Spiritual Center

All paths lead back to your spiritual center, reminding you to break free from your own restrictions into growth and transformation. Our higher selves are guiding us along our paths, nudging us to find and connect with our spiritual centers. Within our spiritual centers we are able to work though issues to help heal ourselves.Continue reading “Spiritual Center”


Radiate Newness! With the Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse, allow the fresh new energies to pour into you, helping you manifest your deepest desires, dreams and wishes. Use these energies to create the “newness” in your life, whether it’s a new love, new career, new way of thinking, new home, new book, new groupContinue reading “Newness”

Emotional Connection

Learning to connect with our emotions and express them allows us to heal ourselves, and thus the world around us. The very nature of healing tells us we need to connect with how we are feeling and learn to express those emotions in a proper manner. We will have many different experiences on our lifeContinue reading “Emotional Connection”

Live your Life

Step out of other peoples’ lives and into your own. Do not be concerned with what others are or are not doing in any given situation. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, loved one, or for that matter a complete stranger, we must disconnect from being involved with what others are choosing to do, especially whenContinue reading “Live your Life”