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Reveal your Authenticity

When you reveal your authenticity, your soul tribe will find you.

Each of us are on different paths, yet some of us have similar paths. Discovering your inner truth and beliefs and allowing them to radiate outwards, creates an energetic vortex, where others who have a similar energy will be attracted to you. This is our frequency, and as we raise it through positive words, thoughts and actions, it will attract those who are vibrating and feeling that energy. As we move through our lives, and continue to vibrate higher and higher, and as we reveal and use our unique gifts, personalities, truths, and more, we will recognize more and more of our soul tribe.

This soul tribe is part of those who we continually work with in some fashion, whether on this plane or another. We may recognize them as “Soul Sisters/Brothers”, “Soul Fathers/Mothers” or “Soul Mates”, and in each lifetime they have been a part of us, with us, or around us in some fashion. These are the people we simply click with the moment we see them. We feel we already know them in some fashion. Some have agreed to work with you when you are vibrating in a lower frequency before you begin to discover your true self, whereas many who are with you before you discover your true self are not part of your soul tribe. Those who are not part of your soul tribe you will find you may lose touch with them, do not wish to be around them anymore, or any other way they leave your life.  Those who were part of your soul tribe and agreed to help you in your times of learning and growth may circle back around to you, or they may not, however, once you have learned the lesson, you will look fondly on the time they were around.  Others who helped in your path, but were not memorable, were not a part of the soul tribe, but more divine intervention to reinforce a lesson you needed to learn.

This cycle continues through-out your life until you reach a point where you are vibrating at such a high point, and others of your soul tribe are also vibrating at the same level, connect with you. Your frequency has allowed your authenticity to be revealed and the energy signals you send out, attract those with the similar band or vibration of energy. Of course, you may find before you have raised your frequency to much higher levels, there is one person who found you and is your mentor, guide, friend or lover and they stay with you, continually supporting you, guiding you and offering wisdom. On the other hand, you may not have this person around you until much later in life. Yet, have the faith that when you truly discover, transform, ascend and reveal your authenticity, those who you are meant to be with will find you. Just as you find them.

I have found in my life this cycle presents itself over and over. Each time I have changed and grown, another person enters my life who has a similar lesson to learn, or has been in a similar situation to help me.  In turn, the opposite is true, where I have become the one to help another as I’ve been in the situation they are currently experiencing. Many help groups are a wonderful example of these types of instances, where people working through a challenging situation find a group for support and guidance. During my former marriage, I found many helpful souls in Al-Anon, some radiating at my vibrations and others not, however, they were there in a time in my life where I needed to learn certain lessons as did they, and we helped and supported each other.  I remember the groups, yet I don’t necessarily remember the faces.  This was divine intervention, and no one of my soul tribe happened to be there, yet as I’ve lived, I’ve found others to help in similar situations, some of which I still call friends today, and even Soul Sisters.  When I fully accepted who I am, what my gifts are and how I am to use them, I found even more of my soul family.  Some provided challenging lessons, and some I still work with and as we continue to help each other rise in vibrations and frequency, continuing our transformations and ascension while supporting and guiding each other.

May you find your soul tribe and continue to ascend!

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
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Your Shining Shadow

Slide1Messages of Light & Love have been abundant these past several years.  With messages of Love yourself, Heal yourself, Shine from within and Balance your male and female energies.  Many of us are hearing these messages, understanding, awakening and ascending.  We are rising our  vibrations, increasing our frequencies and thus have helped others around us and our Mother Earth, Our Gaia, heal and rise up.   We are understanding even more the concept of unity versus separateness. We are becoming One with All in our unique divine Selves. Mother Earth has passed through many portals, and as She has moved into a new dimension, we have been along for the ride.  It’s been bumpy at times, yet necessary in our grand transformation. Some of us understand and work to catch up to Gaia, as we believe in the Peace which Pure Light Love brings as we “remember” it, because we feel it in our inner being.  We are now Shining Brighter, Radiating more Love & Light, and Glowing with Joy.

Now, with this new time in the human evolution, the healing still continues. We are still working towards what some call “Heaven On Earth”, or “Nirvana”.  We are working into Bliss in it’s purest, most glorious state.  The healing messages are now to understand, accept and live with the darkness which also exists within each of our human bodies.  This is our ego.  Ego is about selfishness.  It’s the “We” versus “They” mindset. My family, my country, my home, my land instead of our Our One World, Our One Land, Our One People, Our One Earth.  It is similar to the messages of before, yet before we needed to change the darkness we felt because it was “bad”.  Now it is even more about the Zen, where both exist simultaneously, and we observe and accept it.  I’ve written about many of these topics before, some posted here, some via my former newsletter I delivered via email before this site.  I am repeatedly seeing this message about observing and accepting the darkness.  It’s not about leading with darkness, but balancing it out with your Light. Healing it with the Light, but understanding it’s not going to go away.  For Light cannot exist without the Dark, but One small dot of Light within the darkness is seen.  One small spot of darkness amongst the light is much more difficult to see.  But like a drop of the ocean, it is both a drop and the ocean. It’s about knowing the darkness is there, but living with more Light.  Yes, we will lose our temper, but send Love to that situation, the people involved including yourself and bring the balance of Light back to your heart and shine.  We most often find ourselves defensive because we do not want to accept something within ourselves we do not like.  We ignore the darkness and feel “bad” when it come out. If we continue to ignore it, how will we send Love & Light to it to balance it, to heal it?  It will continue to pop up in our lives in most unexpected ways, causing darkness and imbalance which may lead to dis-ease manifesting either mentally, emotionally or physically.

An example is from my life.  I am a Capricorn with an Aquarius cusp.  I was recently told something that I later read in a general description of a Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp baby. This person said my strength is a very good quality, but at times it comes across as bullishness, as being very critical.   What!?!?!?  Ouch!!  Talk about some darkness coming out.  I fought that opinion, but then realized, wait.  This is a learning experience and I listened. It hurt, but I really listened.  It made sense to me. I was being defensive. I wasn’t allowing the Light forth in some situations as I stood strong in my convictions.  I live with an open mind, and yet when I was being defensive in this manner, I couldn’t send Love & Light to myself to heal what was so upsetting me and causing havoc in other areas of my life.  I love listening to differences of opinions, cultures, beliefs and more.  Yet, when it comes to someone telling me the way I express myself is not necessarily being taken the right way, my ego fired  up!  This was most recently and I am working to send the Light & Love to that dark space which I thought was healed, but I realize keeps coming up. This theme is repeating in different ways, yet I am now seeing the pattern of this particular situation. And, as we know, we will keep getting the lesson until we are truly healed. It’s messy and it’s difficult to look at ourselves in manners such as this one, yet it’s important.  It’s a challenge to figure out, heal and balance those dark spots we all have.  But, to fully awaken, fully ascend and fully heal, we need to learn even more about ourselves.  Find those mirrors and LOOK into them.  Really SEE who you are and why.  I know the why and I thought by knowing the why I would heal.  I felt as if I had healed. Until it popped up again. Oops…guess it wasn’t that easy and I needed to dive deeper into the root of it. We all have the Male and Female energies, the Yin and the Yang energies, the Light and the Dark energies.  And there is both the “good” and the “bad” in these energies.  Find the “bad”, the “dark”, “the negative”, and then find the positive side of these issues, because something “bad” for us leads us to an understanding of a better way.  Such as understanding which foods are “bad” for us, leads us to better choices, and thus better health.  Find the “light” within the “dark”, because to see the candle flame is all it’s glory, it must be seen against a dark background.  Our shadows are created by the shining Light behind, and some of these shadows are very beautiful outlines of our nature. Find the “negative”, as the positive is attracted to the negative side of the magnet.  We are both Light & Dark.  Find your Shadows, Transform your Dark by attracting the Light to it , Shining the Light upon it and you will Heal and Shine even more Brightly in Love & Light.

If interested, this is the description of my “Capriquarians” I am referring to…pretty much sums me up!


Look at Your Beautiful Shadow and Shine Light Upon it!




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