but if you are interested, please let me know and I’ll write about it) as we move towards a new 5D energy which is loving, joyful and brilliant!  We knew we had to do this, and we’ve been working towards it with complete and total trust in our path. You, too, can do it! Let go of what you no longer want, detach from it, and walk your path! Slowly at first, and then watch how it all manifests exactly how it’s meant to for you.

May you slow down, ground, and walk your path!






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Better Yourself

Competition.  Why do we compete?  What is it that creates this need to be better than anyone else? To be the “winner”?  To be the “best”? What are you attempting to gain?  What are you attempting to hide? What are you trying to feel?

Our society feeds on competition.  This need to be better than anyone else.  To be the top dog.  The best athlete. The winning team. The better nation. And, we pay people who buy into the competition need. The best pitcher tends to get the most money on the best team.  The teams fight over who gets the best player.  The Valedictorian. The best employee. How does it make us feel when we are not better than someone else? Do you feel neglected? Unimportant? Fearful no one will like you? Anxious? Stressed? Upset? What is the driving need to be better than anyone else? Or someone else?


“The only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday.” – Unknown

When we continue to buy into competition, we are fueling drama. We are fueling dueling. We are fueling our egos. We are judging and comparing. If we take that same energy and discover what we can do better today in our own being, we then can create inner joy & love of ourselves.  This inner joy & love then radiates outwards. We then become a magnet for more abundance in our lives. More love & joy.  We are working towards being our best self. And, when we are working at ourselves, drama stops. Fighting stops. We no longer are feeding our egos, but we are feeding our souls. This brilliant energy of Love & Light transcends and helps us ascend towards the heaven on earth we can share with others. You are not competing with yourself, you are bettering yourself. You are not fighting with who you were yesterday, you are accepting who you were yesterday, and realizing you are able to change that person for the better.

Like the Fire Dragon, let out your inner fires to burn brightly and rise above all that is not who you truly are at heart. 

By fueling our inner souls, we become better than who we were yesterday.Our hopes and dreams begin to manifest. Our wishes start to come true. The love we crave is found within. The happiness we’ve wanted is ours for the taking. It’s all within us. It’s not outside of us by competing with others. It’s encouraging others. It’s helping others. It’s showing others it’s more important to cultivate a more balanced and centered self.  It’s helping lead the way to a more balanced and centered society. It’s being the example of true Love & Light. It’s becoming One with the entire self, the higher self, the best self.  It’s reveling and celebrating the wonderful, unique, talented and gifted person you already are within you. You are simply changing from one way to another way and letting the higher self burn brightly.

May you use your energy to better yourself.




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Transformation Journey

With each new moon, the theme of transformation presents itself. The moon appears to transform each month as it waxes and wanes. The new moon energies can be used to bring newness into your life, but first we must make room for those energies by facing our old ideas, thought patterns and mindsets and allow them to die off.Slide1
The journey towards transformation is both challenging and incredibly fulfilling. 
Transformation can lead to ascension by facing our biggest fears, questioning what we have known to be true and allowing our unconscious to surface. The unconscious can hold both the reasons behind our biggest fears AND our own inner truth…what we truly know to be true. Connecting into this unconscious mind is a way of contacting your higher self. Our higher selves are part of the One Consciousness of Divine Love. It’s where all knowledge and wisdom is stored and can be accessed. Fears can be holding you back from the abundance the universe is working to deliver to you. For instance, do you fear learning new things because someone told you “you can’t do that”. If you did learn it, you can do it! Perhaps you have feelings of being unworthy of success; or fears of not having “enough” to pay your bills; or worries you aren’t as good at something as someone else. All of these hold you back from your true potential. Repeat after me: “I AM WORTHY. I HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH. I AM MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH.” You are unique and here for a reason, being both ALL and ONE of ALL is how the universe works, as we are all Divine Light, and yet we are all separate souls working together to form a better world. Knowing this, we must learn to not allow society to dictate our beliefs, nor our ways. We must learn for ourselves what is right for each of us. Anything we choose to do will be different because we are unique and will be doing it in our unique way. And this is what ascending and connecting to your Higher Self is all about.Doing something beyond our comfort zone is scary in and of itself. Yet, when we let the old programmed ideas fall away and die off, we can be reborn wiser and stronger. The old ways, even though they no longer serve us, feel comfortable. It can be difficult to let go of what we have always known and be different than how society continues to function, yet the more we break off from the mainstream thought processes, the more we can learn and grow…and thus ascend. Ascension in this aspect means growing past all the fears, raising your vibration by thinking only in a positive manner, and helping society see past the illusions. Ascension is a messy and destructive process as we transform ourselves from what we were into what we actually are. It’s advancing our souls in this lifetime. Seeing past these illusions created by others to deal with chaos helps us see the Light, the Truth and the Love in which we truly dwell. The more we realize our own ideas, beliefs and ways, the more fulfilling our lives can be. We are happier and more at peace. We become less concerned with what others think of us and more interested in how we can continue to help others through our own examples, how we can continue to transform and ascend, and how we can continue to rise our vibrations.
May you face your fears, transform your thoughts and ascend to your true self!
© 09/04/2013
Photo is thanks from goldenageofgaia.com

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