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Thoughts Shape Reality

Be mindful of your thoughts as they are shaping your reality.

Slide1Our minds are extremely powerful tools in creating our lives. If we continue to think we are not enough, we won’t be. If we obsess about not being beautiful, we won’t appear that way to others. If we don’t think we have enough money, we won’t. If we worry about getting sick, we can become sick. Thoughts are energy and they are sending the energy into the universe, and the Universe is sending it back to you without judgement or labeling the thoughts as good or bad. Only humans attach labels to people, things, situations and experiences. Like attracts like, and it is the same with energy, and since your thoughts are energy, you are attracting that same energy back to you, creating and shaping your reality. This is the Law of Attraction at work. Change your thoughts, change your reality.

It’s important to create our reality the way we wish to see it.  If we wish to see more peace, think about more peaceful situations, things, people and experiences.  If we wish to see more love, think about more loving people and ways to be more loving. Shaping our reality by thought energy is simply changing the way we look at things. In this image, some may see an old bent tree.  Some will see the beauty in the bark, the way the roots are holding strong or the way the tree is making the best of it’s living space. All realities exist, but it comes down to the one you wish to see, what perspective you wish to take and how you want your reality to be created.  What we send out, comes back to us.

Be mindful of what you are sending out to the universe in thought form, and only send out what it is you wish to be returned to you.

If there is a difficult person in your life, and all you can think about is how angry this person is, or perhaps how mean they are being, or wrong or whatever the case may be, this is the type of energy you are feeling and creating in your life.  You are creating more scenarios in which other people with these types of feelings or traits appear in your life. Instead, consider the possibilities they are not who you think they are to be.  Consider they have had a traumatic life and do not know how to heal or change themselves.  Many scenarios exist in all our lives, and with many people, we do not know what type of life they have lived to bring them to where they are today and how they are coming across. Compassion and understanding is needed.  You may not be able to help them physically, but you can send them thoughts of love and light, helping their soul.  And, in return, the universe sends you compassion, understanding, loving people to help you in some fashion.

Realize what you think is the world you live in.

Recognize that we can either think in loving peaceful terms, or compassionate kind terms.  We can think something completely opposite.  Whatever we think of the world is the way the world appears to us.  We can think the world is a wonderful place to be, full of wonder & magic. Or something else.  We can think there is more loving people in the world or not.  It’s all up to you to create your reality.  This is what it means to create your life with your thoughts. We all live in the same world, but it’s our thoughts which create our view of the world, thus creating our reality. The more we send out positive thoughts, the more the Universe ,through the Law of Attraction, will send us positive people, situations, resources and experiences.

Manifesting with your thoughts is another step towards creating your dream life and living your passion, purpose & soul mission.

It takes practice to keep our thoughts positive.  Therefore, if you find yourself having a thought about someone which you would not want returned to you in any way, state “Cancel” either in your mind or aloud. Then replace that thought with another positive one including and exuding warmth, love & compassion.  Use positive power statements such as “I AM loving.”, “I AM compassionate.” , “I AM understanding.” to replace the thought and cultivate more of that energy in your life, thus changing your reality. This helps to strengthen the positive qualities and traits, scenarios and experiences, and opportunities you wish to manifest in your life. As you work on changing your thoughts, your words will also begin to change.  Words are spoken thoughts and more powerful energy. As you change both thoughts and words, your actions will change.  Your actions are also energy which needs to be used to help you in the best way possible. All of your thoughts, words and actions are working together, creating the type of energies manifesting in your life.  Begin working with the energies of thoughts to create your reality now. Your soul, and the universe, will thank you for it!

Send out into the world only those thoughts and energies you wish be returned to you.

Namaste!  Espavo!


Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Guide, Ordained Minister, Tarot Card & Akashic Record Reader, Proud Member and Co-Creator of Positive Change in The Wellness Universe




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Focus on Your Strengths for Self-Confidence

Cultivating self-confidence involves focusing on your own lovely strengths.

Comparing ourselves to others is a fruitless endeavor. We are all uniquely blessed with our own special abilities. Comparing leads us to be focusing on other people’s gifts versus our own. We then may use judgement, perhaps perceiving someone else as better or has something we do not.  It is okay to admire another’s gifts, just not covet them.  We need to completely understand we each have very unique talents, gifts or abilities of our own.

When we change our focus to look at our passions – basically, what we love to do – we can discover our remarkable individual brilliance. Once we understand that our passions are part of our inherent gifts, it brings us to the realization of our own unique contribution in the world. It allows us to see the wonder of our own special abilities. We can work on accepting our gifts to help strengthen them. This helps us to shine our special light in the world, sharing what we were born to do, and helping others in our special way.

When we recognize and work with the gifts and talents we have been blessed with, focusing on strengthening them, it provides the self-confidence to shine our beauty & light, in whatever creative ways are best for each of us. Self-confidence is knowing and sharing exactly what is special about ourselves. It’s wholeheartedly believing in ourself and our gifts.  It’s is also keeping an open mind to learning new techniques or lessons, while truly having the faith that we can make our dreams come true.

When I was growing up, I always wanted to help others in some way.  I would help multiple people in multiple ways.  It is when I worked at healing from being co-dependent and a people-pleaser that I found my path.  This was my unique path to helping others heal themselves and find their true life mission and path.  Health & wellness is my passion for mind, body & soul.  I learned from others and self-taught myself in many areas from healthy eating to soul balance & spirituality to manifestation and more. Yoga has been a wonderful way for me to learn while helping others, yet it was when someone asked me to take Reiki classes that it all clicked HOW I would live my passion.  I was already writing newsletters and posts about how I felt and what I learned and leading yoga classes but it dawned on me that through expanding into Reiki Energy, I could really help others heal themselves. My inherent gifts of intuition and psychic abilities are part of my uniqueness in what I do and how I do it, coupled with the healing work I did while finding my path.  Recently I added in Akashic Record Readings which can help someone go even deeper into the energy work and I can incorporate it into my sessions if needed or desired.

Sometimes it’s a matter of already knowing what we are meant to do, and sometimes it’s diving deeper into our life experiences and passions. Either way, our unique gift needs to be discovered and shared as they are part of our soul life mission! Therefore, I’m working on creating my own thriving business by sharing what I’ve learned, providing the energy and offering the messages as they occur to me. My self-confidence has come through as more people have asked for my help and as I strengthen the abilities I have through providing the help, energy & messages.  And, as my clients provide feedback, it helps reinforce what I’m doing is needed.

If you need assistance finding your passion, your gifts and your soul life mission, I’d be de-LIGHT-ed to assist you!




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Reiki is…

Reiki is…Logo_Color_PNG_CompName

Reiki is an energy channeling and exchange technique. This healing energy can be channeled from many different avenues, including but not limited to the earth, spirit and universe. Everything and everyone has energy and exchanges energy in some fashion all the time.

The Reiki Master calls upon different entities or energies and pulls that energy into her/himself, and then directs it through intent into another person’s life fore energy. Our life force energy is what helps us live. Some may call it the soul. But, it’s what makes your heart beat, your mind think, your organs work and your muscles move. When our energies are not strong, we can become ill or experience dis-ease, pains or injuries. It’s similar to when you don’t get enough sleep, which can compromise your immune system, and you are then more susceptible to being sick.

We, along with everyone and everything around us is energy in some form. For instance, many have learned the process of photosynthesis, which is basically plants using the sun’s energy to create food. When you are in nature and feel peace, you are bringing the energy of the plants, trees and animals into you simply by being there. With Reiki, Masters pull the energy around them and channel it into others to help strengthen their life force energy. This boost to your energy can help you heal, maintain health, balance, peace and more.  Think of it as medicine for your entire Being.  If you are truly willing to heal and let go of anything that may be causing dis-ease or illness in you, then Reiki can help!

The myriad ways Reiki Healing Energy can help you is endless. It helps heal physical, mental, spiritual or emotional ailments; calm you from stress, worry and anxities; create more balance; bring you more openness; release and heal from past trauma or drama from your current life past, past lives, generational connections and/or ancestral lineages; it can help in understanding ourselves and relationships; open, strengthen and increase intuition, plus much, much more. This energy can also be channeled to plants, spaces, places, situations, animals, water and food.  Reiki can be used to help anything you can conceive of!

The energy is very gentle and soothing.  It may feel like warmth to you, or waves within your body as if you are floating in waves in the ocean, or even as a tingling sensation. Some even experience it as seeing colors or images in the mind’s eye, hearing sounds, or smelling scents.  Or, during the session you may not experience anything, yet, after a session you may feel lighter, freer, happier, more balanced as if you just had a relaxing and/or rejuvenating experience, similar to a physical massage. Healing energy or Reiki works well when someone is truly open and accepting and most importantly, ready and determined to heal themselves in body, mind or soul.

Another way to help understand energy exchange, is how you have felt another’s energy before, however, you may not have recognized it.  Examples include when you are in a room alone, and you suddenly think someone is behind you, only to turn around and discover someone else has entered the room. Another example is when you “know” someone is about to call before they call, and moments later, you receive a call from that exact person.  Basically you are picking up on the thoughts of another person before the action takes place. Those thoughts are energy. Reiki can even help you strengthen this awareness, which is your intuition.

I use another healing method in conjunction with Reiki. It’s a technique to raise another’s vibration. Everything and everyone vibrates at a certain level. By channeling the vibrations to raise someone else’s vibration or frequency, it helps to heal them as well. Sickness, dis-ease, illness and stress can cause a person’s vibration to lower. By using healing energy to raise another’s frequency, it also helps the person’s energy levels to strengthen and help heal them. Using colors to help balance another person is also a method I use. Our bodies have energy centers, most often called chakras. All chakras have a basic color associated with them. If someone is unbalanced, the color of the chakra could be different or not as strong. So, by channeling a certain color – which also has it’s own frequency, or vibration – it can help heal someone by balancing and strengthening these energy centers. Reiki masters can use many different tools, including essential oils & elixirs, herbs, crystals, sounds, drums and symbols.

You do not need to be present in a physical way with a Reiki Master. A Reiki Master can send you energy across space and time. (Ha…sounds like a sci-fi movie!) This energy can be sent directly to you at once, or it can be programmed, like a DVR, to be sent at a certain date, time & place, or queued up. Queuing it up means sending the energy but intending the energy to be held in spirit or space (I ask the spiritual entities to “hold” it) until the person is ready to accept it. The scheduling or queing techniques work very well with someone who is busy and is not able to find a mutually available time with the Reiki Master. Scheduling also works well for surgeries, appointments with doctors or even for court cases. I’ve done all of the above and more with scheduling. I’ve queued energy very often for my clients who do not live near me or don’t have a set schedule, but know at some point with a day or two, they will have time to lie down and accept the energy. The person who is receiving the queued up energy when ready for it will simply say “I am now ready to accept the energy Heather (or whomever has sent it) has sent to me.” This method works, because in the spirit world, time and space does not exist and it has no meaning. However, spirit understands for us to live as humans, we need a measurement, which is time and space. Energy and spirit can be anywhere and everywhere at the same time. Therefore, I can also send to a group of people and the energy will go to each individual in the manner in which each person needs it. It’s the power of the healing energy.

When working with someone, I can intend for the energy to help with a particular matter, but the energy, when mixing with their life force energy, will also go where that individual needs it the most. For instance, let’s say you have injured your right foot. The energy will help heal your foot, but it may also work with the reason you hurt your foot. This reason may or may not be revealed to the Reiki Master or the individual at that time, but it will help bring it up. It can happen later to the person as an “Aha!” moment. Perhaps the person wasn’t supposed to make a certain decision to move forward in a certain way. That’s why they may have hurt their foot. The message is to make another decision, which will bring about a better situation. And, this is what I call Intuitive Life Guidance. While I send someone healing energy, I will get messages to give them from Angels, Guides and different types of light entities, such as Ascended Masters, and other higher vibrational light beings. One client I have worked with asked for energy because she fell down the stairs and broke several ribs. The energy definitely wanted to go to her ribs, but it also told me through the feel of the energy that it was going into her temple. I told her she may have a fracture there. The doctors didn’t diagnose any issues with her head at first, but when she went back to the hospital for an another issue, the doctors found the fracture. This is the benefit and power of healing energy. Reiki healing energy is truly limitless in the ways it can help us heal ourselves!

If you are ready to begin healing yourself and/or being a spiritual journey to discover or re-discover yourself, please contact me. Also, let me know if you have any questions about any of the information I have shared here.

Namaste! Espavo!


Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Intuitive Life Guide, Tarot & Oracle Card and Akashic Record Reader, Ordained Minister



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Unity through similarities and differences

Unity is about embracing, understanding and accepting both similarities and differences.


To be in union with others doesn’t mean we have to be exactly like any other, mimic anyone or conform to anyone. It doesn’t entail uniformity. Unity is bringing all the similarities and differences together as One Union of Souls. It is combining the forces of each person to live a life of balance with each other. It is offering your gifts and accepting the gifts of others without competition. It is recognizing the beauty of another, and accepting the beauty of yourself.  Unity is understanding we all have different personalities and still seeing the Light within each one of us.

Being in union is understanding our beliefs, thoughts & opinions may differ from others, and they may not.  Differences are simply different, they are not better or worse than someone else’s.  Our paths in this life are meant to be different, therefore, where some believe in one type of religion, others do not believe in any.  Where some are of one political viewpoint, others have another. Unity is accepting all of this, and embracing it to live in balance, peace & harmony.  Balance is the key and one of the lesson’s many of us are learning whether it is balancing our individual lives, balancing our lives with our family & friends, or finding balance in our world as a whole.

Unity is the balance of bringing together both the similarities and differences. The differences of each person are intended to help us cultivate compassion and love for each other. The similarities are intended to bring us together to live in union with the uniqueness of each person. We were never meant to do everything all by ourselves, as we couldn’t possibly do it all.  We are meant to share, give and be with others. While one person sings, another dances. While one person writes, another reads. While one person plans, another executes. While one swims, another runs. While one faces east, another faces west. It is those differences which balance out the unity of the entire group, the whole entity or the community with the similarities. It is each of us embracing, understanding and accepting our own gifts and talents, as well as those of others. Unity is about sharing with each other for the betterment of the whole. It brings the whole together as One. It is recognizing the One is many, yet as many we work as One.

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Life Guide, Ordained Minister, Tarot Card & Akashic Record Reader


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Spiritual Center

Slide1All paths lead back to your spiritual center,
reminding you to break free from your own restrictions
into growth and transformation.

Our higher selves are guiding us along our paths, nudging us to find and connect with our spiritual centers. Within our spiritual centers we are able to work though issues to help heal ourselves. Once we resolve, understand, accept and heal from any issues which crop up along our paths, it frees us from barriers we have either knowingly or unknowingly created around ourselves. Removing these restrictions brings personal growth and transformation, and ultimately freedom.

You have the power and freedom of choice, so your physical path may and can change, yet your spiritual one towards healing and growth will be the same lessons you are meant to learn.  Others may bring you the lessons you need for your soul growth and transformation, if you are open and willing to change whether you modify your physical path or not.  Or perhaps making that change was part of your journey towards a life lesson.  Spirit will keep providing us opportunities for what we contracted to learn before manifesting in human form in this lifetime. The lessons will  start as a nudge, and if we don’t learn, the lessons are a push, and if we are still choosing not to learn, we can experience a forceful shove, sometimes over the cliff.  Some may call this forceful shove hitting rock bottom.

In my life, I have recognized many lessons, sometimes after the big shove. Great growth is available to us from our deepest pains, and sometimes it’s the only way we can learn as we are not focusing on ourselves.  One of the lessons I learned from the big shove was relationships and trust, but most importantly, loving myself enough to not choose someone who was unavailable in some fashion.  Many of my relationships were with boys and men who were not on a healing path and it caused me heartbreak. I kept repeating this pattern until I had the huge Aha moment.  Now I have a lovely, open and compassionate man in my life and I’m eternally grateful for the choices I made, even though I worked through nudges to the big shove.  It was well worth it, yet, now I find myself more open to understanding when the lessons are coming and can act on the nudges.  My spiritual path is still leading towards breaking me free from any barriers I’ve created for the lessons I’m meant to learn for my highest growth & transformation. And as long as we are alive, more lessons will come.  The more we learn, grow & transform, the more wisdom we gain.  And, the more wisdom we gain, the more harmony, love & peace we have within us, knowing we have the power within us to withstand any challenge.

Look around at those in your life and where you are in your life.  What do these people have in common? How do you feel?  Where might you rather be?  The more we ask questions such as these, the better equipped we are to learn the lessons as they initially present themselves.  It also makes us better prepared for the next lesson, ultimately leading us towards connecting more and more with our higher selves…our spiritual center.

May you continue on your spiritual path to growth & transformation! 

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

Please feel free to contact me to learn how I may help you on your spiritual path.



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Radiate Newness!


With the Super New Moon and Solar Eclipse, allow the fresh new energies to pour into you, helping you manifest your deepest desires, dreams and wishes. Use these energies to create the “newness” in your life, whether it’s a new love, new career, new way of thinking, new home, new book, new group or new diet. Think, act, speak and work towards new beginnings.

Whatever it is you want in your life, now is the time to work on it! And, with the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, even more potent new beginnings are on their way. When you help co-create your life with the universe, your higher self and possibly others, the opportunities will keep arriving for you to consider.

These new beginnings are yours to establish the life you truly want to live!

Have a De-LIGHT-Filled Day!
Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader

P.S. If you need assistance or guidance in any area of your life, please contact me for an appointment.  Through my services we can help direct you, help you release & let go and help you heal yourself to be open to all the new possibilities.

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Emotional Connection


Learning to connect with our emotions and express them allows us to heal ourselves, and thus the world around us.

The very nature of healing tells us we need to connect with how we are feeling and learn to express those emotions in a proper manner. We will have many different experiences on our life journey, and allowing any feelings to surface helps pinpoint the cause of the issue we need to heal. Perhaps an experience will bring up a childhood memory or something from another lifetime.  I remember being “left out” of a circle of friends when I was around 11, which made me both angry and sad, as well as confused.  A number of years ago as an adult, I recognized how upset I would become when I thought I wasn’t being included.  I thought I was being forgotten, and this didn’t sit well with me. I realized it was because the little girl inside me hadn’t properly healed the situation.  Of course, how could she?  She was only 11!  So, as an adult, I felt the feelings, released them and healed from them. Now, when similar situations arise, I don’t become upset.  I understand how sometimes as adults, we have so many balls in the air, that at times, we may not remember all the individuals we have included or not included since our circles expand exponentially. We have increased the number of the people we care about and want to be around or keep informed of our lives and vice versa. We all do our best, and understanding we are all doing our best is key.  My ego has been balanced from that time as a little girl.  My ego wanted to be included, wanted to feel accepted and loved by others.

Through the understanding and releasing process, my soul taught me that I’m the one to include myself, as well as, accept and love myself.  I know when I am indeed meant to be included for my own higher good or perhaps to help others, it will happen. Of course, many lessons of self-acceptance and self-love will appear from other situations which need healing and have occurred.  I now know how to take care of myself at these times, which brings more clarity & wisdom to me, which I can then share with those who wish to use it.

The phase of comprehending where our feelings stem from brings us clarity, allowing us to express the emotion.  It is the emotional connection.  The connection between the emotion and the root cause of that emotion. Expressing the emotion helps us release it. Once released, we heal. As we heal ourselves, we learn more knowledge. As we accept this knowledge, we gain wisdom. This wisdom brings us further into balance between our ego mind and our soul mind. Our energy has become more balanced, thus the healing energy we exude helps others near us, which in turn helps spread the healing energy around the world.

May you find your emotional connection and heal yourself, and thus the world.

For an appointment or more information on my services,  please message me. I look forward to helping guide you on your journey.

Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Guide, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Energy Reader, Tarot Card Reader



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Live your Life


Step out of other peoples’ lives and into your own.

Do not be concerned with what others are or are not doing in any given situation. Whether it’s a friend, co-worker, loved one, or for that matter a complete stranger, we must disconnect from being involved with what others are choosing to do, especially when it causes lower vibrational feelings within us.  What are lower vibrational energies?  Undue stress, anxiety, guilt, manipulated, fear, hurt, anger, sadness, negativity, judgement, or any other feeling which causes us to feel imbalanced or uncomfortable.

When we are focusing more on others than on ourselves, we are missing the point of life, missing opportunities for growth and missing what it is our life is meant to be. Remembering we are all one, yet we walk different paths, allows us to detach from drama we may otherwise be pulled into. We are here to help others as best we can, but we are not meant to own their issues or fix their issues for them.  Of course if we are fixing problems for others, we are taking away their right to learn their lessons.  They may not choose to learn their lessons, and a choice is a choice.  Just ensure you are not taking away their power to correct an issue, learn a lesson or miss an opportunity for growth.

We are meant to do our best to guide or help someone who is asking for it, yet, disengage when our feelings start to become imbalanced. Remember, the other person needs to want to help themselves and do the work. Helping others or being concerned about others without creating havoc, worry or stress within ourselves keeps us in balance.  There are many people who truly are working towards bettering themselves through growth, those who are doing what needs to be done to transform who they are, what they do and how they act and feel.

If we start to feel another’s actions is lowering our vibrations, it’s time to let go and allow the other person to find their own way. Perhaps another will be able to help. Perhaps not. It is up to that person, not us. Sometimes loving and caring for another means doing it from afar without interactions with them. This is for your personal health and well-being. While you go about your daily interactions with others, ask yourself “is this my situation to deal with or theirs?” If you feel peace with the answer, you know you made the right choice.

For those of us who are light workers, guides, earth angels and givers, pay special attention to how you feel when interacting with others.  It is easier for us to get wrapped up in others dramas.  We need to understand when we are feeling someone else’s feelings versus feeling our own. We need to fully go within and determine whether or not we are living our life, or living someone else’s. The answers we receive to help balance us and bring us back to ourselves and our paths will leave us feeling lighter, happier, balanced, peaceful and in complete harmony.

Live your Life!

Namaste! Espavo!

Note: I’m available via phone or Skype for distance Reiki sessions, Tarot Card readings or intuitive guidance (life coaching).  If you would like guidance in any of these areas, please contact me at to schedule an appointment. Investment in you: $1/minute, prepaid via PayPal.


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